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  1. Steamforged - tell me when you will send me copy of DS game or missing parts. It is 6 months after I received incomplete game, I am contacting support each month and I am tired of incompetent answers from your support and their false promises. I pledged complete DS with all expansions, which was pretty expensive and till yet I was not able to play the base game.
  2. Hello, I am writing here, as except the automated message from the support mail I got no one who cares about problems with my pledge. Me and other friends pledged the Dark Souls game and it happens that we got incomplete packages, unfortunately we do not live in the same city, but in different corners of country. Each of us has incomplete package, missing tokens, missing players board, missing maps etc. Including bad print on cards (minibosses are bosses actually). It is month ago as we received our games, and we were not able to play them yet. It is shame, as myself gave about 400+ euros for game!!! including all expansions. (2 copies now - for me and friend , as the third was sold on action (by another friend) as incomplete package) I cannot tell how deeply unsatisfied I am with this pledge. I pledged lot of other games, I can say there were some problems, but at least I saw their goodwill to solve the problem. What I want is - playable game, with all component and correct.