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  1. SavageV

    Dealing with the new guys

    I beat my friend's Blacksmiths with Obulus. I had Silence and Dirge on one side, Bonesaw on the other. Obulus was center behind Ghast and Casket. Silence fire blasted and shut out, Ghast and Casket funneled and slowed, and Obulus puppet mastered them to kick to a wide open Bonesaw. 4-0. Bonesaw couldn't get away 4-2. With the Smiths splitting up to deal with Bonesaw, I kept my formation but pushed forward. Casket and Ghast did their work getting me a takeout (SADLY by Ghast). 6-2. He put everything into a goal run. 6-6. Casket Time! 10-6. I miscalculated distance leaving Dirge open to a charge from Sledge. 10-7. I tap in with Silence 14-7.
  2. SavageV

    That's 1, 2, 3, strikers out

    I run a similar beater lineup, but I use Decimate and Fangtooth instead of Snakeskin and Gutter. Fangtooth is a KD machine and Second Wind is SUPER helpful. I have also dabbled with Benny instead of Gutter.
  3. SavageV


    Hello! New player from Springfield Illinois, USA. I am playing Union and Masons.