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  1. Try to run in that pose at full speed, like the model is intended to do, then reconsider this statement while sitting in the hospital emergency department
  2. angyi

    Game balancing the butchers

    +0/+1 INF for the next turn would also do for me
  3. angyi

    Mascot Time! Frelsi

    A falcon that moves as fast as a man in full metal body armor, with a flamethrower and a cast iron riot shield in his hands
  4. angyi

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    This one, maybe?
  5. angyi

    Minerva, The bird is the word.

    For me, it's the usual hunters' feel. Tons of setup, which sounds good if my opponent will pass his next 2-3 activations. Only he won't. I mean they will be a challenging lot to play with or against, which is no problem, but they are so far from the "insane" & "no words" level. Anyways, they need table time. Sometimes I'm happy to be proven wrong
  6. angyi

    vGutter card shown

    If you think those 2 are cool, check this out
  7. angyi

    Game plan cards

    So I participated in my first tournament with the new game plan cards, and I have to say I like them alot. First I thought the MOM+cards system will be a mind game, but in practice it's more like resource management with little to zero bluffing element. I think the game plans have a positive effect on Ox, because you can build an advantage of 1-2 MOM and still secure the next turn, which is huge for him. Of course you will lose other initiatives, but you can likely secure the important ones, and therefore play less conservative (read: more offensive). The effects can be useful, but there are no real game changers a la knee slider, which is a good thing IMO. More often than not, effects and INF modifiers only kick in when you're about losing the next initiative, so you start reading your cards beyond the +MOM value What is your experience so far?
  8. angyi

    vGutter card shown

    Can you please go into details on this? I really want to like this model, and now I think there's something I fail to understand about her. She is definitely playable with Ox, but I don't undestand how is she super reliable (because her 2M result is not). And her threat extension cripples her ability to do reasonable damage, even her T result is little more than a coin flip vs strikers. I think she can be a good substitute either for Boar or Brisket vs certain teams, and she is of course a good friend of Meathook. So she has a place if I really want her to have a place. Now, how would you play her?
  9. 1. They are not exactly sub-par as a fighting team, but they sort of lack reliable mechanics. Too much critical rolls with modest, more-likely-than-not odds, which make butchers extremely vulnerable to above average rolls. And most opponents have the tools to punish those mishaps immediately. 2. I feel them sub-par in the actual meta, only because they don't have the reliable and effective "signature techs" that most factions have. I'm not talking about scorched earth abilities, just techs like securing an alpha strike, grab the ball and score whenever your opponent fails a greedy pass etc. 3. My theory is that the owner aura + the legendary of Ox are the main reason of this restrictive design. (And ironically Fillet also have to field the same team that is purposefully restricted because of Ox. Hell, even Ox himself is restrained because Ox.) That said, I like playing butchers, but sometimes I get a little upset when I see how smoothly others run their own thing. The good news is that GB is a very good system, so being sub-par here means that you still have some room. The best players will make your butchers eat dirt, because they are the best players, and the faction-defined 45-55 chance in their favour is an enormous handicap vs them. However, 45-55 also means that you always have game vs opponents in your own league, and reliably can beat weaker players.
  10. angyi

    Tactics for the Butchers Guild

    Epic work thanks! The only clarification you should make is that Briskets with pass&go have 22" threat range, not 24". This makes the "Maybe just score" plan really tight (although still doable).
  11. angyi

