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    Veteran Hemlocke

  2. Sefron

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Shulk has a misspelling on his Goal Rats aura. Should be contact instead of contack. On another note, if you need help fixing things, I'd be more than happy to help. It's in the realm of stuff I do for a living.
  3. With the new rules coming out that you decide on Kick/Receive and then pick Captain/Mascot, will this make a huge difference on which ones you pick? I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts / choices on this.
  4. While the finals was Hunters vs Farmers, there was a pretty big key mistake that I think unfortunately set the game into a tailwind for Peter. I just got this feeling from watching it live anyway. I could easily be mistaken.
  5. Sefron

    League Progression

    Hello All, I'm looking to start Alchemists in our local league and want to play with Smoke. What order would you go in and why? Thanks!
  6. I loved this episode, hearing the German guys talk was pretty good. Will make me rethink the local meta with how strong ranged control seems to be. Just another cat & mouse game on what will be good once the teams figure out how to handle all the of ranged gun lines.
  7. Sefron

    Morts at WTC

    Morts are one of the teams that interest me the most, but they seem to be in the hardest spot to fully play well. What are their good/bad matchups? Is it just due to changes to other guilds that pushed them back a bit or do Morts fully need some changes to slowly climb back into the spotlight.
  8. Sefron

    Escalation League

    I'm considering picking hunters for our local escalation league. What progression would you take with them? I've played them in about 3 games so far (I'm a relative new player) and managed to win all 3 vs experienced players (might just be luck, who knows) but I did enjoy them. Our local meta is a few fish, a few butchers, some masons, brewers. Thanks in advance! ~Sefron
  9. I'm a newer player to guild ball. I am considering the Morticians, but one of the biggest things that I've read or noticed is that they struggle with the faster teams in the game (Fish, Masons, Union). Is there something that can help with these match-ups as these teams are pretty big in my local meta. Thanks for any input that can be given!
  10. Sefron

    Power Rankings before WTC

    In my haste or lack of sleep, I said WTC when my intent was the World Championships. Oops! Mainly just looking to see if the meta has finally taken a shift and we have produced a new rankings list.
  11. With the recent national events happening it seems that Hunters have gained some ground with winning AUS/OCE and Canada. Do we have a general consensus on what the new power rankings will be before the WTC?