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  1. Thanks for your opinion. I believe Fillet alone isn't able to shot down a adversary for sure. Ox cann for himself kill of Shark in one attack. Boar, Shank or Meathook will need some help from another, but often the tooled up from Meathook will do enough buff. If they are in the Ox Bubble fine, if not some buffs needed. But Boar alone kills tooled up 17 HP with no stress. And you have the possibility to debuff with hooked or thousand cuts, or they ain't tough or butchery
  2. Thanks alot for your detailed answers. They match my opinion about Tenderiser, although the idea with Harry has also something for me. Will think about it, but kicking someone else would be a hard decision.
  3. I bet on shark in the match. But in my opion you don't need necessarily Ox for killing Shark. In the line up with Ox also Boar, Shank or Meathook are capable in the bubble of Ox and possible with the legendary play to kill of the 17 Health of Shark. Therefore i will go with Ox no matter which fishy Cap will come.
  4. Some unknown hooded figure has send the money and the letter …..go and retrieve Gutter from the raging Union Gang, and if possible give some knifes in the belly from this three times damned Rage. So be it. Ox gathers his old team and under the lead of the huntress Minx they all together get to this shabby sewer, where the game for fame, live n death will took place. First of all Gutter was knockout, only to prevent further damage from her fragile frame. But the ultimate fight have to took place here and now …. Ox against Rage ...one on one, beast against beater ….and Ox took the victory giving cold steel to the usurpator. After that the union gang was shaken and lost their path, they struggle for the victory with all strength left, but the butchers choose their victims carefully ...Greede, Decimate, Gutter again and finally Harry. So the Victory goes to the butchers by taking out the gang, one by one ….and the prize is Gutter
  5. I agree with the pros, i'm quite unsure of the inf efficience, quick time + some advance/ kick combo is quite inf hungry. Kicking per se i for shank + ox + boar no prob. Mostly i go not for goals, takeouts make the most of my vps. But thx for your opinion
  6. Hi there, i play a butcher team.in our clubleague and need some advise for my 6. playerchoice. At the moment i play with great comfort Ox, Truffels, Boar, Meathook, Shank. This support my gameplaystyle and i know what my players are able to do or not. I the last games i’ve played Minx as 6. player and was fine with it. Now it goes against (surely) goaly fishs and i think about an change in the 6. player. These are the options: oRage, inf effective, heavy punch. Cons middle fast, no support from other playerabilities. Tenderiser, makes goaling complicate for the fish, inf effective, but i loose a puncher at the front, very slow movement. Positioning will be essentiel, one mistake looses you the game. ( So where is the ideal position for him?? I’ve thought about 2,5 inches frontal from the goal?) No change take Minx, inf effective, easy snare, very fast, but not so punchy and more supportive winger. So, perhaps you have some other points of view or ideas for me, thx alot.
  7. Skarpi

    Union worth fighting for?

    Grrr i will fight with all knifes and axes for Gutter joining the honourable butcher guild. Death to all the stinking white bellied fishscum.