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  1. Snow

    Seasoned Spigot

    Anybody else thinking Blackheart really likes this guy until season 4? To me, it seems like his footballing shenanigans and damage output would sit quite nicely in a Blackheart team looking for 2/2 or even 3/0
  2. Cheers man. Tends to be quite casual down our club, but it'll be interesting to get an idea about how Farmers operate by getting a few games with them
  3. On the subject of Take One for the Team - Can millstone take a condition from which she is already suffering? Ie: she's knocked down already, can she have further KD's palmed off to her thereby rendering them useless? Looks like I'll be playing that Butcher's match tonight now
  4. Snow

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    +1 having this same issue. Not just on roster screen, but sometimes when selecting guild or selecting player on guild screen. Love the app, but I can't use it atm
  5. Unfortunately we didn't get to play last night in the end - but good tips for next time, thanks! Interested to hear about farmers goal scoring tech, or are we all just literally going 6-0, planting our opponents in the dirt?!
  6. Playing into butchers tomorrow now. He used Fillet in our last game when I ran Engineers, but he may use Ox - either way, at least there's less KD to think about!
  7. Thanks, I thought he didn't have melee zone when KD'd?
  8. We didn't end up finishing the game, as it was our second of the evening and played off the clock with new teams Kicked with Grange, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Jackstraw and Fallow Got magical Xmas land opening as he over extended Tapper, allowing me to charge him with Tater for the double push toward my team. Engaged with Grange for honest labour, then deleted him with 5 inf, tac 8 Fallow. Could have hostaged him, but got carried away The rest of the game was tougher. I over extended Grange to protect Tater, so he was too far away to get all the knock down protection. Brewers got the takeout on Grange turn 3, having got the Friday goal turn 2. We ended before turn 4, but I had guaranteed initiative and Tapper hostaged on 1 box, with Grange able to come back into the scrum. Could've been anyone's game really Grange spent enough time on the ground to mitigate honest labour. Next time I'm thinking of taking Harrow for tooled up. Particularly against all that tough hide. Obviously need to be more defensive in Grange's positioning too Would drop Jackstraw who can hold the ball, but I don't see his goal threat, unless I'm missing something? Maybe hold the ball with Peck and try a cheeky chicken goal to close the game? Which piece would you guys kick with in this lineup?
  9. Thanks for the tips. Seems Tater, Millstone and Peck make most teams, plus Jackstraw. Any preference on captain into Brewers or recommendations for the last squaddie? Is Honour worth taking as a new player, or would you have a different last squaddie you prefer into this matchup? I accidentally have all the toys! 😁
  10. Giving my farmers their first run out tomorrow, as a mate wants to practise his brewers into them. Any tips on lineup and tactics - general or brewers specific, for a player who has never so much as placed a harvest marker?! Ta ☺️
  11. Snow

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    He has skilled within shadow and can make his own cover, but yeah this is inherently an extremely limited lineup until we get the last two players and a season 4 buff to Trisket
  12. Snow


    How are everybody's tens looking with Pride? I'm thinking of going dual captain, single mascot with the new kitty, just to get use out of him with Rage/Blackheart before season 4
  13. I hadn't really looked at overclocked in my first game, but yeah , that's so strong. Played my second game with them into Butchers this week and used tooled up, overclocked hoist to hostage an over extended, crowded vet ox in turn one and got the takeout top of turn two. Not sure my opponent was expecting that damage output from engineers as he's not super experienced. After two games, it seems like managing positioning for auras/ character play buffs is going to be key. There are so many options in that regard, it doesn't seem like you can have all of them available. Guess it's a case of learning which ones are optimal in a given situation and positioning for that, otherwise you end up bunching up. I like spreading out my goal threat and it seems to be something engineers are super adept at
  14. Well I think I did it wrong, as I didn't score with Shark - Scored with Sakana and Siren though! My opponent actually played really well. Was good to see someone you intro'd to game turning off the turn one goal and making good use of superior strategy to get the ball off shark!