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  1. Kinda wish I'd paid more attention to the deadline, so I could've given myself more chance to polish it. Pretty happy with the overall look though. Anyway, thanks for the motivation to actually get a GB mini finished for the first time!
  2. Winter Painting Contest

    Cool, cheers. Yeah, I somehow thought the deadline was in February, so that will definitely help!
  3. Winter Painting Contest

    Is the deadline midnight Saturday night /Sunday morning or midnight Sunday night /Monday morning? In other words, do we have Sunday to finish our entries?
  4. Winter Painting Contest

    Damn, I somehow had a February deadline in my head - better get working!
  5. Who do you take into farmers?

    Interesting. Will definitely have a look at Decimate, she's already in my rage six anyway. I do like Grace in a footballing team despite her low kick, because of her speed, ball retrieval and influence. She may not be optimum for football, but I'm looking at a specifically anti farmers team and feel that her healing could be useful in denying kills too. I love Minx from playing hunters but union have so many good choices! Do we think brisket is a stronger choice into farmers then? I don't have much chance to practise against them unfortunately. Seems like route one is a big tool for brisket, but ranged character plays are so unreliable. Tried bonus timed route one on Skatha last night and missed it, leaving me with four wasted influence. So it seems a very "swingy" play. Okay, Skatha's Def 5 but I'm guessing farmers will kill the ball with Jackstraw. Perhaps Blackheart could be more reliable with the right goalscoring support? I'm just after the best lineup into farmers rather than being necessarily stuck on brisket.
  6. First few tourneys with union in February/March and would like some feedback on my lineup. Main six: vRage, Strongbox, Benediction, Mist, Gutter, Decimate. Planning to outkill everybody except farmers. Need to round out my ten with four pieces that will give me a strong footballing six, aiming for 3-0, maybe 2-2. Blackheart/Brisket. I understand Blackheart is stronger and more flexible, but currently tending toward Brisket to try and quickly bang in three goals before I get Threshered! The footballing six into farmers Initial thought : sBrisket, Coin, Benediction, Mist, Hemlocke, Grace So those are the four I've added to make a pseudo - fifteen influence 3-0 six into farmers. Grace gives me healing, quickfoot, influence and I love the flexibility of effectively being able to load her with five influence to travel /generate momentum /retrieve the ball /score. Hemlocke is there to potentially blind thresher and generally provide ranged annoyance with her poison aoe against clustered farmers. I guess both have potential utility into some matchups for vRage too, although I'm not sure quite when I'd use them or who I'd swap out from my main six. Do you agree /disagree with any of these choices /thoughts? Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  7. Yeah, I came to the last tourney at Portsmouth which was great and I'm going to the one at dice saloon too! Probably a little further than I'll tend to go for regular club nights, but will try and get over for as many events as possible!
  8. Currently playing about once a week at a fairly casual club. Looking to find local players who I can easily get more games with. Casual or competitive as you like
  9. Union 101

    Not sure about mist into armour, as tac 4 can be painful. I hadn't really thought about Benny for holding the ball, but with 2 armour and potentially braced and stand firm that could be alright. Plus it means I can take my full punchy list Rage 2, Strongbox, Decimate, Gutter, Benediction, Minx Then I have the option of holding Benediction back with the ball or sending him into the scrum. Potentially looking for a goal to finish with maybe Decimate. I do want somebody dedicated to holding the ball as necessary. Blacksmiths goalscoring seems too good not to. Sound any good?
  10. Union 101

    Hear you on the goal threat! Was just chatting to someone who recommended taking Hemlock, as the blacksmiths are relatively weak to ranged character plays. I'd then sit the ball on her, with Def 5 and not wanting to get into the scrum anyway, working at range. I like Snakeskin and have a bit more experience using her (I haven't played hemlock yet), but I can see the advantages of Hemlock in what I see as the flex slot here. I like that she's not using influence or forcing activation order to defend the ball. Rest of the team I currently see as : VRage, Strongbox, Decimate, Gutter and Benediction With the last two positioning my targets advantageously, as I attempt to force scrum location to pick off more vulnerable, isolated targets Sound any good? Also wondering if anyone knows of any blacksmith /union match reports /steamed videos? Or any other good videos about blacksmiths?
  11. Union 101

  12. Union 101

    Was just reading the interview with the guy that won UK lcq with union. He was playing vRage, but advocating Seabrisket into farmers. I can see the logic in that so will try her in my next farmers game. Any tips for Seabrisket into farmers or vRage into blacksmiths?
  13. Seemingly normal set of Masons dice. Actually cursed. Useful to offer your opponent if they forget their dice, or if you enjoy seeing Flint miss. Sold
  14. Union 101

    Got a couple of games in yesterday. 12-0 whitewashed morticians, including rage deleting two unactivated pieces in one turn. Tried playing a game with Trisket, Coin, Mist, Snakeskin, Grace and Decimate into Hammer masons for a laugh. Lost 12-4. I realise it's probably a bit of a silly team to take, but I just wanted to try Trisket and all my kickers. Didn't help that Snakeskin missed a goal that would've put me 8-0 up, allowing hammer a six point activation. It occurred to me to ask if there are any matchups where union actually want to play football? Thresher I guess? And what lineups/tactics are people using? Seems as if vRage can probably just out-murder most people. On a separate note, any tips into blacksmiths? That'll probably be my next game, next week. I'm thinking I want vRage and high tac, anatomical etc. I'm not taking any more low tac into armour, it's too frustrating! 😂