    vGutter card shown

    2" melee: we already had 4 models with 2" melee. The problem was not the utter lack of 2" melee, the problem was the unreliability of those models. Tenderiser is a goalkeeper, Shank lacks the 4th INF, Boar is as much a liability as a killer, and vOx, in my opinion, is a subpar model without old Harry, although I know some people like to experiment with him. Playbook: AP sure makes up for her wonky playbook and TAC5 to some extent, but now vGutter is stuck in the no man's land of odds. In many cases you have exactly 50% to achieve the desired results. It's the same thing that makes oBrisket (TAC4, tackle on 1) a better tackler than vBrisket (TAC5, tackle on 2). Of course you are right that once she gets in melee, her 4 INF is exactly what Ox needs. But once the enemy gets engaged and the auras of Ox are up, it never was a problem to maim the opposition, no matter which models you got. The problem was to engage on your own terms, at least in my experience. Using Grapple to engage: given that you are not already in melee (otherwise go to "Using Grapple to escape"), you pay 2 INF to gain a really enormous threat range. Only you'll have 2 more INF left to do something with said threat range, which, in my book, pushes this in the corner case category. Using Grapple to escape: you hit your opponent, playing for the combined odds to hit and to get away with the free strike KO. Grapple is not momentous, so you hopefully have MOM to stand up outside his melee and continue your journey. Can all this be useful? Sure. Corner case usability? Sure. ----- Don't get me wrong, I think I can see the situations when vGutter can be good enough. Only I think that she doesn't address any problems that my actual butcher lists struggle with, and (personal preference) I don't like models that _can be_ good in the given circumstances, especially if you are not likely in control to trigger those circumstances. All in all, I don't want to be a die-hard naysayer, I only submitted my gut feelings because the OP asked for "Thoughts?" These are my thoughts ATM. The model itself is gorgeous, and while I don't feel her necessary for my teams, she is not vOx level bad, so I surely will try her. Possibly my opinion will then change dramatically.
  12. angyi

    vGutter card shown

    Not excited at all. Another 2" melee model with corner case abilities, w/o any means to capitalize on its melee range, and not a single reliable mechanic that could be compared to the competition. I don't buy the "can be good with Ox" argument because everything gets better with +1dmg. (I'd say he himself does cripple butchers' model design, everything goes restrained because of the OMG owner + get'em lads turn.) Also we are told things like "Grapple Hook gives Gutter a potentially enormous threat range". ?? "Grapple Hook should be used to close the distance when an opposing team is playing cautiously, or to catch up with a wounded enemy trying to escape being taken out." ???? "Alternatively, Gutter could trigger Grapple Hook from her playbook to escape a melee (be careful of parting blows!)." ???????? By the way, we are talking about a model with TAC5, character play on 3, tackle on 4. Now this is getting almost comical. I will probably buy her for the sake of a nice model to have, but it seems like the UiC/Exiles project is not supposed to change the actual status quo in any way.
  13. angyi

    Falconers pics

    Forest animals move awkwardly when stuffed into undersized patchwork jackets, with elephant tusks glued on their shoulders.
  14. angyi

    Organized Play Update

    +1 That's why the concept of GIC cards failed. If the minor guilds are designed to be competitive (and they are told to be so), the very term "balancing" is a bit awkward. The Union already has more players to choose from. The winners of Union in Chains will have +1 model to choose from. Butchers have a "squaddie" who plays only for one of their two captains. So what. If you choose to play a minor guild, you agree to have a tighter sortiment, without losing any competitive edge as I understand. You sure lose some diversity, but that belongs to the fun department IMO.
  15. angyi

    Without a chance against masons?

    The mason lineup above has only one model with a reliable KD result on a counter attack vs your 4/1 and 5/0 models... Your opponent must have red hot dice to keep your team on the floor.
  16. angyi

    The Goal They'll Never See Coming

    In theory, Snow can easily free himself from engagement this way (kick the ball, oh ball, pick up the ball, do whatever you like with 2 inf), but in practice he is rarely engaged at the beginning of his activation. He is either disengaged, or he sits on the TO bench
  17. angyi

    Big League 10 advice

    Probably not the most useful advice, but IMO try to think in a tournament 6 instead of 10 (like a lineup that you are most familiar with, or a lineup that you think can handle your meta of 80% brawlers), then add other models if you feel the need of occasional swaps. In my experience this is the more efficient approach, especially if you don't have a firm conception of each model on your roster.
  18. angyi

