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  1. Wow! Thanks everyone for the plentitude of great tips! Especially great to have some German online resellers. I'm located in Berlin El Cid, but I used to live in Bonn, how is our old capital doing?
  2. Thank you Mako! Element Games seems to be stocked well enough and ships to my address. Even the exchange rate is great at the moment. And for the rest I will just have to be patient.
  3. Good evening everyone, our group of friends is trying to pick up guild ball, but since the official store is all but bought out and the secondary market is taking absurd prices, we are having problems buying the minis. We are located in Germany, so the US-Amazon isn't really an option. So, do we know if steamforged are planning on restocking their store, and if so, when? Or do you maybe know a place where I could snatch up some minis for a reasonable price? Thank you. I hope this isn't answered somewhere here already, but I couldn't find anything. All the Best Ruben