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  1. DrDoak

    S4 - Kicking vs Receiving

    I'll definitely try kicking off and see how that goes. Alchemists do have a strength when it comes to kick off pressure, so it makes sense to leverage it and force awkward moves from the opponent. One lesson I learned from my last game is how it is helpful to have at least a couple goal threat options when receiving. I just had Smoke and trying to score and have her work conditions stretched her thin.
  2. DrDoak

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    I had to laugh, as this is all too true. I was excited to try to get multiple enemies stacked with conditions, but Alchemists have no ability to hang in a scrum with the Butchers once they get close. It's way too easy for them to efficiently kill models and generate momentum to stall the condition damage. oKat seemed decent, but was hindered by his 1-inch reach in the scrum. When they engaged, he wasn't able to stop them from getting to my other models due to their range, so I wondered if he would be needed if I avoided the scrum. Point taken. I'll try that and kicking off. My reluctance to kick off was mostly due to wanting the ball for scoring and not to give the Butchers the ball so they can easily close the gap. However, the Alchemists are more of a threat of ball stealing and I have also wondered if it would "distract" them by forcing them to put resources into handling the ball as opposed to killing my models. Venin is great, but Butchers can carve him up really easily. I was really surprised when my opponent dropped Venin T1 with "They ain't tough," Ox aura, and some Boiler attacks.
  3. What are people's preferences for kicking vs receiving with Alchemists in S4? What factors do you weigh in regards to kicking and receiving? Who do you like to use when kicking off? Generally, with S3 I thought receiving was always the superior option. With the S4 changes, I am not so sure. Particularly with Alchemists strong striking game, I think they could be a team that could leverage kicking. I don't think Smoke wants to kick off though, because she seems best to save to activate later in the turn, so her early goal pressure is not as great. Vitriol seemed good in theory, except that you don't really have a target with a condition within 4 inches at the start of the game, if you are kicking, which impacts her threat with the 3 influence cap.
  4. I squared off against the Ox Butchers tonight (first game vs. them in S4) and was wondering how other people generally play versus them in S4. Do you prefer to kick vs. receive? What lineup(s) do you like? General strategy? I ran Smoke, Flask, Venin, oKat, Mercury, Calculus and chose to receive. I lost with the final score being 12 (Butchers) to 8 (Alchemists). My thoughts after the game: I ended up getting engaged in a scrum earlier than I would like. Butchers have tremendous range and even with fire it is hard to control the distance against them. I think the adaptation is to either play very cagey (i.e., run Compound and stay WAY back) or spread out wide across the pitch. In my comp Smoke's attention got divided between enabling the condition game or playing the ball. I think in the future I would sub out at least one member (likely Calculus) for another ball handler (Crucible, vCalc, Vitriol) Venin is a beast, but you have to be careful because Butchers with Ox have great tools for punching through armor. I'm interested to hear your thoughts!
  5. DrDoak

    Kami vs Nomad

    I think we have quite a few ball handling and scoring models: Smoke, Midas, Vitriol, vCalculus, Crucible. Crucible can even strip the ball at range.
  6. DrDoak

    Kami vs Nomad

    I vote for Kami! She seems more interesting, thematically. I expect she would bring something new to the guild. Snatching her up also seems to mess up other teams drafts more. Nomad seems too redundant with our other good ball handlers.
  7. DrDoak

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Yeah, he is the best AoE dmg, but not by a large margin. I'm not sure why his threat was toned down so much. Seenah, for Hunters, with the S4 buffs seems very similar to the role of old vKat (minus Witness Me) filled in that the model was a momentum farming sponge that has high damage/high threat. It seems they could have kept vKat truer to his old form as a variation of that, but they went the direction of making him a less threatening. Is Ground and Pound the trade-off for that? I don't think that ability is very good and oKat is just better if you want a model to KD stuff. Thematically, vKat is a intimdiating model I liked how S3 vKat was scary for opponents. New vKat's kit seems much less intimidating.
  8. DrDoak

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Let's keep the support up for Kami in the home stretch! Another perk to getting Kami is that it throws off the Butchers' and other guilds' game plans! #ShadowGames
  9. DrDoak

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Yeah, I really loved the vKat model as well. The terrible defensive stat-line is just too much of a liability making him a high risk model. The downside is he just isn't a high reward model with the new design.
  10. DrDoak

