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  1. Golden

    Blacksmiths into engineers

    Assuming you still want/need advice, here's what works for me: Burnish. Make him your captain and pop legendary as your first activation on turn 2. Cast and vCinder can kill the world and the usual shooters can score, but the top of two for Burnish and the legendary is the crux of the issue.
  2. Golden

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think that more people can be engaged by understanding why they make their choices. If you don’t think the event can be improved that’s fine, but its only one possibility among many. Since this is a conversation specificly about making things better it’s a bit ironic to suggest that everyone who doesn’t share that view is wrong.
  3. Golden

    Season 4 | Prologue | Guild Ball

    Thank you, mysterious stranger! You’re my hero!
  4. Golden

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    The flip side of that is not bothering to participate because none of the information available means anything. Saying that a character is a “ball hander” is all well and good, but that can be a 4 die kick stat, close control, both or neither. Rinse and repeat for every other descritor we got. Since there’s nothing concrete about the players to base a choice you get phenomena like the Butchers makeing the meta-decision they want Kami. Little if anything to do with game play, everything to do with going on the information they actually have, and in this case an impulse to be contrary.
  5. Golden

    Kami vs Nomad

    Your mileage may vary, but Smoke is usually pretty busy, Midas isn’t a real boy yet, vCalc isn’t anywhere near making my roster and Crucible is a 4/0 model with nothing to protect her or the ball. Not the kind of ball handlers I want to see. So, while I personally like Vitriol, I’d like to see more depth at that area and can live without another 2 inf for 2 dmg, rng 6 player. Shoutout to Snakeskin, by the way. You left her off the list, but her ball control into character play teams is fantastic. It’s just a shame we can’t keep her.
  6. Golden

    Kami vs Nomad

    Without poison/fire tech of some kind I don’t care who we get. With poison/fire tech of some kind I’d rather have a ball handeler than another ranged character play character. Kami seems totally redundant with Calculus and Mercury. Nomad could bring some ball handling and scoring that I’m not finding on the roster at present. (I’d have preferred Knuckles, but you can’t have everything you want in this fallen world) edit: On second thought, I’d rather have a second captain. Just having the one seems unfair when every other major guild gets two.
  7. Golden

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    What the hell, I'm here, I'll go to bat for the big guy. My last game with him was into Hunters. He killed Herne, vMinx and did 80% damage to Seena, 50% into Chaska. I rolled an absolutely clutch Ground Pound into Seena on the top of two, blasting Chaska and Theron in the process. Venin helped a bunch, to be sure, but Kat stole the show. Yes, he died. He also did a ton of work. Some of it was dice, and having a 3/0 target, to be sure. However, Seena is no slouch and I expect to see that thing a ton in season 4, so I'm not worried about that so much. Even into 4/1 vKat is putting out enough damage across enough targets that I don't mind the trade he makes as he dies. The fact is every Alchemist dies, it's only really a question of how well they trade with your opponent in the scrum. In the end I'm not sure that vKat's trade is as bad as this thread suggests.
  8. Golden

    Speed buff in S4

    Trading goals in the way you describe has always been a part of Guildball, in my experience. Played that way, the game is decided primarily by who scores the first goal, secondarily by someone failing 80%+ dice check. It’s an artifact of the “first to 12” win condition, and why real sports play either for a set time period or have a minimum points threshold to determine the winner. Whichever player finds them self behind on points can’t just mash in goals blindly and expect to win. Note: if you’re putting in a goal to “tie” the score in the situation you describe you’re still losing. Giving up possession of the ball is the same as being down 4 poits. Which means you can’t score second unless you know you can either take back the ball before your opponent scores or you’ve already tied the game with 2 take outs, making the goal a true go-ahead moment. So yeah, it isn’t a season four thing, but I agree with your general point: finishing with a final score of 12-8 after playing I-Score-You-Score feels like a waste of time because the entire game (barring catastrophic dice) is decided by the first goal.
  9. Golden

    So... Vitriol...

    I hear you guys, and if influence weren’t such a scarce resource I’d be looking for more places to spend it too. However, each time I’ve left her off in favor of someone else I’ve regretted it because her replacement, similarly starved of resources, does less than she would have. A note on Clone: I only really hard cast it when I need it to go to goal, and then It’s accompanied by pulling a condition to charge. Otherwise getting it from the playbook (again, pulling conditions to charge) is reliable enough. As a ball carrier it’s maybe the best protective ability available, stopping not only tackles but also KD and character plays. It isn’t total immunity, but combined with 2” melee, a tackle on 1 and two inches of separation on 2 she can protect the ball as well as anyone through an opposing activation. I see Guildball as a game where activation trading is as important as piece trading, so forcing a second attempt at taking the ball is important to me.
  10. Golden

    So... Vitriol...

