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  1. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    I didn't say trap. Just like cookies are a delicious sometimes food, Ground Pound is a very disruptive ability that you don't expect to use often. As I see it, Ground Pound can be hard cast to deal 3 dmg, 2" push, Poison and KD automatically without dice, modifiers, or complications. That's got some value setting up favorable trades, even if it's not going to be used even a 1/10 as often as simply punching around. As a playbook effect... Okay, yeah, let's call that a trap. It requires him to hit 50%+ of his charging dice value. That's never going to be reliable on any player simply because of how dice work. You can't plan around it and if you hit it you're more likely to feel bemused than excited. Sure, that's a trap. Here's how I see it: There are only three players in Alchemists who can expect to survive long in a scrum. Venin, oKat and vKat. Venin has the smallest footprint, but pretty good damage (for Alchemists). He's living dangerously though, with vulnerability to anything that bypasses armor, as well as dice spikes (not to mention his suicidal tendency). oKat has a bigger area of control and fantastic disruption, but only tepid damage. He is arguably the best tank in faction but he does far better charging around than getting stuck in. Damage and momentum generation over long fights just aren't where he shines. vKat has 3 momentous damage on 3 net hits while rolling 8 dice and has melee control of roughly 6" of table. His durability isn't amazing, but it doesn't suck and he has a threatening counter attack which cannot be ignored. He doesn't care if he's charging. He doesn't care if he gets charged. He doesn't need setup to do his job and can comfortably activate at any point during the turn. If he spikes his damage or finds himself getting a takeout he'll over perform, but dude's strength is in his reliability. 1 influence is 3 damage and 1 momentum, occasionally more and very rarely less.
  2. Golden

    Misprint or intentional?

    Worth noting: The “Burning Strike” trait on Katalyst makes the question irrelevant in his case. Damage=target on fire.
  3. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    I’m just ballparking, but getting 5 net hits against a 4/0 model is about 36%. Hitting that three times is something like 8%. Against 4/1 you have a 14% chance per swing, putting your odds at just about nil to hit all three. 3/1 is about 50% per roll to get 5 net, leaving you at roughly 12% to pull a hat trick. 5/0 isn’t worth even talking about and I don’t see a reason to go through the more exotic defense stats. Bonus time or Crowding on each swing moves the odds slightly in Kat’s favor, but you need two or more additional dice and a soft target to get above 20% for 3 sets of 5 net hits. So I guess it can happen, but it’s not what I’d call a reasonable expectation for any given attempt, game, or even tournament. Casual players could play two games a week for a month without an occurrence.
  4. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    Is that a good plan? You’re at 40% to hit the Ground Pound with a charge against a 4/1 target, assuming gangups and crowdouts off set. Even with bonus time you’re at a coin flip. And again, that’s assuming you aren’t crowded out. Lose even one die and your odds fall hard. Then what happens? You spent all turn setting up a 5 damage charge. Meanwhile, you committed your own 4/1 and 14 hp models to a scrum early. That seems dangerous. I see a character who does just about the same damge whether he charges or not, and has respectable counter attacks and parting blows. With 2” reach and a 50mil base he’s a mile wide. So he can eat a charge or initiate a fight without sacrificing much either way. Is that super valuable, given that all of his durability comes from hp and counter attack threat? You tell me.
  5. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    I don't think you take vet Kat for his damage, really. He's expecting to get 9-12 damage out of 3 influence, and that's firmly in the middle of the road (to repeat the phrase). Ground Pound is a little harder to predict, but that's most likely 6-8 single target damage and 3 on a secondary, so within 9-12 total. Venin and Mercury kick out similar numbers, and Smoke can meet them with setup and her legendary. In the scheme of things it's not at all that impressive when compared to what the fighters in other guilds do.
  6. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    18” to goal is pretty middle of the road for striker characters. For example, it’s an inch or two less than Smoke, and vCalculous, the same as Cruicble.
  7. Golden

    Season 4 Discussion

    Going to have to disagree with you on Farris there. For my money she’s now a legitimate captain contender on a score oriented team. +1/2 kick is good, a free kick is really good. Just for her it opens up strong ball retrieval and goal threat. Giving your team both in a 6” aura is damn impressive. Sledge can turn 0 influence into a 4/12 pass. Ferrite can take 5/10 snapshots. Bolt is an insane goal threat with 1 inf. Cast can turn swift strikes into a bonkers goal run through traffic. On paper it looks like brilliant fun for a build that wants the ball. edit: just thought about what her kick-off looks like as a captain, with a 10 die tackle on 2 hits, 14” threat and a free kick. That’ll wake someone up. Even if you never actually do, just the shadow of her looming turn one is intense.
  8. Golden

    Season 4 Discussion

    Searing strike is +1 net hits on anyone with armor for each attack after the first. Then the +1 tac on every swing, and it’s not like Furnace can’t do KD himself at tac:7. A little more gang-up maybe vs. immunity to crowd outs. Hearth just isn’t in the same league.
  9. Golden

    Season 4 Discussion

    I don’t think Hearth’s legendary is competitive with Furnace at all. +1 tac and Searing Strike is really strong. Instruction and 2” reach within a 6” bubble doesn’t seem nearly as good. That said, Anvil is going to be my pick most of the time. The man can use all 5 inf and has a heck of a legendary. Alloy/Hearth look like the easiest drop from the lineup to me. Alloy tries to be flexible and ends up not doing anything well enough. Hearth is decent, but her tech just isn’t as good as the other options.
  10. Deadpool as Hearth is clearly the best answer you'll get. It's funny, thematic and reads clearly to a casual observer.
  11. I'm actually down for any model OTHER than Cutlass. Spreading out is already hard with Blacksmiths and their 6" leashes to other models. Adding yet another model on a short tether to the line up isn't my ideal.
  12. Golden

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Citation needed.
  13. Golden

    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    With 3 inf and a condition she can hard cast Clone and run through a parting blow on her way to goal. That’s not bad.
  14. So it's a character play and an action but it isn't a "play" play. Wild. And the guiding principle isn't that condition damage can't be reduced as part of the core rules, it's that the Tough Hide ability specifically has a call out somewhere regarding condition damage, but it doesn't appear on the card? This may be a dumb follow up question, but how on Earth is anybody supposed to know that?
  15. So a play isn't a "play" play if the word "condition" is used. Huh. What other unwritten exemptions are there? edit: does "condition" beat "action" on Ebb's card?