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  1. Tiberius

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    I'd honestly be happy with just a 3/6. Maybe more of a "playmaker" over a goal scorer. I am stupid excited for this team. It's helped me find my love for Butchers again too.
  2. Tiberius

    Season 4 Discussion

    Curious. IF we draft Gaffer and IF he is a master... who is the odd master out? Assuming Gaffer is amazeballs of course.
  3. It's nice to see a guild come together and go after a player, and 2nd most reported games? Daaaaaamn. Just give us Master Gaffer now lol.
  4. Tiberius

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    We have a future Captain in Champ or a future all star Sniper in a clean Layne. Why is Kami even on our radar?
  5. Anvil would make a superb Maestro. Google it if you are unfamiliar... you'll probably end up agreeing
  6. Tiberius

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Layne could be our best of both worlds, fun and random. He may not be competitive but, at least for me, isn't why I play the game. I think having a "random factor" tossed in would be rather fun. Perhaps he has something like Alloy and even Harrow. If he starts within a certain range to a friendly Captain, he gains a benefit of your choosing. For example, lets say he has two. +1/0" to his kick, or plus two tac. If he is out of range, it becomes random because the Captain isn't around to set him straight. That's just me though.
  7. Tiberius

    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    vGutter needed to keep Chain Grab. Being able to clear some one off Boar from 6" away is strong and is tech that would be great. At the very least Grapple Hook should be a dodge, but I feel she is honestly fast enough that she doesn't need it. Basically, she is a worse season 2 Shank.
  8. Tiberius

    vGutter card shown

    Well I'm glad they did =3
  9. Tiberius

    vGutter card shown

    I was hoping for something that would give our team a bonus VP for a take out, like Gravedigger. Unsure if that would be too strong in Butchers but Farmers, Hunters, Morticians, Ratcatchers all have bonus VP take out options. Butchers need it personally. But as I said, maybe it was too strong...
  10. Tiberius

    vGutter card shown

    Lets all just step back, take a breath, and look at how damn THICC the model is.
  11. Tiberius

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Forgot about this. I should of ran vHarmony over Flint last game but it all worked out anyways. Also as for a Hammer tip for OP, try your best to bait some one in. Sometimes a juicy target is all some one needs then Hammer can then Punishing March himself and Iron fist himself and next thing you know he's charging some one from the deployment line.
  12. Tiberius

    Any advice on using hammer?

    I had one of my best games with him tonight, with that EXACT line up you had and he got me EVERY point. 12-6 against Midas alchemists. Hammer fits my playstyle a lot and with Marbles and Brick as counter charge machines makes me feel a lot better about keeping Hammer up the middle and smashing face. I always keep Tower within 4" [or less] of hammer to tool him up all. the. time. Seriously, a tooled up hammer with Iron Fist is seriously frightening. Also, pick your targets. He isn't going to get after Midas due to unpredictable movement but he can go after Mercury, Katalyst, Crucible all day long... and he did.. many times. 18 HP and tough hide is super good, and stoic... hhhhngh. Sure enough conditions are an issue but I am generating stupid amounts of momentum that it doesn't matter too much. He took about 3 damage all game. Then he scored me two goals in a turn, one on his activation and a snap shot. I love Hammer... he is my new go to for Masons. I love the jank that Honour and Harmony can do but Tower and Hammer just work better for me. On that note, I would of brought Vet Harmony over Flint today as Flint just couldn't get anything done today and smelling salts and Breaking Play would of come in handy. All hail Hammer!!
  13. Another successful Blacksmiths 1 game today against Thresher and the farmers. Sledge with 2 take outs and Ferrite with two goals.
  14. I can totally see why Anvil and Sledge would be odd duo out. Cast can do around the same dps with tooled up on a burning target. But watching Sledge just bend a soft goal scorer up is... special.