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  1. Ideally as lots, open to parting out and selling individual figs for the smaller teams though (Union, Fish).
  2. Got into Guild Ball lately, but just don't have the time to devote to it. Kinda' went hog wild on purchases so looking to recoup what I can! Really unsure on pricing so if I'm off - let me know. Prices do NOT include shipping - I'll ship to continental US and provide shipping costs as needed. What I want: I'm in the Twin Cities, MN if anyone is local and wants to buy - cash If not, Paypal only Trades? Open to any ideas, shoot me what you got, but looking to recoup $$$ to be transparent.Butchers• PRICE: $185• All Painted - IMGUR - https://imgur.com/a/SGPFd• Based & Coated• Includes off-brand tokens and Feldherr case as shown• Minis:1. Ox2. Fillet3. Princess4. Truffles5. Boar6. Boiler7. Brisket8. Meathook9. Shank10. Tenderizer11. Custom Goal MarkerEngineers • Primed and brown base coat - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $150• Some models damaged as noted below• Includes Muse on Mini token set and blast markers• Minis:1. Ballista (did some additional painting on him as shown)2. Pin Vice3. Mainspring4. Mother5. Colossus6. Hoist7. Ratchet (lost an arm, turned it into a drill!)8. Salvo9. Velocity10. Veteran Velocity11. LocusUnion: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $50• Minis:1. Blackheart2. Decimate3. Gutter4. Rage5. Avarisse & Greede (and standalone Greede)6. CoinAlchemists: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• Includes Muse on Mini token set• PRICE: $1201. Midas2. Smoke3. Flask4. Naja5. Katalyst6. Mercury7. Venin8. Compound9. VitriolFish: • Primed black - https://imgur.com/a/ABzui• PRICE: $50• Includes Muse on Mini token set1. Shark2. Salt3. Angel4. Siren5. Greyscales6. Kraken
  3. excelsias

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    First post on here, excited to join! Team: Engineers Name: Broken, no Fixes Discord nick: excell_77#6496