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  1. First tournament with Hunters

    It was not the annoying kind of taking back, as I understand it, just modifying the move before anything else could have happened. Not the same as trying to cancel the whole charge action when you declare UM
  2. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    "Brewers - Skatha Butchers - Skatha" source: Hunters matchups and GIC's overview @ forestrambo.blogspot.com
  3. Help vs Blacksmiths

    So is Chaska, three boom boxes seem to make short work of snipe-damaged apprentices. Not mentioning those traps. Sadly he's hard to fit in together with Jaecar, but possibly it's worth a try vs blacksmiths.
  4. Also: her being 2/2 furious is like the only satisfying way to fit in Seenah with 0/2. (And even then, Seenah still can't make an appearance together with oHearne, not really.) I hope that vMinx will come with 2/X furious, or a light-weight errata to fix the team composition issue.
  5. Indeed. Many think that flexibility is like having a bunch of different tools, but in truth flexibility is more like having a single tool that can be used for different things
  6. The recent topic about "your favourite 6" started me thinking about the difference of "favourite" and "most used" or "considered the best". Needless to say, I made the mistake of posting the most resourceful team I can imagine, but realised that it's not my fav by any means. Given that lists don't play themselves (with the notable exception of Thresher), metagaming doesn't necessarily result in comfortable teams, and it's quite possible to be more successful with lists that are sub-optimal on paper, but suit you better for some reason. That said, my least rewarding picks are easily the Hearnes. Of course I do recognize their role, and I almost always include one of them in my 6s, but I don't play them very well and often get disappointed with their performance. So I decided to go completely "hearneless" in January, and see how important they really are to me. My question: do you have frequently used lists w/o the Hearnes? I know by experience Skatha can do without them, however I can't remeber Theron builds that completely replace Hearne with Seenah as the mandatory 2" melee model, and ticks with a single BotSF. My Skatha build would look like Skatha, Fahad, Seenah, Minx, Zarola and Egret. With Theron, I'm thinking about Theron, Fahad, Seenah, Minx, Zarola and Jaecar. Same speed, 2 more inf with a need for 2 more inf to consume, less scory, more hitty. Possibly add Chaska or Ulfr somewhere? Do I need Union? Or Snow? (Snow is the Hearne of mascots by the way, I use him excessively and he is a solid underperformer.) Thanks for your input!
  7. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    @Anudem As a late activation, Egret can spend 2-3 inf to move 12 inches to get in position for the next turn. That's not bad. Sadly other dedicated strikers can do the same easier and without rolling dice. (If you want to go for back to the shadows, you choose your flurry target with the highest chance to hit, and not with the highest possible impact of the damage+poison pulse.) So you are right, some call it flexibility and some call it a confusion of roles. I call it a confusion of roles, most of the time
  8. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    Yeah, probably I'm sticking to Egret because I remade the wind-bent arrow in her hand with shiny new wire, and I'm subconsciously protecting my investment Egret has the advantage of the ranged damage + mobility combo, but sure Ulfr is less linear. Also Egret can be an opportunistic goal threat with just 2 inf allocated (run + kick), which is exactly the cost of flurry, so she can flurry if she doesn't go for a goal. Ulfr, on the other hand, needs 3 inf to be a threat, and if he doesn't get the ball, there is little he can do with his 3 inf. That said, he is not any worse than Egret, will try him too.
  9. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    @ForestRambo Why Ulfr instead of Egret? Also: how would you set up a Theron team w/o Hearne if you absolutely had to?
  10. In general, abilities that never get used are bad. Not because they are bad with capital B, but because they are painfully pointless. "Under the right circumstances" everything can be useful, but this game is not that deep after all.
  11. I think the misunderstanding here comes from that no-one wants the winter posse to be stronger. I think the OP doesnt call for an increased power level either. But those cards are pretty full of situational things that most players dont even consider while planning their turns. When was the last time anyone purposefully allocated influence for Feral Instincts? How often do you trigger and use Lunar Eclipse? How many goal runs did you manage with a pre-planned Blood Scent trigger? I only can speak for myself, but I think many players would be happy with situationally less potent but more reliable abilities on these models. Yeah Ulfr can score goals, but he would score exactly the same goals if his card had a blank backside. +1 Blessing of the Moon Goddess is bobbins
  12. Zarola ..... and playing her well

    In my experience she can have very meaningful activations with 2 influence _and_ a blessing, like snaring an opponent and pushing your beater in position, or pulling out someone from the reduced threat range of the snared opposing beater. Chain bolas is practically a Theron level pot shot. Of course it's not her common activation, but it happens if your list is not extremely low on influence, eg. you run Minx and you don't run the bear. Her playbook is a non factor, but def5 with UM is not exactly weak. I think she can be hard to use because she doesn't have trivial activations, like Minx > zero inf > find someone in 10 or 12 inches > charge > collect momentum, back to the shadows, done. That's why Minx never feels useless. However Zarola, besides punching dirt, can sometimes perform the most important activation of the turn or the whole game. Now it's a matter of taste if someone values this kind of player or not.
  13. Your favourite 6.

