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  1. Also his playbook doesn't allow him to reliably recover the ball anyway. If you put it on a def 5 model or a 4/1 the odds are already not in your favor, cause here are some nice numbers. Tac 4, tackle on 2: against def 5 you have a 40% chance of getting that. (54% with bonus time) against 4/1 only a 31% chance. (50% with bonus time) On a charge they are ofcourse way better, but then they can easily counter attack you or just def stance to make it not much better: Charge (8 dice): def 6 is also 40% (46% with bonus time) def 5/1 is 53% (62% with bonus time) Any extra dice is a great help, but if you charge and they counter you there is still a chance that your second tackle will miss and you won't have influence for a meditate. So generally sad times tbh. So you're actually way better off trying to recover the ball with Piper, Pelage, Scourge or Skulk tbh, and they can still decently strike with reverie. tl;dr: The numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for bonesaw!
  2. My current setup is: Into general matchups: Piper, Squeak, Scourge, Miasma, Pillage, vGraves Into Football teams, alchs and brewers: Piper, Squeak, Scourge, Skulk, Pillage, vGraves Miasma doesn't like brewers or alchs, but skulk is kinda ok in those matchups. Bonesaw never shows up cause he just doesn't do enough, everyone can strike in ratcatchers. Still need to practice a bit more, but still riding that dark horse train!
  3. BE-X

    Piper Preview

    One interesting piece of tech I did discover seems pretty funny, but very good. So if you're attacking someone with a very solid counter attack, like double dodge/push/push dodge on 1 or 2, you can just double push them away and heroic them back in and negate the counter attack.
  4. Vet Graves also did change, the back of his card now works on Vileswarm and Squeak. ^^
  5. BE-X

    Piper Preview

    He does seem to be a pretty good captain to say the least. But his dilemma is a double edged knife for sure, you really need to pick your moments with it, and I'm pretty sure if you use it against certain teams you'll end up being a bloody pulp, since he doesn't really have any defensive abilities. But ofc it's a super sweet mechanic when you need it.
  6. So there has been some confusion about the interaction of oHearne and Theron with Singled Out and Sun Strike. Since you now have the option to pick a mom result on oHearne and Sun Strike states that when you target an enemy with a successful character play that you get 1 momentum. Now the question is that if I do 3 attacks with oHearne that is benefiting from Sun Strike, can he do 3 Singled Outs and generate 6 momentum? Since the attacks just reapplies Singled Out, and the fact that it's still a successful character play. Just want to make sure.
  7. Well I'm fairly certain that you can discard list building since a large majority of the players just plays netlists (myself included), except the few people who think outside of the box or design the netlists. Knowledge is a huge part of the game, and you see that the people that mostly score good in tournaments are the people with the most experience and knowledge, consistency is key ofc. There is ofc way more knowledge in WMH cause the game is huge. But there's a lot more interaction in Guildball between the models, so I'm not sure how that compares. But the biggest difference imho is that you could lose a WMH game in one/a few diceroll(s) if your opponent got a lucky caster kill, ofc it shouldn't happen, but it can still happen. You have to have a lot more bad luck in Guildball and you could technically still make a comeback after a streak of bad luck with some good play and dice. But that's just my 2 cents.
  8. BE-X


    Scourge was up next, but I really hoped we would get one update a week, I'm too excited for the rats.
  9. I ussually try to prevent my opponent from forming a scrum, Jeacar (Gut & String + Trap) and Minx (Snare) are ussually on opposite flanks harrassing players and getting players snared for Seenah. If there's a good goal opportunity I'll probably take it, aslong as that doesn't mean Skatha instantly dies. Just spread the board and try to annoy as many people with slow effects while you speed your team up. Turn 1 Skatha always get 6 and whoever can threat the board in a good sense gets 4 or 2 depending on their cap. Jaecar always atleast gets 1 to run. Turns afterwards, it depends on the board state, but here's sorta the priority for me: If Seenah can maul anyone he gets 2 if not he'll probably get 0, Jaecar gets 2-4 depending on what needs to get done (just Gut & String and trigger back to the shadows or full blown damage dealing), Skatha gets atleast 2 for the snowball but if she can score she'll probably get 6. Minx gets influence if she needs it, but is happy with 0. Fahad ussually gets 0 unless there is some shenanigans I can do with Zarola or there literally is no one else who can use it. Zarola ussually gets 0 unless I need Midnight Offering. I don't feel like Egret really helps Skatha, since she needs influence, and does not really generate momentum like she does for Theron, even against Esters brewers I actually prefer to go for a Minx marked target on her to pop the glut mass. But that's probably personal preference. Zarola is there for turn 1 stuff and to get fancy Fahad goals pretty much. ^^
  10. The Skatha team I like to rock most is: Skatha Fahad Jaecar Minx Seenah Zarola It rocks a decent 11 inf, but there's 3 furious players, and you're prolly looking for a 1 goal, 3-4 takeouts or 2 goals, 2 takeouts You can attempt an early fahad goal if you are recieving or if you feel risky you can try to go for a turn one skatha goal, seeying as she's pretty fast (although you'll lose a lot of utility for a turn or 2). Skatha is the only real striker in this team, but she can really control the board well with this setup, and deliver the bear anywhere it's needed. If you'd want to go more footbally you'd prolly swap out seenah for Egret or Ulfr (but he's not in my 10).
  11. BE-X


    Dirge is the only useful one really. He supports Silence and Cosset sorta. And if you’re lucky enough to get the guild plot that lets him charge for free you might even get a singled out on something. The fact that killing him will pretty much be a 0 momentum gain instead of -2 is pretty sad too. But yeah, they both are pretty bad.
  12. BE-X

    An Issue with Morticians

    I'm not saying Morts is a bad team by any means, but I feel like they could use some quality of life stuff. The 14 influence is only with Obulus with a setup that has no enforcer (ghast or casket) which is still only 1 influence more than most teams can have. Casket does sorta make it up by removing influence from the opponent for 1 turn. They shouldn't be the most influence efficiënt either, but they could maybe have some decent heroics. But a fix for vGraves and vileswarm would be nice too I guess
  13. Hey guys, I'm a fan of morticians, but every time I play I feel like they are lacking in some department. I never really could get my hand around it, but I think I figured something out. Everything Morts want to do costs influence. And while this would seem logical, what I mean is that very few players in morts provide any form of support if they didn't get influence that turn. Ghast (Rising Anger, Fear), Casket (Foul Odour), Dirge (Follow Up), Memory(Control Strings), Obulus(Unpredictable Movement) Are really the only players with passive abilities that can influence the board state in a meaningful way without influence. There's a lot of great examples of players with great passive abilities that can help out on the board without influence: Compound, Vet Velocity, Tenderiser: These guys can pretty much stand near the goal and just be influence batteries all game. Wrecker: This guy can just go Ramming speed and push some people on the board. Spigot, Mallet: Football legend. Calculus, Mercury: Can just put conditions on you by being near you. Chaska: Can put some traps on the board to hinder players. Snow: Can try to get players out of a tough position or force a knockdown. Ballista: Lets players generate momentum on ranged plays. These are most of the examples I could think of on the top of my head. Are morts bad? No, But could they use something to make some of them useful without influence? Probably. I would like to hear what some other people think about this..
  14. BE-X

    How to Graves

    He is one of the better Mortician players though imo. Tackle on one is always great. Tooled up is awesome. And I feel like he can get some work done against the lower defence teams, cause his playbook is fairly decent and bleed is just annoying. Against teams with higher defence he tends to struggle. He does have a fairly decent kick stat, so that could help bonesaw should you ever want to use him.