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  1. Your opinions: starting 3 for league?

    Thank you both (HammerTime, cacklad), i will run this in a test game tomorrow and compare Ghast to Casket!
  2. Your opinions: starting 3 for league?

    Wow, right in time, before the league actually starts. Thank you! I am a bit unsure about Casket, will think about it. Thank you guys. that sounds like a very decent plan. Do you think that ultimately, in the 6, both Cosset and Minx are overkill? I was thinking that Minx could charge in for free, be a battery and provide the screeching banshee to soften up the targets for Cosset... But I have no clue about the Morticians yet...
  3. Dear puppeteers, I already asked this question in another guild's sub-forum. Our local store is starting an Escalation league this week and I am considering my options. As it stands, we already have way too many Butchers players, so I will likely be moving away from my first team and get to know something a little... different. Thus, which players of our guild would you recommend me to bring for the first match (3v3)? I was thinking Obulus (never played him, so this is kind of a must for me :)) and Casket (the legendary seems great in the smaller game sizes, PLUS the area affects seem nice as well). I am undecided about the third player. I was thinking about Minx for efficiency, B+M for movement fun, but I really don't yet know my way around the Morticians. So yes ... HELP? :-) For example, what do you think about Obulus, Minx and Cosset? Have a great day, Sebastian
  4. Escalation league starting team

    Thank you all! I will try both Boiler and Meathook in a practice session before the league and see which one I like better!
  5. Dear butchering brethren, long story short: what are your opinions on viable three-man teams for starting out the escalation league? I am pretty new to the game, so anything is helpful here. Currently, I am drawn towards playing Ox and pairing him up with Boar. fluff-wise (as of S1 and S2), Brisket would obviously be great. Meathook seems to be the stronger choice though... Anyway, did you already play an escalation league and which picks did you prefer for the first games? Thank you all very much and have a nice evening!
  6. [W] Blacksmiths [H] Cash

    Please allow me to push this thread one more time. I am aware that the Blacksmiths box will also be officially available soon, still looking though...
  7. How did you choose your Guild?

    I read the Season 1 rulebook and fluff first and decided that the master butcher was the way to go. Then, I read the season 2 book and got myself the Hunters team. Then, I read the Butcher's civil war and funnily enough got the remaining butcher players. Now I am pondering.. Farmers would be the obvious choice, ey? :-D (Okay, another obvious fluff-possibility would be buying into Union with sBrisket...)
  8. [W] Blacksmiths [H] Cash

    Hey everyone, i know itโ€˜s unlikely, but would anybody be willing to part with his or her unpainted Blacksmiths and ship them to Germany? I do not own much in the way of potential trades, but I am open for negotiating a fair price on the Blacksmiths set. So yes - I realise that Gencon is already a long time ago and that any spare copies have probably been moved. But maybe I'll get lucky (pun intended) and find somebody willing to sell for somewhat of a more realistic price than what people ask on eBay... Have a great Sunday! Sebastian EDIT: Posted from phone, terrible spelling. Sorry.
  9. Morning! Wow, I actually found there to be a number of sources in Germany to buy Guild Ball stuff, so maybe some of the below will help: If you want to buy locally, check out: http://steamforged.com/store-locator/ depending on your city, there is quite some options. For example, I am based in Cologne and there are already two shops carrying Guild Ball. (Brave New World / Top Tables, the latter one also hosting leagues and Guild Ball tables PLUS the staff actually plays, so a very nice place to go to) If you want to buy online, I have had success with: https://www.fantasywelt.de/Guild-Ball (cheap prices, if you order before noon, they often ship overnight) http://www.fantasystronghold.de/Guild-Ball (a little more expensive, have different items in stock) http://www.miniaturicum.de/index.php?infoBox=1&cPath=2087 (never ordered from them, but they also carry a very decent stock!) So yes, those should set you up nicely. Have a great day, Sebastian
  10. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Thank you so much. It's a good thing that the learning process here is actually a big part of the fun. Also, your advice looks sound regarding any creative pursuit. It does sound similar to a lot of stuff that I was taught in music. Anyhow, I need to find some of these good youtube videos now. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Zirenius' WIP Guild Ball Teams

    Thank you both very much. @ Anphiarus: thank you for the kind words. I will get back to work and ask again, once I consider Ox finished. That might actually be a better starting point for criticism, I agree. Motivation is up, now I just need a lighter schedule to have more time...
  12. Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I can imagine... just to be curios, can you recommend any printed or online resources about properly blending colours in miniature painting?
  13. Throwing paint at models to see what sticks

    Wow - thank you very much for another set of very inspirational Hunters. The level of painting on this site is unbelievably high.
  14. Hello from Cologne, Germany

    Thank you so much. So far, it's been very informative and everybody is being really nice.
  15. Hello everybody, new poster here that finally took the plunge to be active on this forum. I only recently got into Guild ball and after having built my Butchers, I am now giving the painting side a go. Please note, this is my first proper miniature game (in which miniatures need to be painted, coming in from x-Wing). Thus, every bit of constructive criticism is highly sought after. I hope to neither bore anybody to death. So, here's the first of the bunch: Ox, still very much W.I.P.! not finished on the metals yet, the skin tone needs a lot more work, the base is not yet finished. But, wanted to post something. I will keep this updated and use it to force myself into a more regular painting schedule. Have a great evening, Sebastian