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    Building your own scenery

    I know many of you will start to think about a real 3D scenery. This topic is for you : share photos of your work, step by step : how to recreate the RPD entrance or building, the chaotic streets, sewers factory or lab. If you have ideas , need advices, need to share links about material it's here !
  2. HeroQuestFrance

    Building your own scenery

    Just bought the Tablescapes tiles and many modern buildings & vehicules. Will start a tile system set for everyone soon and also the paints + scenery in the streets.
  3. HeroQuestFrance

    Painted RE2

    Nice paints ! I didn't start yet, just got the package so I have to check everything this afternoon.
  4. HeroQuestFrance

    Building your own scenery

    Well, I will probably buy a pack of damaged street tiles from Tablescapes. I'm now searching for building, shops, gaz station etc. If you have some urls, I take it.
  5. HeroQuestFrance

    Building your own scenery

    From a french friend who is doing traps, sewers tiles and rotative room compatible with Dwarven Forge / Mini Worlds / Dungeonext 3D modular boards. He's name is KWARP. http://lessouterrainsoublies.fr/Decors3DKwarp.html Contact is at the bottom of the page. I asked the unpainted sewer set from him. And another friend did the same paint to match the dwarven forge sewers.
  6. HeroQuestFrance

    Game terminated

    I saw many comments on the KS page about the date of the delivery, how many cards, are the dices produced etc etc. I think people around are really believing they will receive the game in september/october 2018 but it won't be the case at all. First because of the classic excuse of the chinese new year. During one month no production there. Secondly the transport : 1 month for the container + 1 more for the custom control + 1 more for the dispatching and an half to start delivering. Thirdly no pledge manager yet. You will have to wait longer than expected. Another thing : the last video shows you clearly that the rules aren't finished at all. Until it aren't finished, you cannot finalize the cards & character sheets, the rulebook and map adventures because you have to test it. So no dice production too until they are sure the sides are okay or need modifications. More you forgot the prototypes of each miniature & 3D scenery, they need to check the general production too. So wait please wait for the news when they are ready to publish it. KS are no more done in 1 year, it's now became a generality to get the game on an average of 18 months / 24 months for the projects not the false KS which are presales.
  7. HeroQuestFrance

    Game Tiles

    We dunno nothing nothing about it. Even the ones from the RETRO PACK. I think it will be reversible so you won't be able to use every tile except if you bought 2 games. The point is that they don't know how to make tiles with integrated squares. Designers are doing great drawings for the tiles but they put a stupid grid placed on it so it definitively kills immersion. Doom V1 & Space Hulk were the last boardgames released with real squares drawed : scenery +squares. It can be done easily into buildings & dungeons games,, a little bit harder for the street tiles but possible. (check the sewers I have now to see it's possible in 3D scenery topic here)
  8. HeroQuestFrance

    How to decrease the randomness in RE game?

    In fact I use D&D for a very long time. (remember I'm the elder ... gneee)
  9. HeroQuestFrance

    Community suggestions

    As I just said in another topic, the problem is quickly solved. Handgun = 1 blue die. (very low chances to defend yourself against hordes) Modified handgun = 3 blue dices (more chances but more ammo wasted) I don't like at all Leon's ability. As a cop he should have the right to reroll one die when he fires with any weapon giving more sense. Claire would heal better the wounds for herself and others. While Sherry can reroll her escape die to pass zombies Ada can better fight in hand to hand combat etc. Your character can pass a zombie on a sqaure : roll 1 blue die. - no hit = okay - 1 hit you have to stop on the zombie square, you take one damage and can use your remaining action points to fight it - 2 hits or a double hit or more : you have to stop on the zombie squares, you take one damage and cannot use you remaining action points. (be prepared to be devoured) You roll one more die for each additional zombie on the square you try to pass. (up to 3 I guess according to the square size)
  10. HeroQuestFrance

    New playthrough video... UPDATED RULES

    In DC I play, the mortal zone is one square all around the ennemy who can makes a free attack against you if you try to escape. I think we can do the same : Roll 1 die for one zombie, 2 zombies then 2 and so on. - If you have one hit, you take one damage and stop. You have to fight/heal with remaining action points you have. - If you have 2 hits on the die/dices you stop too but you loose your remaining actions and push back the zombies. Simple & logical : more zombies = less chances you pass through.
  11. HeroQuestFrance

    Game Tiles

    They didn't want to add spawn tokens so the spawn points are appearing on the tiles. So we won't be able to use it differently so bad ...
  12. HeroQuestFrance

    How to decrease the randomness in RE game?

