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  1. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    Both kats have low defensive stats. If the opponent ever gets to either kat they farm momentum off of his low def, high hp statline. By dying to witness me vkat denies that sort of farming. Considering flask vs naja. I havent been using tactical advice well or enough. Ill have to try it. I did notice in the butchers game i had in our local tourney that the sic em charge i got with naja did less than a flask charge would have. It wouldve piled damage onto brisket 2. I had no way of interacting with her outide of naja (was running deci as union slot). I could see with vkat and flask that you wouldnt need another damage dealer and then could afford a 2" melee union slot (probably harry?). With harry and vkat i wouldve been able to interact with vbriket instead of losing to her snapshot threat.
  2. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    So i 2-1ed our local tournament today. Ran Smoke, kat1, mercury, calculus, naja, and decimate in all 3 games. Im really liking hypnosis as a control play and decimate is useful as both damage and utility. I also found out from the local pundit that chemical breeze does not say wholly within when repositioning circles. This really helped with the control plan. I was misplaying and limiting my total circle movement.
  3. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    I guess thats an issue i run into. I try to use mercury and calculus to hit with aoes but always end up positioning in such a way that fighting happens on turn 2. Havent really figured out the positioning game yet. I also find that when i kick off my opponent uses passes to either get into position to fight earlier than i want to, or keep damage/conditions off of players.
  4. Bimarck1000

    How do i play Smoke well?

    I'm trying to figure out how to play smoke effectively but it isnt going particularly well. It may just be that the playstyle of smoke's team does not click with me. It could also be that i don't actually know what im supposed to be aiming for with smoke. So i have a couple of high level questions about smoke in the current ruleset. -What is my overall gameplan here? Am i forming a cage and playing ranged combat? How many goals am i trying to score? -Whats my turn one gameplan on kicking or recieving? Should i be trying to hit opponents with circles for momentus inspiration or do i need to ensure no one gets into early melee combat? Union choices. I like mist because he fits my playstyle better (ie soccer midas) but then you need to run mercury to get fire circles. Just want some opinions on playing smoke as i either just end up playing her like an aggressive captain out of habit (which hasnt worked) or misplaying the control game. Thanks