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  1. Patches

    Corsaire matchup

    I'm wondering if you can go into this matchup more. I'm picking up Masons soon (coming from Butchers) and I was talking to a local who plays a lot of Corsair at a high competitive level. He's convinced Hammer is a bad matchup into Corsair when Corsair is played properly (based on experience, of course). Where does Hammer win out in your games?
  2. Patches

    Bloodless beat down

    Don't forget you need three pictures to be counted! Gotta get that Gutter!
  3. I really appreciated this article. As someone who started playing in season 3 with the original line up I never got the shank hate. He's very different from our other options with huge mobility, 2" melee, low tackle and where'd they go. He almost feels more like a Fish player to me, but still has all that sweet mom damage. I play him a lot and use him mainly as ball recovery/for harassing opposing strikers or for a crowd out and some guaranteed damage and momentum pretty much anywhere on the board. I've scored a good number of goals too but usually prefer to have Brisket do it if possible. He's also super hard to pin down since he can just where'd they go and sprint/ jog away, making him great at diving in from board edges to harass and convince players to get out of position trying to catch him. I wonder if it's mostly a perception thing since players from s1/s2 have an idea of what he should do and get disappointed when he doesn't. Mind you, I don't think he's an every matchup player but he definitely has a place, especially against striking teams.