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  1. cutter

    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    love the app. Thanks for adding the match feature.
  2. cutter

    monitor size for full pitch

    an answer to my silly question... pretty much any size. you can resize all the elements and the size that is still usable/clear depends a lot on your personal preferences. So just adjust and see what works, your monitor may be big enough as is. also a TV connection works great and was a good suggestion.
  3. cutter

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    anyway to support the web app coming back? I don't have... well... much of any programing skills... but i'll learn for this. or is a domain cost thing?
  4. cutter

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    I would say they met the expectations and then some.
  5. cutter

    Playing Morts in S4.

    Good show of how much better bonesaw will be in season 4
  6. I've played it against farmers and falconers. My game vs falconers fell apart when I walked vcinder and sledge back on in range to be taken out by Rundaas. If I hadn't been stupid and done that I had a good shot.
  7. cutter

    vet. Cinder

    I agree with her being great even when tied up. Her dodges let her get out and then charge back in. She is a wrecking ball. I think she really needs a model with sentinel with her to keep her alive and knock down or finish one of the models engaging her ideally... but it isn't necessary.
  8. cutter

    Anvil & Sledge S4 Anticipation

    I've been playing games with Anvil and Sledge so i'm pretty excited to see what happens. If it follows the trends of the other reveals... i'm going to be pretty happy I think.
  9. anyone play with a big enough monitor to have the entire pitch on the screen? I'm considering an upgrade to my computer and when I do that I might as well go for a monitor that lets me play Vassal ball with the pitch on the screen if it is possible. I guess I could decrease the size of the pitch in the program but i'm not sure how small it can get before it isn't usable to play.
  10. cutter

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I can't get the web app to load. Is it just me?
  11. cutter

    Ball Retrieval

    huh... can vHearne benefit from the +2/+2 from rough ground and +2/+2 from fast ground on the same move?
  12. cutter

    Mystery box!

    pretty happy with my hunter/brewer box. Now I just have to find somone that wants to get rid of their masons.
  13. cutter

    An idea to "fix" Vileswarm

    pretty much everyone would think vileswarm was fantastic if you just took out the first column of the playbook right? probably too good... probably...