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  1. Now I actually have my Mortican's team and have started playing with them and looking at the S4 cards a bit more I've kinda changed my mind. We lack ranged damage and ball retrieval, which has become more available to other guilds. So yeah, I'm kinda on the Kami train now - I think she could work really well aesthetically too
  2. Snow

    Free Cities Draft Event

    Okay, what the hell's going on cogs? "We need to pump up those numbers! Those are - rookie (😁) numbers!" I was gonna report for spooks, and I still may, but Cogs NEED Kami - she cannot go to fish! So I reported my first game for Kami into cogs, using Shark 😆 Hopefully gonna try and start getting in some more games! ~~~ Snake draft game. I picked Shark, Coin, Mist, Vitriol, Brisket and Vet Spigot. Opponent picked Thresher, Mother, Vet Fangtooth, Jaecar, Minerva and Flint. Shark scored turn 1 and died turn 2. Mist scored turn 2. Shark nearly got the winner in turn 3, but missed a tackle, leaving him short on inf. He finally tapped in the winner, top of turn 4. 12-2 to team Shark!
  3. @Mako I'm not really in any position to accurately judge what the guild needs, as I still don't have them yet! I'll have an idea of what I like the look and sound of and what would work thematically, but I'll go along with the consensus of the experienced morts players. When it comes to Kami, I think if she's not top choice for spooks it might not hurt for her to be in Cogs. It fits thematically, but I rarely find I have space in a six to duplicate roles too much. I think if you take ALL ranged damage then the team runs the risk of being too one-dimensional and predictable. Just thinking about it, they've implied she's not gonna be a great footballer. One of the nice things about playing Cogs is sitting on a team of reliable four die kicks, so she's competing with someone like Harriet, who can kick AND dislodge the ball from range.
  4. Snow

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I think that's spot on. It comes down to which player that individuals report games for and that's it. It's useful to get a consensus here and on FB, so as not to split the voting and end up with the dregs. I'm probably going to be reporting for Morts, but I have Cogs too and think Kami's a really good fit from what we've seen so far, so I may end up pitching in on that if she turns out to be the Cogs' target.
  5. Agreed on second best Morts hair. I like the sound of her, but she has to be an Engineer with those pistols, right?!
  6. Seemed to be a fair number of folks asking for a striker. What do we think of Layne? Sounds potentially high risk in some way?.
  7. Interesting. I do enjoy a bit of stabbing up myself (in game obv). I'm sure we'll see someone along those knda lines, somewhere in the ten
  8. This is what I was thinking. Not that I've played them yet! But the consensus seems to be for a striker. So I wondered if a buff to Bonesaw and a fast winger like Edge might work? She also has the heavy eyeliner and emo hair thing going on, as @Mako pointed out!
  9. Vote once you're sure, as it can't be changed! FB poll: https://m.facebook.com/questions.php?question_id=1928770963871880 I've not yet played a game with Morts, but seeing as I main Union and I'm eyeing up Spooks for S4, this seems like a good place to lay my hat. Thought it'd be a good idea to try and organise a coherent effort and make sure we win the player we want! Will add options to the poll as we go and perhaps link a poll in the FB Morts group. What do we think of Amber to kick things off then? Not sure an ex-brewer called Amber seems super thematic, but anyone can have a Goth phase... Would a seemingly football oriented attacking midfielder be useful, or are we holding out for a dedicated striker? Or something else entirely? Thoughts? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/10-9-2018-the-free-cities-draft-guild-ball http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/11-9-2018-cutlass-free-cities-draft https://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/12-9-2018-edge-free-cities-draft In a Nutshell, Would you like this Junkhead? ... http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-layne http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-kami http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-knuckles http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-nomad http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-champ http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-gaffer http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/free-cities-draft-flea
  10. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    @Gauntlet Who would your six be? Rage, Coin, Gutter, Grace, Mist... Hemlocke brings blind and smelling salts, but then I'm really thinking that I'll feel the lack of 2" reach. Harry brings the reach and goad plus an inch of movement over Benny - although I would miss playing Benny with Rage! I'll also miss Decimate's second wind chasing them down - You know when you want to take all the players?!
  11. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Anyone have any more stabby strategies I could try as well? Generally prefer punching to kicking 😜
  12. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Guess I usually try and out-scrum, although I have had a go at the odd Blackheart game with a bit more football. Hadn't really considered it into alchemists, but it could be worth a try against smoke
  13. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    What's your gameplan with this lineup? I usually Vet Rage, but I like the idea of Blackheart for his mobility and 2" reach, which seems key against Smoke. Not much else in the way of 2" reach there though. Not that I've played much Blackheart, but a lot of his mobility seems to come from bouncing off players. Do you not still struggle if the opponent is backing off?
  14. Snow

    Kicking in to Smoke

    I know alchs are considered a little below the curve at the moment, but although I'm happy into Midas, I kicked to Smoke for the first time at British Champs and it seems rough. Maybe it was just the end of the weekend, but that was my hardest game of the champs and I played against some other very good players. It seems Smoke scores for free turn one and escapes for free turn two. Then the team is so mobile that it's hard to get into them and scrum up. Tbf Mist failed his tackle on a 1" melee 4/1 for the turn 1 goal, which was rough, but you can't rely on that, obviously! Any other suggestions for picks and strats into Smoke? Cheers
  15. Snow

    Veteran Fangtooth

    Yeah, he definitely seems like an option. I'd want some game time to decide if and when he's an option I use.