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  1. MantyGB20

    Two Guys & A Pitch, a new blog

    He’s very proud of it. I wish mine was something cooler than Spartacus.
  2. The Fish and the Farmers took on the Brewers in a double header to claim two wins for the Fish! Shark sinks home three goals to win 12-0, and Grange and friends take out Tapper, Scum, Hooper, and Stave with a goal from Jackstraw to beat the drunks 12-6, with the Brewers doing a little better into the Farmers with a take out on Bushel and a goal from Friday. https://imgur.com/a/qJRDY
  3. MantyGB20

    Slippery Fish Rust out Cogs

    https://imgur.com/a/YYiOi Shark led the crew to a victory against the Cogs today. Ballista and friends made their strongest attempt, but came up short. Shark wins the roll, and decides to kick. Mother retrieves the ball and passes to Colossus, who is promptly on the receiving end of Shark’s spear, and he can’t keep hold of the ball. Shark steals it away, captures almost the entire team in his net, and drives one home, 4-0 after ONE activation. The Cogs fans decide to launch the ball into Velocity as Ballista sends a deadboldt straight into the Fish captain, sending him reeling. Unable to move due to the net, the Cogs can’t get into position, save Velocity, who scores at the top of two. Shark responds immediately with another goal of his own, and the ball is back in Colossus’ hands... err, legs. Greyscales, being the shifty old man he is, is in perfect position to challenge Colossus for the ball, and he leaves ol’ Axle saying “Ball’s Gone!” as ‘Scales dodges away and passes to Shark, who drives a Snap Shot! home, leading the Fish to a 12-4 victory.
  4. MantyGB20

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    In Green Bay myself.
  5. MantyGB20

    Greetings from Wisconsin

    Hey! Whereabouts in Wisco?
  6. My GB partner is all about cats. Got him a cat dice bag too!
  7. https://imgur.com/a/hk1Aj Shark led the crew to victory over the Drunks tonight, 12-3. Shark had a goal at the end of one, but suffered some damage and was taken out at the top of 2. Before that, however, Greyscales came up the side for the second goal, making it 8-0. Tentacles was taken out end of two, making the score 8-3 at the end of two. Shark came back from his injury and pulled off a beefy wrapping charge on Mash, sending him reeling and leaving Shark open to score the goal, 12-3.
  8. MantyGB20

    Union in Chains initial rankings

    Being a fisherman isn’t about getting it done quickly. You gotta wait for the big catch. I know the meatheads just wanna gut everything right away, but learning how to wait for the big prize is our specialty.
  9. Actually, seems perfect.
  10. Actually, we do have some mom damage. Corsair and Sakana, in addition to Union. A Fish Gutter would most likely have very similar/potentially identical stats and abilities, and the CP’s wouldn’t be crazy different. Maybe Gut and String again . But her playbook would be the biggest thing affected. She’d probably have a hybrid dodge and light damage book.
  11. He’s trying to trick us!
  12. MantyGB20


    So the Fish community has to weigh their options and plan accordingly then.
  13. MantyGB20


    Very true. But my thoughts would then be that the winners get a more significant boost than the losers.
  14. MantyGB20

    hello from madison wi

    If you fine folks ever find yourself in Manitowoc or Green Bay, shoot me a message!
  15. MantyGB20


    Time will tell. All we can do is wait for a few days. There’s no guarantee they’ll get a buff if they lose. Yeah, it’s likely, but it’s not promised. Same for us.