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  1. Pinball

    Ratcatchers Launch Event With Butchers

    Nice write up sir!
  2. The Team formerly known as Stave is now Mid-Table-Chimps - we're aiming high! 😂
  3. Most likely Butchers, but aye, might be Masons, Fish, might even have my Farmers finished, Iain
  4. Pinball

    Farmers @ Vengeance 2018

    Don't think that Farmers were weak necessarily - my only 12-0 humping of V3 was at the hands of Thresher (combination of poor play by me, and a very good opponent). The Thresher-Tater-Millstone-Peck unit is still very difficult for some teams to unlock without range or control options, and Jack is still a fine place to hide the ball til you want to score
  5. Kraken could benefit from being our Tenderiser/Compound - if he's staying at 1 inf., then give him Rush Keeper or Goal Defence - make him useful in both Captains' set ups
  6. Pinball

    Caledonian Equinox Cup - 17th June

    Payment sent sir!
  7. Nice write up man, Fangers FTW! 🙂 Might have to try that out myself, tend to run Hemlocke for doubling down on Blind with her & the Octopus
  8. Pinball

    Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Sounds good sir!
  9. Pinball

    Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    Similar to my initial tourney 10 - never sure about including Vet. Ox - he tends to grab me a goal every other game that he plays, but he's disappointing more often than not (probably more my play-style!). I think oBrisket might be the one to go - Dirty Knives is nice, but vBr brings the extra influence & buy-able dodge!
  10. Pinball

    Farmers Matchup?

    My limited experience into them has been to run Fillet and try to kill faster, but they're tough, no doubt! Fillet is fast enough to get back in if Thresher crushes her, can throw a bit of ranged damage - althought Millstone is a dick if paired with the death-chicken
  11. Pinball

    Thoughts on a Tournament 10

    Tenderiser is useful against players on the mid-tables around my meta, and he's a handy quick activation to draw someone out - but I can see the value of both Briskets as well. Need to run it at a couple of tournaments to see who makes the drop though.
  12. Pinball

    vGutter card shown

    I've also been considering the no Boiler/Princess lost with Vet. Gutter coming in - Fillet might miss Swift Stance and easy Bleed access, but I think VG lets me get Truffles back in
  13. Pinball

    Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Thanks for the update! 🙂 not long to go now, looking forward to it
  14. Butchers are my current go-to team. With the full roster to choose from, I always struggle to narrow it down to a tournament 10, and even moreso with Vet. Gutter on the horizon (played her in a friendly last night, ooft!). I know there's a few topics floating around on this, but I think there's scope for a Boiler-less 10-player roster - but does that mean no Princess as well? Pre-Veteran Gutter, I'm looking at: Ox, Fillet (my preferred Captain), Truffles/Princess (single mascot preferred), Meathook, Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Vet. Ox, Brisket, Vet. Brisket Shank, Meathook & a Brisket provide goal threat under either captain Tenderiser comes in against Football teams other than Fish. Boar does Boar things, but possibly means I need Vet. Brisket for 'Quick Time' Meathook provides the bit of damage-buff that Boiler would have brought. So mascot choice? Princess makes a nice place to park the ball, and 'Loved Creature' can make some players scared to hit her, but Truffles gives that early KD, Sturdy, ... without Boiler, does the pig make the 10? Or is it just daft to go for a 10 without the crutch-pair?? Post Vet. Gutter, the 10 probably loses a Brisket, but not sure which one...
  15. Pinball

    Irish Guild Ball Championship 2018

    Cheers chaps!