    Theron/Skatha Fahad Egret vHearne Jaecar Minx But I can lose my games with a wide variety of other builds in the same manner.
  14. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Those 3 are fair points and apply to the whole game, no matter which faction you are playing. Do you have any hunters-specific observation? I, for, one, tend to burn too much time with measuring, because hunters' goal runs (and generally their whack-a-mole style) seem to be really tight, every 0.1 inches count.
  15. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    And this is also one of the important things where the famous Boar>Seenah comparison fails. If you can't stand out of his 6+2 range, then b2b to Boar is the safest place to stand
  16. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    I can't imagine a setup where I want to kick off with Seenah. I know this statement isn't super helpful in itself, but IMO it's a wasted move, if not a liability. For take outs, I'd say Harrow, Tater and Bushel aren't too hard to bring down, but it depends of course on the situation. You sure have the tools to punish any of these 3 if they finish their activation in unfavorable places.
  17. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Word! With my butchers I can recall a single match which I could have won, but lost on the clock. (Those games don't count that I'd have lost anyways, and the clock just sealed the deal.) But with hunters, I seem to burn my time with the most silly things.
  18. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Or, if you have any, I'd be interested in your clock management tactics. I hate losing 9-12 all the time, where 9-9 is the hard earned VP count.
  19. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    I think sooner or later (most likely sooner) you'll have to accept this deal, but you're right it can be a reasonable one. And Zarola makes the difference, forcing your opponent to seal the deal under unfavorable terms. I still wouldn't call it anti-tech, but visible odds that many other factions can only dream of, in this Age of Thresher. Now if you're kicking, it's still doom and gloom, but you can't have everything
  20. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    Yeah that way you successfully denied his first-turn-game-over modus operandi. But also his posse farts a fistful of harvest markers, he builds up his lines a bit, and going second means he'll have an easy way to clear conditions if Millstone fails to protect him, ignore rough ground etc. To me that's the backside of Theron vs brawlers (not exclusively Thresher but vRage and the likes): you denied his turn, but practically did nothing to collect VPs either, and contact can't be avoided for ever. You're absolutely right that in dice games it's a valid tactic to push your luck a bit if your opponent would inevitably grind you otherwise. I just think that Thresher (contrary to vRage etc.) is the only matchup that I can't win if my opponent doesn't make any strategic mistake. That said, I'm far from being the most skilled hunters player, and will try your above 6 for sure. *sorry for derailing the topic, I know it's about the blog and not my Thresher frustration *
  21. A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    You played very well, but what if: - your opponent is an adept player (=knows his models and yours too) and doesnt offer Thresher to pin + boombox on the very first move - you fail to pin him - you fail to succeed on 1-2 boomboxes Again, this was optimum play on your part, but Thresher has no built-in auto pilot either. He gets scary and NPE in the right hands. (BTW would your opponent lose this way a second time?) Congrats anyways, I cheer when hunters eat face in hunters style Edit: "...and a goal from Egret (she still sucks)" I always smile with all my 32-2=30 teeth when reading your comments on Egret
  22. For me it's Theron kicking and Skatha receiving, most of the time. Theron is great in denial and harassment with nice alpha strike options, can get momentum without passing or too much contact, while he doesn't really care if the opponent tries to kill the ball. On the other hand Skatha likes to play the game, and a well timed 4-0 is where she begins to shine IMO.
  23. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    A&G aren't terribly popular around here, only union and fish players use them. In union teams they aren't too scary. With Corsair... as much as Minx is practically a hunters model, I consider A&G a fish model. But I don't think they fit too well in hunters mechanics, they feel like you're caressing the possibility of awesomeness all game long, then you lose because of allocation issues and slowness. Just my opinion. Better players than me in these forums will tell you that A&G rock with hunters
  24. Teach me how to vHearne

    Which is not necessarily true, given that you easily end up with a Skatha list that lacks any 2 inf character plays worth the effort. Skatha can manage her single 2 inf shot, then mascots, Jaecar, Ulfr, Seenah or Minx don't have any. And I'm not sure you always want to commit the slower version of Hearne to baby sit models like Egret or Hemlocke. So BotSF only would be more useful on Chaska, but w/o the option of the quad box (or Hearne himself of course). And for all the 1 inf character plays LL is much easier to use. I was trying hard to fit Chaska in Skatha lists myself, but somehow I don't seem to succeed, not really. I'd be glad to hear success stories because I'm going to run out of ideas
  25. Random Thoughts after a Tournament

    A&G generate 2-3 less inf than they use, it's pretty much the same as with Jaecar, Chaska or Seenah. (Only Seenah gives zero even if she doesn't get any.) So I don't think they would be any more inf hungry than other beaters. But if you field them together with any of those 3, I'm not sure how far they can go.