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    @Leader9-1 That sounds painful. Fillet is very tough to deal with. I think probably the best strategy for her would be to devote Puppet Master to moving her to prevent or limit her engages. However, she has such a huge threat range, it is very hard to do that. She is really a one person army and she punishes grouping, but Morticians need crowd-outs to punch through her 5 defense. I've had Fillet charge in way ahead of her team to kill a model, only to find it can actually be hard for Morts to kill her and punish such an over-extension. Butchers just have incredible efficiency when it comes to doing damage. With Morts it seems like the game is to really control the engagements, which is very tough to do vs their mobility. Would be happy to hear other ideas for shutting down Fillet besides Puppet Master. My guess is presenting the Ghast + Casket "mobile fortress" of zone control to help ward her off is the other powerful strategy.
  11. DrDoak

    S4 Line ups

    Yep, I've always liked Crucible as a model and definitely want to see how she works in different team comps. Strangely, her Covalence ability seemed to be one of the stronger things she brought to the table in S3... It seemed like the reason you would consider bringing her. Now, I think that is needed less as Alchemists can just reapply conditions so easily, so she's probably more valued as a 2 inch reach ball handler who can strip the ball easily, with Covalence being a nice bonus. The 4/0 defense hurts a lot though. What do you miss most about Decimate? The momentous damage or the second wind?
  12. DrDoak

    S4 Line ups

    I'm finishing up painting my Alchemists, so they haven't hit the table yet for S4. Here's what I'm planning to run: Smoke, Flask, Venin, oKat, Mercury, Flex. The flex would likely be oCalc, Compound, or Crucible, with oCalc being the default. So my list is similar to yours, how did you like it? I think Merc/oKat/Venin serve as a somewhat brawly core to help leverage the condition game to some take outs. Midas is tougher, but probably because I'm partial to Smoke. I'd probably go: Midas, Flask, two of Vitriol/vCalc/Crucible, oKat, Mercury. I'd mainly try to go more heavy on strikers-types so that they can retrieve the ball and enable goal scoring well. My thoughts are that Midas has to rely more heavily on the goal game than Smoke, but doesn't really offer a lot more to enable it or just steal the show himself (like Shark). It's not like Smoke has much trouble scoring a goal when she needs to, and she is just miles ahead in the condition game. So, I wonder if that is part of the reason things don't really flow is that Midas doesn't help things out that much. Would be interested to see if others have some creative options in their lists, though.
  13. DrDoak

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Good ideas re: Silence. I'll give him a try. I do like the model a lot. I also love the idea of abusing Boar's low defense for Unmaskings!
  14. DrDoak

    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Thanks for the input. It seems both of you favor Obulus, which makes sense. He's harder for them to pin down, doesn't have to be close to do what he wants to do, and is great at controlling one model when both of their captains need to be controlled. One issue I had in the past with running Obulus vs them is just figuring out how to get take-outs, because old Cosset was a major liability vs such a high damage team and Morts seem to struggle to put out consistent damage. However, Vileswarm and the updates to Cosset may help with that. Casket seems great, I probably just need him to be an auto-include in the match-up. My best games vs. them featured him as he brings a lot of tools that disrupt their game to close on you. I think it's interesting both of you like Silence. What do you tend to do with him? Are you trying for Tucked and Shut Out most turns and, if so, who are you prioritizing? Or are you using Fireblast to slow them down? Also, I'm surprised to see some Morticians lists without Graves or vHemlocke! Maybe that's my limitation of my drafting as I tend to draft them most games. Do you miss them much in the match?
  15. Hi Everyone, I wanted to get some ideas from others on Morticians team compositions and strategies versus the Butchers. I end up playing against them on a regular basis and found the match-up difficult in S3 and even more dangerous in S4 since they seem generally improved. I have read that their Achilles heel, so to speak, is control. However, it seems hard to shut them down enough as they are just so effective at dealing large amounts of damage efficiently with minimal setup. General Strategy Play Tight vs Spread Out? Playing tight lets you leverage crowd-outs, which Morticians have more of with all the 2 inch reach, but that is asking for punishment vs Fillet. I have been favoring playing more spread out and cagey lately, and trying to be very particular about engagements. Kick vs Receive? Who do you prioritize in terms of trying to control them? Team Compositions Probably the most effective strategy I had vs. them in S3 was running both Ghast & Casket. I am guessing that will be even better with the recent changes to the two. Would you be inclined to take S4 Scalpel or Obulus vs them? In my first (and only) S4 match-up, I ran: Scalpel, vGraves, vHemlocke, Bonesaw, Ghast, Vileswarm. It worked OK, but I think if I had oGraves, Scalpel could have just deleted someone every round with Tooled Up and her 3 playbook result, so I am thinking that would be better. Next time I'm thinking I may try: Scalpel/Obulus, Ghast, Casket, oGraves, BP&M/Bonesaw (probably Bonesaw because he's just reliable) Other thoughts on team comps or squaddies that would be particularly effective vs them? Anyone manage a more "squishy" team vs. them or is that just asking for punishment? Thanks for any thoughts/tips!