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  1. Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    Similar to my initial tourney 10 - never sure about including Vet. Ox - he tends to grab me a goal every other game that he plays, but he's disappointing more often than not (probably more my play-style!). I think oBrisket might be the one to go - Dirty Knives is nice, but vBr brings the extra influence & buy-able dodge!
  2. Butchers are my current go-to team. With the full roster to choose from, I always struggle to narrow it down to a tournament 10, and even moreso with Vet. Gutter on the horizon (played her in a friendly last night, ooft!). I know there's a few topics floating around on this, but I think there's scope for a Boiler-less 10-player roster - but does that mean no Princess as well? Pre-Veteran Gutter, I'm looking at: Ox, Fillet (my preferred Captain), Truffles/Princess (single mascot preferred), Meathook, Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Vet. Ox, Brisket, Vet. Brisket Shank, Meathook & a Brisket provide goal threat under either captain Tenderiser comes in against Football teams other than Fish. Boar does Boar things, but possibly means I need Vet. Brisket for 'Quick Time' Meathook provides the bit of damage-buff that Boiler would have brought. So mascot choice? Princess makes a nice place to park the ball, and 'Loved Creature' can make some players scared to hit her, but Truffles gives that early KD, Sturdy, ... without Boiler, does the pig make the 10? Or is it just daft to go for a 10 without the crutch-pair?? Post Vet. Gutter, the 10 probably loses a Brisket, but not sure which one...
  3. Farmers Matchup?

    My limited experience into them has been to run Fillet and try to kill faster, but they're tough, no doubt! Fillet is fast enough to get back in if Thresher crushes her, can throw a bit of ranged damage - althought Millstone is a dick if paired with the death-chicken
  4. Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    Tenderiser is useful against players on the mid-tables around my meta, and he's a handy quick activation to draw someone out - but I can see the value of both Briskets as well. Need to run it at a couple of tournaments to see who makes the drop though.
  5. vGutter card shown

    I've also been considering the no Boiler/Princess lost with Vet. Gutter coming in - Fillet might miss Swift Stance and easy Bleed access, but I think VG lets me get Truffles back in
  6. Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Thanks for the update! 🙂 not long to go now, looking forward to it
  7. Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Cheers chaps!
  8. Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Hi Siskey, a couple of the Scots want to know if Vets from the Exiles box will be allowed in the rosters? Some folks have early releases from Salute this weekend, but I know general release is 2wks after the event! Cheers pal, Iain
  9. Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Payment sent for McCormick :-)
  10. Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Stephen McCormick is coming, I'll send payment on payday (Thurs)
  11. Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Payment sent for me
  12. Alright Guildballers! Sharing this for a pal who's running a tournament at Common Ground Games in Stirling on the 4th March 2018. We will be following the Steamforged Regional Cup format – details below. Models will have to be fully painted and appropriately based for this event. If you need to borrow anything, just post up and I'm sure you'll get sorted out. Event details on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1751237655180660/?ti=as Timetable for the day will be as follows: 9.30am – Doors Open & registration 10.00am – Game 1 12.00pm – Game 2 - 1.40pm Lunch (50min) - 2.30pm Game 3 - 4.30pm Game 4 - 6.30pm – finish & awards The venue has fantastic (free!) parking and is conveniently located right outside the front door a 10min stroll from the train station. You’d struggle to find a better located venue in Scotland to travel to! Tickets can be purchased by sending £15 (via PayPal) to alan5liddle@btinternet.com or cash in advance. If you can email me or comment in the event after you PayPal just so I can check asap and I'll update the event page. I plan on getting not only the Pundit Pack but also some other really cool prizes! Please remember to include your name & your Guild as a note when you using PayPal. Any cancellations before Sun 25th Feb will receive a FULL refund. Any cancellations after Sun 25th Feb will be non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your place. Useful links: - Season 3 rules, player cards, & plot cards (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5836b3986b8f5ba7a0d3a82a/1479979944479/GB-Season3-Rulebook.pdf) Regional Cup format (https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58e371582e69cf7b853a4296/1491300698537/Guild+Ball+Regional+Cup.pdf) Rules Clarifications thread (http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?%2Fforum%2F12-guild-ball-rules-clarifications%2F) Any questions, please ask away. See you there! Paid Attendees: 1. Fraser McFetridge 2. David Reid 3. Iain Torrance 4. Colin McNeil 5. Richard McHale 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  13. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    Yeah, paid parking is horrendously expensive, but on-street parking is free on a Sunday - if the street immediately beside is full you should be able to park by the Tollcross end of the Meadows or near St. Thomas's school (less than 10mins walk). I'll probably be doing the same from here.
  14. With a tackle on 1, 3/6 kick and Longbomb, I see Sledge as a decent ball retriever who can batter most strikers with ease - he dies too easily in the scrum. Tried playing him more in a sweeper role this week with Anvil/Hearth gumming up the center, Iron providing fast muscle, Ferrite & Alloy on the wings for a 13-10 win over Hammer Masons. Being able to ping a 10" pass that can't be intercepted is gold with fast strikers.
  15. Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    In, funds to follow (as will Guild choice!) :-)
  16. Blacksmith basics

    The goal was with Cast from memory - Fillet did what Fillet does as soon as she cleared the Fire. I think you were right to keep the ball away, but Boiler should have been taken out when he was weak, Boar was nullified by Cast (in hindsight, I should have walked away a turn earlier and just taken the hit). Butchers seem like a tough match up, (admittedly your line-up was somewhat experimental!) - my Fish would definitely struggle against the Fiery Hearth team - lots of burning, lots if 2" melee, just keep the ball away and beat on my squishy guys til you want to score!
  17. Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    2018 in Guild Ball for me? Better this year's tourney results - aim to win more games than I lose at Scottish tournaments. Paint at least 2 teams from my Blacksmiths, Hunters, Morts, & Brewers to go with my Fish, Masons, and Butchers, finish painting my Union & Solthecian Union. Go to Vengeance, maybe become a pundit since I'm starting to organise local events anyway... going to be a busy year!
  18. Plastic Fisherman's Guild

    Depends how long you want to wait to be honest - those plastics may be quite some way away!
  19. Hub Ball 2 - Edinburgh - 19th November

    Martyn, I'll bring your swanky Blacksmiths box along on Sunday :-) Trev, most likely Fish, but I might have Butchers fully painted and ready for a run out by then too... Iain
  20. Hub Ball 2 - Edinburgh - 19th November

    Payment sent today, cheers sir!
  21. Hub Ball 2 - Edinburgh - 19th November

    Sorely tempted, will confirm after the weekend if that's cool?
  22. Might as well note my interest here n all! :-)
  23. Greetings from multiple places

    A few of us gaming some GB around Falkirk & Stirling too if you make it a bit West :-)
  24. Though it was about time I actually signed up to this - as I've been popping along to Pash's events for the last year! Always around Central Scotland for a game, more casual than competitive, but improving as I muddle along - mainly here to paint pretty models and get project inspiration...
  25. Mystery box!

    Mine arrived this morning, and they were obviously struggling for bits! As expected Hunters original 8, Brewers, Easter Fangtooth, Big League cards, S3 Plots, an Honour & Marbles chibi pin badge, chibi cards (Theron, Fahad, Esters, Quaff), 10 Engineers Dice, 5 Brewers Dice, 5 Union Dice. Dice are a bit of a mix, but that's ok, a little disappointed that they seem to have run out of LE Mist, I guess I'll need to prowl ebay for that! At least my chibi cards matched anyway...