    You can simply scan the character sheet, keep the main ability SFG gave to the character, and add : Main stats : - Strenght - Dexterity - Constitution - Intelligence - Speed (action points) Skills : - Investigation - Medecine - Survival - Perception On a D10 or 20.
  13. HeroQuestFrance

    Tension Deck

    You forgot the HARD MODE ... we've unlocked it so what is it : less clear tension crds more ennemies on the map, less ammo, monsters have more life points ? mmm To do a such mode, as you previsouly said, SFG must have a solid base in the rules.
  14. HeroQuestFrance

    Skills and abilities

    Ah yeah you're meaining the amovible tokens. I've started (emulator) OUTBREAK file 2 since you talked about it several times and I Indeed see characters with different basic skills but no evolution.
  15. HeroQuestFrance

    Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    More 3D scenery would be good indeed : stairs, ladders, boxes, 3D furnitures etc. But hard to find due to the scale (32 mm is not 25/28 mm) ... why 32 ? That's bad ... doesn't suit with dwarven forge, hist arts etc : LEFT : reaper 32 mm / Right : 28 mm standard
  16. HeroQuestFrance

    DM Style Playthrough Discussion

    And a very good one !
  17. HeroQuestFrance

    Community suggestions

    The problem with the dices is that no one noticed the effect of the weapons were missing. What is killing me is that they completely failed with the main weapon they showed us : Example : - handgun = 1 bullet = zombie advances if it's not killed or pushed back = super dangerous - modified handgun = up to 3 bullets at the same time = the zombie advances. = less dangerous more probabilities to kill. The demos were based on the modified handgun ... strange isn't it ? I already see you crying : IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE IT WITH THE HANDGUN 1 blue dice probability blah blah blah ... okay keep this in mind few minutes I continue to explain where is the REAL problem. Yeah, you probably doubt now about my sanity but yeah that's true you can spread it around the world : I like the idea to roll 3 blue dices and to push back the zombie with one hit, a double hit kill him and each time he's hit he steps back. What I saw in the demos is the modified handgun once again and I didn't take in count the random blah blah blah ... why ? Because the real problem is ..... tadatatatatatatatatatam ...... the lack of the squares ! - Because miniatures are huge (32 mm) the board sections we saw are "tiny" with probably square between 4/5 cm for the size. - Because the board sections should have more squares to let the player decide to run or to fight with the weapons he has. - Because we need zombie hordes to be in RE2 - Because you can fire on the zombies from far away and see what happens when they slowly walk toward you. - Because there's a range to handle ! For instance the shotgun is a devastating "head exploder". And each weapon comes with different effects excepted that during the campaign there is a huge error on the handgun which is the modified handgun : There is no special effect on each card they showed us too, example with the shotgun : So let's wait ... (hope Sherwin reads this)
  18. HeroQuestFrance

    Skills and abilities

    I think the "level up" side of this game is turning around the way you handle your gear, ammos, health items you keep in the box for later, to let this weapon for the other players or not in respect of RE2 video game. It's not in some hours (one night in the game) you acquire super powers, make 3 side kicks now on the poor zombies, dodge the fast tongue of the licker and rip his head off in few second with the knife because your reach the 7 sense and woke up to the knight killer ability spirit ... Well naaaaaw Once again, I repeat myself (I'm getting older and wize), but each character sheet come with one different ability that seems to be especially made for the scenarios which are planed. But once we'll get the game may be we'll get some surprises, may be not. If not, we'll see how to improve this properly. Remember also something : the game is only available in english. It reaches right now the english people & americans and few europeans. If they completely miss and deliver a cheated game, no one will want it even in their own language.
  19. HeroQuestFrance

    Game & miniature storage ideas...

    I really like the handgun bullet box idea ! Going to dig this ...
  20. HeroQuestFrance

    How to decrease the randomness in RE game?

    Adding basic stats with different effects ingame is interesting. It also will make a difference between characters we can play.
  21. HeroQuestFrance

    Puzzle Ideas

    Do not judge something that doesn't exist yet Lux Liu ! Just wait since demos were different in 2 months and are not representative at all of the final product. Steamforged Games realized there is hard work to do. Just keep faith and hold on. Puzzles are easy to do and remember that there are cards for the specific items (jewels etc) the players have to find by searching everywhere. It's also easy to understand that : 1 action point to push an item (3D or a cardboard token) to a specific location 1 action point to activate/desactivate an electric/informatic panel 1 action point to check / combine items etc More, as I previously said, they can also include some basic stats (dexterity, speed, intelligence etc) to get more interesting choice between characters and get more interesting interactivity with the puzzles.
  22. HeroQuestFrance

    Tension Deck

    The best thing to do is : 1 test the final game yourself in a solo mode. 2 see after 3 /5 tries if it's okay or not 3 decide add/remove tension cards. It's simple.
  23. HeroQuestFrance

    Concerns about amount of items available

    I'm totally agreed with Egghead. So please don't be stressed, just wait for the game. Once we have it, we'll see if there are some problems with the mechanics. We'll also see what we can do to make our own house rules. Anyway let's open a "house rules" topic to start thinking a RPG mode or something else. May be some great ideas will be taken and included in the final game who knows ? (Sherwin's always spying us remember ?)
  24. HeroQuestFrance

    HQF HeroQuestFrance

    Hi everybody. I'm a dungeon crawl mega super fan collecting every heroic fantasy / SF boardgame , 3D scenery & miniatures. Since Resident Evil 2 is coming, I've decided to join this community. It's one of my favourite video games since I'm a survival horror fan and I'm glad finally a company and Capcom have decided to do it. I'm 40 years old & I live in Perpignan at the extreme south of France close to the spanish frontier. I've translated many boardgames for fans or companies because few of them are released in french language and the players of my local clubs or in game conventions do not understand a word at all. So it's always a work of titan to scan everything, rework and translate but also a nice hand to give for tiny editors & creators. I play 2 /3 times a week to boardgames always dungeon crawls, no matter if there is a GM or not, Hope to meet friends here.