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    See above. Personal experience: I made a fully converted Vampire Coast army in WH, took half a year only to assemble and GS the models, when they simply made the whole list illegal. Much more recent than Squats. And how about the Specialist Games stuff. Again my personal experience, but making models playable often means making other models next to unplayable, simply because if you have a large and ever-growing selection of models, you'll always have the ones atop the power curve. Not mentioning the "special lists" and other desperate attempts that are clearly supposed to lure you into buying multiple boxes of hard to sell stuff. My point is that I don't care if a model becomes downright illegal or just becomes seriously uncompetitive. In both cases they go down the drain, until not earlier than the next edition of rules. You are right, I just raised the point that games can easily become fat and unsustainable if the design team doesn't retain control and make hard decisions from time to time. In this case, GB is now a complex system that makes global effects extremely hard to test. By global effects I mean, for one, the union slots: if you change the rules of A&G just because of the Corsair madness, those changes will affect all the other 10 factions because they all can field A&G. Good luck with that. Even the popular drag-and-destroy Corsair list was the result of a previous A&G errata, that (I think) unintentionally made A&G full blood fish models. "This is how tabletop games evolve" was supposed to point out that each errata or new rules edition change the nature of the products you have paid for. E.g. I bought Harry only because I needed him in my butchers team. After the summer errata, I still am allowed to field him, but I don't need him anymore with his new rules. So SFG just robbed me, right? No-one told me that I was about spending my money on an appealing product that will eventually change into something I do not need. But things don't work like that. Of course all this is just my opinion, and I easily can accept that different points exist. Also I'm sure that I'd be more than upset if I had a recently painted A&G on my table, waiting to go aboard my non-existing fish team.
  19. angyi

    Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    Well this is how tabletop games evolve. In GB you lose a model here and there, say one or two in every four years, which enables the game to make progress while maintaining its balance. Some publishers kill entire factions, because their games have gone down a dead end, and they have no other choice than to hit the reset button. Others do not withdraw models at all, just make new rule sets and force you to buy shitloads of their unsold stock of badly designed units. Your claim is, of course, valid, but this is the price we have to pay if we want to have fun with GB for a long time, with a great community but without movement trays and models on 240mm bases. And A&G with Corsair were simply bad for the whole game. Just my opinion. I know it is no joy to be the sacrificial lamb.
  20. angyi

    Farmer Errata has landed

    The same possible synergies, but now it requires effort to make them run smoothly. Seems reasonable to me. Also Millstone is less tanky, Thresher lost his auto-KD etc. Still a very good team, but not the point&click thing any more.
  21. angyi

    Does this team have legs?

    Skatha & either Ulfr/Egret make as much of a scoring threat as hunters get, further redundancy is a waste. On the other hand, Jaecar with zero setup is not much of a TO threat. I think you'd need something for an anchor (most likely the bear) to be able to play your game, otherwise most opponents will simply run through your team. I'd swap Egret for the bear and see how it goes. Just my opinion. Edit: I don't think there is a hunters setup with a reliable or just somewhat reliable 3-0 play. Not vs most opponents. A single UM model will completely ruin your day.
  22. angyi

    Vet Minx in May

    He's saying that easy stocking seems particularly important if you have to stock products that are hard to sell This topic isn't about SFG sales & logistics, but as far as standard size boxes with ready-to-play teams seem to be an excellent idea, the solution for this new extension is sure a little awkward. I will get my new models one way or another, and you will get yours too, but the "use social media to split" argument is a bit like Steve Jobs saying "don't hold it that way". I'm sure there are people who don't feel like forming a consumer group to be able to go to the LGS to buy toy soldiers Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with this new box of goodies, but I'm an enthusiast just like you. I hope that SFG has everything under control and has a deeper market awareness than me lol.
  23. angyi

    Winning Ways for your Guild Ball Plays (BLOG)

    @arabicjesus thanks for doing the math, I also think you are right that the susceptibility to counter attacks can sometimes be crippling. Something that your tables don't show: besides counter attacks, defensive stance is a serious problem for a model that has KD on the 4th column. That would mean you should introduce the 5/1, 6/0 etc. line in your charge/KO scheme, which would make the picture even less rosy.
  24. angyi

    A new blog dedicated to the Hunters guild

    No Hearnes! I knew! Very well done, thanks for reporting.
  25. In my opinion the first 6 lacks any pressure on the ball, also can't move or hide the ball very well. (The only model in this department would be vBrisket, but she is probably too busy quick timing your other models so that's it.) I'd try to swap Boiler for Shank, and see if he can speed things up. In your 10, I'd let vOx fall to make room for Shank. That wouldn't hurt your second 6 either, because Fillet, Princess, vBrisket, Meathook, Shank, Tenderiser look so much better That's as close to an all-comer butchers' team as I can imagine. Fast, reasonably hitty, not too easy to play around.