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  1. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    @Gauntlet Who would your six be? Rage, Coin, Gutter, Grace, Mist... Hemlocke brings blind and smelling salts, but then I'm really thinking that I'll feel the lack of 2" reach. Harry brings the reach and goad plus an inch of movement over Benny - although I would miss playing Benny with Rage! I'll also miss Decimate's second wind chasing them down - You know when you want to take all the players?!
  2. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Anyone have any more stabby strategies I could try as well? Generally prefer punching to kicking 😜
  3. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Guess I usually try and out-scrum, although I have had a go at the odd Blackheart game with a bit more football. Hadn't really considered it into alchemists, but it could be worth a try against smoke
  4. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    What's your gameplan with this lineup? I usually Vet Rage, but I like the idea of Blackheart for his mobility and 2" reach, which seems key against Smoke. Not much else in the way of 2" reach there though. Not that I've played much Blackheart, but a lot of his mobility seems to come from bouncing off players. Do you not still struggle if the opponent is backing off?
  5. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    I know alchs are considered a little below the curve at the moment, but although I'm happy into Midas, I kicked to Smoke for the first time at British Champs and it seems rough. Maybe it was just the end of the weekend, but that was my hardest game of the champs and I played against some other very good players. It seems Smoke scores for free turn one and escapes for free turn two. Then the team is so mobile that it's hard to get into them and scrum up. Tbf Mist failed his tackle on a 1" melee 4/1 for the turn 1 goal, which was rough, but you can't rely on that, obviously! Any other suggestions for picks and strats into Smoke? Cheers
  6. Snow

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Yeah, he definitely seems like an option. I'd want some game time to decide if and when he's an option I use.
  7. Snow

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Gutter and decimate get more work out of bloody coin though. I don't think you're ever bloody coining him unless you've misplayed, or are otherwise somehow on the back foot and don't have a better target for it
  8. Snow

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Sooo, now we have the full card, it's almost like they've thought about vRage 😂
  9. Love it. I know it's just for fun, but we do need entertainers as the Brewers minor and I reckon some of this kind of flavour could go in there 😁
  10. Snow

    Veteran Fangtooth

    So this may not be 100% accurate, but we have enough of a flavour from the streamed game to have an idea of how he might fit in. What are everyone's thoughts on how Vet Fangtooth will fit into the Solthecians long term and Blackheart/Rage teams in the interim? I haven't played much Brisket, but I do think he seems situationally strong in vRage. Although I do think that Gutter and Decimate may still be better into armour due to vFangtooth being only tac 5, 2/3 inf and no anatomical. Thoughts? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edited with full card:
  11. Snow

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Tried this and still having issues. I seem to be able to use the guild pages okay now, but still having trouble with the roster page. Noticed I couldn't open the rule book page either today. All of these issues I press the option I want and it goes grey to show I've selected that option, but doesn't take me to the relevant screen
  12. Snow

    Seasoned Spigot

    Yeah, I think I want him to work so I can play with the new toys, but this logic is sound to me. If I receive with rage, do I really want to give up ball possession with a turn one goal? And I can already allocate all my influence pretty efficiently to beating without Spigot. He definitely goes in a Blackheart/Brisket team very nicely though. Fair. I just see it as a fun way to mix things up for a bit I suppose.
  13. Snow

    Seasoned Spigot

    Why would you not want to take Blackheart for this anyway? I was looking at sSpigot's football jank and pondering the seeming 3/0-ness of the Order, then I looked at his damage and thought about the fact that you could bring him, Harry, Benny and Fangtooth if you REALLY wanted to, so I guess they will be pretty football skewed with some options. Of course vFangtooth could be a complete monster. I'm not so secretly hoping he breaks vRage for a couple of months 😂 I do like spig 3 overall and was thinking about how he might slot in as a punchy striker to a vRage team, but as @Gauntlet said, he does have some shortcomings in terms of melee range and threat without posession. I don't think you can put him in Mist's slot. Maybe you can put him in a vRage team as a flexible damage/retrieval/strike partner with Mist? Make the 2/2 that much easier with that team? Could be worth trying, to see how well he can mix it in the scrum as well Anyway that's probably enough over-tired rambling for one evening!
  14. Snow

    Seasoned Spigot

    Anybody else thinking Blackheart really likes this guy until season 4? To me, it seems like his footballing shenanigans and damage output would sit quite nicely in a Blackheart team looking for 2/2 or even 3/0
  15. Cheers man. Tends to be quite casual down our club, but it'll be interesting to get an idea about how Farmers operate by getting a few games with them