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  1. Ended up taking Decimate for anatomical against Blacksmiths. Don't think it was a bad decision - second wind was useful for re-positioning Gutter turn one, and she finished off Iron for the winning takeout, but she's definitely less efficient than the guild pieces in this set up. Have a hunch Minx may be better, even against armour, as her snared is potentially a force multiplier for the heavier hitters. It'll be a moot point when I get more guild pieces though. vGutter and Ox did the heavy lifting for all four takeouts. Boiler ran with the dog, slightly off the scrum, for harassment, ball retrieval, and set up Brisket for the goal. Ended up taking oBrisket, just because that card came with the mini as much as anything. It's nice to be able to throw out dirty knives turn one if there's no goal on (I was kicking). Does kick/receive affect anyone's Brisket choice? Overall I enjoyed them - won 12-4 and turns out vRage is quite good practise for running Ox! Seems like if your opponent lets you, they have more raw damage potential than a Rage team
  2. Thanks for the tips. I probably will skip union once I have another guild choice! Leaning towards taking Minx for setting up snared and dodging back out, seeing as she doesn't benefit from the auras. At the moment I just have the three valentine's minis and chibi Ox. I'l end up wanting to collect all the guild models and I'll probably be converting most, if not all of them. Just wanted to get a feel for which minis people are finding most effective. Will have a nose through the forum for tactics like executing boiler bombs! Was having a look at the cards last night - Do all of Ox's buffs stack? (They ain't tough/butchery/the owner/get em lads) Looks like they do which is potentially pretty savage!
  3. Greetings meat carvers - Going to play my first game with the guild this week, only ever played into them twice as well, so not very familiar. I currently have: Ox, Princess, Boiler, Either Brisket, proxying vet gutter, plus any union pick. Any suggestions on which Union choice to take? Which Brisket? Top tips for running this team as a Butchers noob? (Played Hunters and main Union.) Plus other tips for expanding my roster and running them in the future? Any help much appreciated - thanks!
  4. How does the farmers errata affect union?

    Thanks @Gauntlet was seriously considering that for my next tournament - although this weekend's tournament has made me think I should probably try Blackheart! I did okay. It was my third ever tourney and my second with union. Won three, lost two against very good players. Ended up thirteenth in a 32 man and just scraped highest placed union of four (two other union went 3-2). One of my losses was against Grange. I lost 4-12, one goal versus six takeouts. Yes, he was a more experienced player, but that team was SO good in the scrum it just feels better to avoid it. I can't help feeling that spreading out with Blackheart would be a lot stronger, in fact the errata may well have made that an even better choice, as it was so focused on limiting their positioning. If you're trying to out-scrum them, I don't think they're feeling the effect of the errata as much, as they can still stay bunched and do what they do. I'm not saying that a better rage player couldn't beat them, but it feels like it might be hard mode! Will have to try Blackheart next time and see how that goes!
  5. How does the farmers errata affect union?

    Which slot? What would your lineup be? My usual rage team is Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Benediction, Mist. I've never used A&G
  6. Game plan deck revealed

    I like the mechanic. My main initial concern is that the written effects could affect the game too much, but I've only read through them once, so I'll reserve judgement until I've played. One question: wtf is a squaddie?!
  7. How does the farmers errata affect union?

    Interesting. My hunch was that it would still be a tough matchup, as the errata seemed pretty measured. I may try it, as I've still only played Rage in the one tournament I've been to since starting union. Haven't played against farmers competitively yet. Be interested to know how anyone else gets on
  8. Specifically because I mainly play vet rage. I've been practising with a Blackheart footballing team, so I can try and out-football farmers. Now they've been nerfed, is it competitive to outkill them with Vet rage in tournament play? This would allow me to bring a selection of ten melee specialists. I don't get much chance to put this into practise outside of tournaments, so I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts
  9. Maximizing a striker line?

    I prefer Blackheart for scoring. He can hold the middle with Benny or Harry, generate a lot of momentum and score. Have mist and grace on one flank and Decimate on the other. Coin's your mascot and you have a pseudo 15 inf team and everyone except Coin and harry /Benny can threaten goal. Potentially with a free bonus time from the snake
  10. Dark Harvest - Blackheart

    @Furnace Thanks. No I've always been pretty focused on keeping him monochromatic
  11. Dark Harvest - Blackheart

    @Mako Thanks, yeah I'm gonna have a proper look at her techniques before I try it again - I have a goal idea...
  12. Dark Harvest - Blackheart

    That's the stuff. I think there may be an interview /tutorial with her somewhere on cmon
  13. Dark Harvest - Blackheart

    @S_A_T_S Thanks, it was really good fun to do. I tried to keep in mind some pointers from a really good tutorial I read years ago by Victoria Lamb, if you can find that! I just Googled her to check I had the name right and realised it might have been a good idea to refresh my memory before painting! 😂 Anyway I remember one of the key points was to make sure that none of the reflected light is as bright as the source light. Sounds obvious to say maybe, but I think it's one of the most common stumbling blocks. Not saying my OSL is perfect or anything, but it was something I had in mind at least
  14. Dark Harvest - Blackheart

    @Zozo Thanks, I appreciate it
  15. First mini finished for my Union team - seemed like a good opportunity to have a go at OSL http://www.coolminiornot.com/422743