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  1. Blacksmiths Guild fluff - any available yet?

    I agree. I have also been searching and actually found a second filming of the workshop we have already seen above. The other one - it seems that nobody filmed and uploaded it so far...
  2. Basing ideas?

    Yes. You are right. Paint them first and give them some playtime. If the Kickoff models are any indication,. re-basing them later should not prove too difficult. Thank you again!
  3. Basing ideas?

    Thanx for the Input. I think that you are both spot on. I am really tempted to do too much to them, I guess. Maybe painting them first and rebasing them later is actually the better way to go here (for the time being, at least!). (Also, by that time, more people will actually have painted them leading to more... Inspiration. :))
  4. Blacksmiths Guild fluff - any available yet?

    I finally got around to watching the video. It was very nice. Unfortunately, he skips the Blacksmiths as he "had already talked about them too much the day before". Really insightful for any other guild, though. I could not dig up a recording on the other day's workshop. Would you happen to know of any?
  5. Basing ideas?

    Dear all, what are your ideas on re-basing the Blacksmiths? I checked both this Subforum and the Showcase for related topics and could not find any. I hope that this is now in the right sub-forum, as it is Blacksmiths-related and I do not want to showcase anything yet. I only just got my Blacksmiths and think that they deserve more than they come with in terms of bases. Have a nice day, Sebastian
  6. Wake up and smell the chains!

    That's what I meant. The other thing they could do - make the actual church the minor guild and pick existing Solthecian union players to be double-guild. You could even narrow the roster of available union players down by making certain players unavailable when picking one of the church players. (AKA a character trait "Righteousness: This model may not be picked when model XXX is fielded." ) This way people could still play the old and true Union and would not need to feel left out of the entire minor guild development. But yeah, wild speculation with probably too many implications I am not seeing.
  7. Wake up and smell the chains!

    I certainly agree on lore-terms, but the UiC actually generates new models. If the Union were to become a minor guild, it'd either be way too large with the currently existent lineup (which is partially dead in fluff), or those still alive might have to be "rebranded" to a different major guild. (Or the existing models would need to be phased out entirely, or SFG would need to freeze the current state of the Union as the "legacy Union" and go wild from there.) This is obviously all speculation and I'd definitely like seeing the current Union be partially remade into the Solthecian church and a minor "Union" - I just don't see what could be done with some of the existing models so far.
  8. Wake up and smell the chains!

    The optimistic points you mention. actually sound just like what I am hoping for. After all this does open up interesting design possibilities. But yeah, the SFG seem to be hinting at their not yet being done with the Union, so let's see. Interesting point. That would require converting 2/3 of the Union roster to models for another major guild though... I don't know...
  9. Blacksmiths Guild fluff - any available yet?

    brilliant, thank you so much!
  10. Blacksmiths Guild fluff - any available yet?

    hmm... the seminar probably wasn't recorded by anybody, was it?
  11. Blacksmiths Guild fluff - any available yet?

    thank you! would be nice to have a little more, but let's wait then...
  12. The Quench: A Blacksmith's Blog

    Thank you! just picked up the Blacksmiths and am now looking forward to dive in. Glad to be able to read some prior experiences in such a well-written format. Keep it coming and have a nice evening!
  13. Good evening everybody, just jumped on the hype train that is the Blacksmith's guild. Loving the sculpts and mechanisms. However, I also somewhat love the lore of this game. Is there any piece(s) of lore/fluff regarding the Blacksmiths available yet? I glanced through the Season books and obviously found none. I also can't find anything on SFGs main site. I just found that some people commented on Blacksmith fluff in this sub-forum and was curious as to where the information came from. :-) Thank you for your time and have a nice evening!
  14. Wake up and smell the chains!

    Thing is, I have a fair share of Union for my guilds. I was already interested in upgrading to the full Union roster before the keynote. Now that actually seems like a valid option to still use the minis. I am - however - a little worried of the future state of the union in the long run. I am pretty sure that the guild will be fine for 2018 and that with 18 players available, flexibility will be on par with the other guilds. I am just a little scared that there will be no development down the road and thought to ask impressions of more experienced players. The keynote seemed to be suggesting optimism and SFGs intent to use the potential of the Union not being tied to the other guilds anymore in terms of balancing... I was really hoping for clarity from the keynote, so it's kind of a bummer that nobody said the words: "Union will remain a playable major guild. There will be no separate minor guild, as the roster is already quite large. We will be adding a mascot and another player down the road and might revisit the skills and stat cards to make the guild keep feeling fresh down the road." ....
  15. Wake up and smell the chains!

    So, it's been remarkably quiet in here. What do you guys think of yesterday's keynote with regards to the Union? There was mention of opening up design space for the Union now that SFG does not need to consider the impact on players playing in other guilds as well. But then again only 10 minor guilds have been announced which leads me to believe that the Union will not be a major guild partner to a minor guild.... Questions upon questions...