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  1. h3m3


    useless bolt?
  2. h3m3

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    TAC5 for GB on 1 or 2 is also really important, so I think. Mataagi can't safely trigger Harrier with the Playbook against 4-1.
  3. h3m3

    What do you do with your redundant cards?

    I throw most of them away. I used my S1 plots for my printed s2 and 3 plots, but now there are 18, so I use random magic tokens, which the lgs owner gave me for this
  4. h3m3

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    I can (at least from pdf, I use open office). So convert to pdf, perhaps it works?
  5. h3m3

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Ferrite (M) - Really useful for getting Iron in Position. Niche good first activation with multiple disarms. Normally don't give her influence, she is really bad in her influence to useful actions ratio. Just put her in cover between a few enemies and push Iron around. Good into: Everytime you play Iron/ As Captain everytime you don't want/need someone else. // Risky into: Never risky, but almost never really good. Anvil (M) - Useful CPs, but not good with lots of terrain because the directly toward goal post. Makes his team faster, but really has little use in most scrums with his 1" melee. Good into: medium damage output teams as Captain// Risky into: everything fast/ -move /lots of terrain. Furnace (M) - Perfect in the middle of the scrum, can do everything there. Shoot goals, tackle, KD and -Arm, sometimes get the last lifepoints off an enemy. 2" melee. Tooled Up for the beginning. A little Control with legendary and burning. Really good Legendary for his role. Good into: everything which wants to the middle and isn't super fast. As Captain for a better control of the scrum// Risky into: super fast. Hearth (M) - Sometimes useful in the scrum, most of the time inf. battery with the occasionally KD. Good legendary for gumming things up together with other masters. Really lets Cinder shine, good with her apprentice. Good into: everything, you need to use masters // Risky into: nothing, just leaver her behind a little if you think she will die fast. Burnish (M) - Some ranged pressure, really good playbook. Good with Tooled Up. Should be your Captain for making use of the 5 Inf cap at the beginning. Together with Furnace the masters who do something for their inf. Often good ballholder in cover, thanks to plating and good def stats. Good into: Hunter and Mortis as Captain, bunched up teams w/o much tough hide// Risky into: nothing particulary. Farris (M) - Just get her into cover an gum the opponent up. Job for all masters, but she is best at it, with 10" sprint with free attack, 2" melee, arm 3. At the start she makes your playmakers faster. Legendary occasionally golden, as is her melee zone kick. She or furnace should make every of your 6. She for speed (f.e. into Counter Charge or fast teams), Furnace into scummier teams. Good into: everything, but be wary of top notch burst damage// Risky into: high burst damage. Bolt (A) - trap, only good for one goal and skulking near enemy goal. Farris has more important things to do than keeping him alive. Good into: receiving and pillow fisted enemy, goal keeper // Risky into: Close Control, KD
  6. Names of remaining plot cards.
  7. h3m3

    Mulligans during play.

    no its not. we play a lot with mulligans. For me its mostly to play the most interesting game. And you learn the high tension situations better (the complicatet perfect placements ), to which you don't come if a mistake did not make a game one sided.
  8. h3m3

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    I don't feel the control of really big beaters is big. If you really want to do this effective you need to go first with her and use acrobatics and attacks to get disarm on two to three guys. Thats a lot of investment, influence which are probably better spend on a early apprentice. Most of the times a stack on influence on her doesn't feel like much. There are exceptions like disarming a full stack obulus start of turn with 2 inf. But comparable exceptions are thinkable for other masters. So it comes down to use your masters for what they are worth, and they will find something to do and in most matchups for the big picture a specific master isn't required. The same is with her goal scoring. Just too much influence. Exception is something like the game winning goal, in which the influence spent on a master won't come later to bite you. I use her almost exclusively to push the big guy around, and for standing in the way.
  9. h3m3

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    I found in my games that the master-choices are not this important. Ferrite gives a little speed, Furnace little Dmg and -Arm, Farris little speed, Hearth little support, Burnish little utility, Anvil little speed and utility. Most of the time they didn't get any influence and just try to stand in the way and not to die. At one time they use legendary. It's really just about your 3 apprentices.
  10. h3m3

    How to deal with the Cogs?

    Hammer and vHarmony work just fine, just don't let AOEs hit multiple models (only if there is a huge win in there for you). You can fire Hammer, but have someone in 6/8" for next turn, perhaps more than one if you are not winning initiative, like tower, flint, marbles, lucky, vHarmony. From there you can beat back enemies to your line, while your team as a whole gets closer. Just take a few inches from the engis every turn and put your CC-Bubbles closer. And if he deadbolts Brick, win for you.
  11. h3m3

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    not Anvil and Sledge. Just felt like it, but I don't think they are really bad. Iron, Cinder, Hearth are essential for me, Ferrite, Furnace and Alloy because the other half is there. The last 4 spots are just personal preference. Mostly played Ferrite, Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Cinder and Farris or Furnace.
  12. h3m3

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Worked with 5
  13. h3m3

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    yep still freezes when selecting a player in the roster (or do anything else). Huawei P10Lite.