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  1. Talk to me about dat ass

    And having both peck and millstone makes smoke very sad
  2. Talk to me about dat ass

    If your going against lots of KD pecks heroic is very useful. Or if your a bit cavillers with tater and end up KDing a lot of your own models
  3. Talk to me about dat ass

    I play buckwheat when ever I think I'm not going to incounter a lot of KD or conditions. Every game I've played with him he has done something useful to score me points, I can not say the same thing about the chicken.
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    thanks, now I don't have to sit through hours of video. while thats a good snap shoot, I find the statistics on the longshanks more telling as its a wider pool with more consistent date than a tournament which has to many on the day variables. not taking away from anyones victories, I'm talking more about a team/ captains level of strength. a captain that has a whole 10% better win ratio than the next highest is a much better indicator than a tournament win. for example if Alex did just as good at the tournament but the states said thresher was only 2% better than the next highest I would be saying that everything fine and there no need for a change.
  5. Idea for Thresher Change

    fair point, I haven't had a chance to watch his games yet so all I know is that he won. If they weren't above there curve we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. what I'm trying to say is that I think its more thresher than it is milestone or tater as if you put them in a grange list there not op, still good but not op.
  6. Idea for Thresher Change

    the team doesn't have that many 3/X models or any 4/X models though. at the moment its 5. 2 at 3/8 bushel and thresher and 3 at 3/6 Tater, Fallow and Grange. while grange can increase this with for the family I think the issue your talking about is threshers goal threat. I think if his kick does change I would put it at 3/6, lowering his goal threat but still allowing him to easily pass to other members of his team. 3" is rough, especially for a 30mm base 4" is better and more in line with other support abilities, snow for example. if its not passive then it should stay at 6" and be a character play for 0, farmers don't really do heroics. (caveat: I don't think it needs changing but this is my opinion on if it had to change) Poised is once per turn any way, eating the harvest marker seems over kill to me not convinced on the triangle of doom thing I mean hammer with brick and marbles is pretty similar with all that counter charge defending a superstar player also his scything march is his only position result on his play book out side of a non momentous <. if you got rid of that he would have next to none positioning results on his playbook. scything much is basically a limited number of < and you can't spam it as they have to suffer the KD ( sorry if that doesn't make much sense)
  7. Idea for Thresher Change

    yeah thats what this post started as basically around that whole idea, It makes postioning more import and you can't send him in like a missile unless its set up and even if you wanted to do that it allows for more counter play as the markers would have to be set up in front of your line. this forces you to move closer in if your wanting to hit more people/ just prevents you from hitting as many people unless you've placed 2 harvest markers with in X" it would make him feel much less point and shoot.
  8. Idea for Thresher Change

    wow this has changed topic a lot from my initial post. hoping to bring it back onto topic, with the longshanks showing a 68% win rate I think a change will be happening sooner or later. what changes do you think will be made to thresher and what do you think will stay? what makes thresher, thresher? as I don't think what the essence of the model should disappear and I hope steamforge will be able to keep that ( they did with Midas and shark in the recent errata).
  9. Let's talk : Cast

    my mother load is -3Tac (ferrite+ Cast), -3def (Alloy+Cast+Anvil[KD]), -2Armour (Ferrite+Furnace), Singled out, tooled up, burning passion. and theres still a spot spare or probably Iron or sledge. that is nasty leaves of de-buffs and buffs
  10. What vets do you want to see

    I want to see Veteran Honour for Farmers as in the story she's their coach so its plausible
  11. My team: (c) Ferrite, Iron, anvil, sledge, Furnace, Cinder Opponent Team: Ferrite, Iron, anvil, sledge, (C) Furnace, Cinder Highlights: My Iron scores turn 1 -4:0 My sledge takes out sledge turn 2 -6:0 His Cinder scores turn 2 -6:4 my Ferrite scores turn 3 -10:4 His cinder scores turn 3 -10:8 Iron takes out Furnace turn 4 -12:8
  12. My team: thresher, buckwheat, milestone, Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow Opponent Team: Fillet, Princes, Boiler, (V) Brisket, Meathook, Boar Highlights: Thresher takes out Boiler turn 1 - 2:0 Thresher takes out Fillet turn 2 - 4:0 Thresher takes out princes turn 2 - 5:0 buckwheat scores turn 3 - 9:0 jackstraw scores turn 4 - 12:0
  13. My team: thresher, buckwheat, milestone, Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow Opponent Team: Corsair, Tentacles, Greyscales, Jac, Kraken, Siren(V) Highlights: Thresher takes out Greyscale turn 1- 2:0 Thresher takes out tentacles turn 2- 3:0 Grayscale scores turn 3- 3:4 Thresher takes out Corsair 4- 5:4 tater takes out Kraken turn 4 -7:4 Grayscales scores turn 4- 7:8 thresher takes out grayscales turn 5- 9:8 jackstraw scores turn 5- 12:8
  14. Idea for Thresher Change

    Totally agree any thing that controls were he can go or reduces his attack reduce his output a lot, especially since his play book doesn't really get going till the 4th column. Give him anything that reduces his Tac by 2 and he's going to struggle to get those high damage results. Like I said I don't think he needs a change this is just what I would do if he had to change.
  15. Idea for Thresher Change

    played a game the other day with thresher and loved him. my opponent however didn't and though he was a bit over powered, which apparently is what most of the internet is saying as well. While I think he's not over powered and there are ways to play around him, It got me thinking on what I would do to tone him down a bit but still keep his play style and this is what I came up with. its basically remove "Extended Reach" and change Crow scarer to "While this model is within [4"] of a friendly harvest-marker, this model melee zone is 3"." this removes some of his defensiveness as he can no longer get a free counter attack while at the same time giving him the same play stye but just with more set up and allowing your opponent to remove the markers before he activates allowing for counter play. it also effects the range of his "don't fear the..." as if there is only one harvest marker with in 4' at the time when it gets removed his melee will shrink to 2" meaning if you want the most out of him 2 harvest markers need to be within 4" of him. It does give him a large control bubble as his parting blow range will be 3" if with in range of a harvest marker but that still has counter play. I thought these where quit good changes that kept to his theme and design space but just toned him down and made him require more set to be the killing monster he is. Please let me know your thoughts and what you think would be a good change for him (not that he needs it). cheers