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  1. Finished 1st Tournament

    Thanks for posting a summary of your tournament. It's really interesting to see some Mortician comps that don't include Mist. What did you find you usually had for your score? Casket time, 2 take outs, and a goal, or did you more often go for a Casket time and 2 goals?
  2. Morticians 10

    Oops. No wonder it looked like such a solid set of models. My inclination would still be to lose Bonesaw, unless you find you're running him with Mist a lot. Another idea is to drop Cosset. I'm not sure how she has been working for you. I think she's a great damage source and Lure can be awesome. Both of those create a good bit of threat. However, I find her fragility can be a major liability. Even when she scores a take-out, it can often end up being just a 1 for 1 trade as the enemy can easily pick her off with little investment afterwards.
  3. Morticians 10

    Looks like a solid list of 10. I probably wouldn't make any changes. If you wanted to include Scalpel, I would drop Bonesaw, unless you see yourself running both Mist and Bonesaw in some comps.
  4. Scalpel or Obulus

    I'm still relatively new to the game, and to Morticians. Scalpel was the first captain I tried, because I really liked the model. In my experience, she just seems to lack a clear advantage over Obulus. In general, she seems to not have a strong niche. She doesn't have the damage and tools to be a strong damage threat. Additionally, some of her abilities seem weak. Tormented Agony could be really useful in ideal scenarios, but in many cases it seems you just shuffled around some influence and gain a small advantage, and possibly put your captain in a precarious spot to do that. Her legendary, similarly, seems underwhelming. Since the targets move directly towards you, most of the time you don't want to pull more than one model. She's a generalist, but even Obulus seems to be a better generalist. When compared with what Obulus does, Scalpel is often underwhelming. Puppet Master and Confidence are both very high impact plays. His ult is a huge threat. He can even do influence swapping at range. So, I struggle to see situations where Scalpel brings more to the table than Obulus. Disregarding things like UM, 2 inch reach, and shadow-like he just impacts the board so much more. So when would I bring Scalpel? Mostly for style points or because I want a different style of play. But I think in terms of raw game impact, it's very hard to make a case for her over Obulus. I would love to see her have something more stand-out in terms of abilities.
  5. I play the Morticians and Alchemists. I have all the models for both teams, but do not have any Union models for them.
  6. Hi Everyone, My brother and I got into Guild Ball a few months ago and have been playing regularly. One of the things we have noticed is that the player who receives the opening kick-off almost always wins the game. Now, I think we may have had a couple exceptions to this, but the trend is clearly heavily in favor of the player receiving the ball winning. This makes sense as the ball is an incredible resource. My current opinion is that it is just easier to play from a position of receiving because you have that extra resource. I've seen people say that, in some match-ups, they prefer to kick off, but it is hard for me to wrap my head around the advantages of doing that versus just receiving the ball. However, I also concede that, in my limited experience, I haven't developed a good strategy for kicking off that can help mitigate the clear advantages of receiving the ball. So I would want to know if people have some tips, strategies, and/or tactics for kicking off that help mitigate the receiving advantage, or leverage the kicking off advantage (which seems less clear to me). Thank you!
  7. When to Casket?

    As some others have suggested, I favor using it whenever it is available on a non-mascot player. Just landing Casket Time to begin with is a large advantage, as you net 2 free VP and take a player (and the influence the bring) off the field for a turn. The best case scenario quickly gets into diminishing marginal returns with a lot of potential risk (not getting the Casket Time at all). Also, using it early can help you build advantages that can snowball into victory. So even if you got a "better" Casket Time target later, you allowed your opponent to have more resources and options in the turn(s) leading up to that.
  8. Can Tapper allocate the two influence gained from Old Jake's to himself? The wording on the card reads (emphasis mine): Immediately allocate [2] Influence between other friendly Guild models within [6"]. The use of the word "other" seems to suggest he must assign influence to models other than himself. However, I have read he is able to assign the influence to himself, and we have been playing it that way thus far. Yet, I am wondering if this was changed from Season 2 to Season 3, where he was able to allocate influence to himself in Season 2 and can not in Season 3. Thanks for the clarification!
  9. The competitive 10

    There was a pretty good thread on this topic here (LINK), if you haven't read it. I think vKat is very solid in some match-ups, so I really see this as more a choice of Mist vs. Venin. Although, if you wanted to make it more complicated you could consider Decimate. I think she has value as an additional damage-source/pseudo-striker (what Venin seemed to accomplish for you). Her Second Wind ability can also provide great utility in some match-ups. Between Venin and Mist, Mist is the stronger model. When going for Goals, Midas really wants to score and seems to struggle with brawling. Mist is just a monster striker, which would make that team stronger. Smoke should do fine with the models you have. The consensus seems to be that Crucible is hard to make work effectively, which is unfortunate because she's a very cool model.
  10. Great replay! Thanks for posting. I thought the use of Decimate for Second Wind to enable hit-and-run character plays while maintaining your defensive position was very clever.
  11. I really enjoy your battle reports. Thanks for posting!
  12. Scalpel lead the Morticians onto the field against the Brewers for the third time in nearly as many weeks. After the kick-off, the Brewer's mascot, Scum, retrieved the ball to their lines. It seemed like an easy goal for the Morticians captain, who dashed ahead of her team to attempt to retrieve the ball from him and start the game with an early lead. As fate, or perhaps some other manipulative force, would have it, Scum proves to be too elusive, controlling the ball and preventing Scalpel from scoring. From that point on, things unravel for the Morticians. The Brewers are just too comfortable in a scrap and systematically dismantled their opposition once Scalpel was taken out of the game. Brewers win over Morticians: 12-6 Scalpel sets her sights on an "easy" goal opportunity. After the failed goal attempt, Scalpel gets separated from the team The Morticians claw their with to a few VPs, but once the Brewers killed the ball, there was no recovery in sight
  13. After nursing some injuries from their last time on the field, Tapper lead the Brewers onto the field for some revenge. After receiving, the Brewer's used some quick footwork to juggle the ball and around and close the distance on their opponents. The Morticians set up a trap for Hooper, surrounding him for a vicious assault. However, it turned out Hooper was playing the bait, and Tapper and Spigot began punishing the Morticians for getting too close, forcing Scalpel to retreat while taking out Cosset and setting up Graves to be downed by their cat Scum. At this point they Brewer's controlled the field and continued to press their assault. Running short on time, the Morticians made a desperate play for the goal, but were unable to convert before the Brewers isolated and eliminated a couple more members, winning by take-outs and clock-out points. Final Score, 12-2, Brewers Win The Kick-off Doesn't Clear the Center Line, Giving Brewers Early Control The Morticians Close on Hooper Only to be Punished by Tapper Towards the End of the Game. Brewers Control the Field
  14. Great battle report! Thanks for posting!