    Hey guys? I'm just gonna run this up the flag pole again, we'll see who salutes: Maybe the reason you're feeling Vitty isn't worthwhile after all that set up is all that setup isn't worth using on her? Like, have you tried not going to great lengths to get "free" stuff? Just put her places where she can capitalize on a free charge or sprint, take Clones when you can get them from the playbook, and stop trying to force to do everything on her card all at once. She's worth a goal a game and can be a fairly safe place to stash the ball. That's it, but it's enough.
  11. Golden

    So... Vitriol...

    I like her more after some games than I did when she was revealed. I have never popped her heroic and she probably gets less than 5 total influence all game, but she's a reliable goal for me now that I've got a handle on where she likes to play. Frankly, Smoke, Venin and either Katalyst can eat my whole influence stack turn over turn, so having a model that positions herself without constantly drawing resources is half her value. The other players that could take her place (either Calculous, Mercury, Crucible) need too much juice (influence or positioning or setup or all three) to function. Vitty can use those things too (obviously) but she isn't as much a burden without them.
  12. Golden

    S4 Line ups

    Is anyone actually doing well with Midas? I’ve given up on him ever being the right captain pick, myself. Just the other day I thought I had him in the perfect position: Top of turn 2 and Midas has the ball. He’s roughly 8” from Sledge and Sledge, in turn, is just over 4” away from Anvil. So I have a plan (1)Sprint Midas to Sledge (2)Pop legendary (3)Swing 3 times. I’m expecting a counter attack here, but no big deal. I can push/dodge, tackle, push/dodge and still be in good shape to have Sledge out of tutelage range before I go to goal. (4) Acrobatics (5) Shoot goal (6) Run the Length to safety. But Midas. I net only 1 success in my first attack (a whole damage!) and lose the ball to the counter. So I steal it back, punch again for a momentum and at this point I realize I cannot get to goal without double dodge into Actobatics, so that’s what I do. The goal is shot and Sledge beats Midas to death before I activate Midas again. 6 influence and 2 VP was traded for 4 VP and 1 momentum. And it wasn’t even “bad dice”. Against a 4/1 Midas is only 66% to reach column 2. In a sense I’m lucky I missed first off, rather than later. Charging wouldn’t have helped either, even if I beat the loooong odds and hit the 6 column it’s only a single dodge until I can use my legendary. By contrast Smoke scores the same goal for only 4 inf and is potentially safer from retaliation. I guess my point is Midas looks like the player most likely to ride the pine in a 12 man roster because he simply doesn’t work very well.
  13. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    I didn't say trap. Just like cookies are a delicious sometimes food, Ground Pound is a very disruptive ability that you don't expect to use often. As I see it, Ground Pound can be hard cast to deal 3 dmg, 2" push, Poison and KD automatically without dice, modifiers, or complications. That's got some value setting up favorable trades, even if it's not going to be used even a 1/10 as often as simply punching around. As a playbook effect... Okay, yeah, let's call that a trap. It requires him to hit 50%+ of his charging dice value. That's never going to be reliable on any player simply because of how dice work. You can't plan around it and if you hit it you're more likely to feel bemused than excited. Sure, that's a trap. Here's how I see it: There are only three players in Alchemists who can expect to survive long in a scrum. Venin, oKat and vKat. Venin has the smallest footprint, but pretty good damage (for Alchemists). He's living dangerously though, with vulnerability to anything that bypasses armor, as well as dice spikes (not to mention his suicidal tendency). oKat has a bigger area of control and fantastic disruption, but only tepid damage. He is arguably the best tank in faction but he does far better charging around than getting stuck in. Damage and momentum generation over long fights just aren't where he shines. vKat has 3 momentous damage on 3 net hits while rolling 8 dice and has melee control of roughly 6" of table. His durability isn't amazing, but it doesn't suck and he has a threatening counter attack which cannot be ignored. He doesn't care if he's charging. He doesn't care if he gets charged. He doesn't need setup to do his job and can comfortably activate at any point during the turn. If he spikes his damage or finds himself getting a takeout he'll over perform, but dude's strength is in his reliability. 1 influence is 3 damage and 1 momentum, occasionally more and very rarely less.
  14. Golden

    Misprint or intentional?

    Worth noting: The “Burning Strike” trait on Katalyst makes the question irrelevant in his case. Damage=target on fire.
  15. Golden

    Alchemists Season 4

    I’m just ballparking, but getting 5 net hits against a 4/0 model is about 36%. Hitting that three times is something like 8%. Against 4/1 you have a 14% chance per swing, putting your odds at just about nil to hit all three. 3/1 is about 50% per roll to get 5 net, leaving you at roughly 12% to pull a hat trick. 5/0 isn’t worth even talking about and I don’t see a reason to go through the more exotic defense stats. Bonus time or Crowding on each swing moves the odds slightly in Kat’s favor, but you need two or more additional dice and a soft target to get above 20% for 3 sets of 5 net hits. So I guess it can happen, but it’s not what I’d call a reasonable expectation for any given attempt, game, or even tournament. Casual players could play two games a week for a month without an occurrence.