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  1. Had a situation come up earlier. Chaska had placed a trap in from of target model but within an inch of said model. He then uses Boombox hitting the model who is also up against and obstruction. Since the model cannot move will this still trigger the trap?

    Played a game of proxy butchers

    Gutter will certainly get a lot done in an Ox lineup. She is just really reliable. and great against teams with a lot of armor. Fillet lets you play a little bit more with the ball and I think tends to work against teams that have pretty good counter attacks.

    Tactics for the Butchers Guild

    I do love the turn one goal with Vet Brisket. Usually will throw swift stance and tough skin on her. let her charge in from the wing and just bounce off someone and pound it in the goal and just form up a murder cage on my half of the pitch with the rest of the team. Daring the other player to come to me.

    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    I think with Falconers on deck taking Minerva makes taking Vet Hearne a more viable option as well.

    Butchers Player Summaries

    Vet Brisket can swing the tide of the game, getting not one but two influence for a goal is huge and I at least have been able to pull it off pretty reliably. Love stacking her with swift stance and tough skin to make her def 5 arm 2 she can take a parting blow pretty easily or a counter and still pull of a shot.


    So quick question. Is the box going to be coming with cardboard tokens like the farmers and smiths? Nothing is listed on the product page as far as tokens in the description where tokens are called out with the other boxes.

    Getting goals

    I don't think you can go wrong with either Brisket. Had a great run where I had plenty of time to set it up for OBrisket, dropped swift stance and tough skin on her and she just ran in ate several counter attacks and parting blows and just kicked it in easily. def 6 and 2 arm nothing they could do.

    SteamCon 2018 US

    Where should Stream Con US 2018 be?
  9. Going to be running a Kick about league shortly and wondering if there is anything official as far as progression from week to week with Blacksmiths. My thought would be first week with three players would be one Mater and two apprentices. week two with 4 two masters and two apprentices and then full 6 would obviously be with standard selection. Thoughts?
  10. Do Rush Keeper and Counter Charge count as an advance for the purposes of tripping unpredictable movement?

    Vet Minx?

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/an-open-letter-to-the-hunters-guild So this is a thing now.

    Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    Just in time for my birthday. and man that goal is sweet.

    ***SPOILERS*** What is a veteran?

    Suppose they could errata the guild that wins card so that they no longer can take Harry as a union choice if the new player isn't Harry any more.

    Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    After playing against brewers many times using the GIC Another round I think def needs to be dropped down to Heal Rate 2. Those free heroics are just that damn good.