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  1. Question: Can a model pay for Def Stand And Counter Attack at once? example, Hemlock is charged and declares both DS and CA (of course spending 2 mom). Do remember reading somewhere that this is legal...but had a vet player tell me no, just one or the other? Also, if Mist starts in cover and near Brisket can he be afforded +4 to his move?
  2. Looking for information: Suggested 'scoring' line up and tactics into Butchers. Your thoughts, friends?
  3. answer is .....damage MUST be done first....makes sense.
  4. maybe the last stupid question of the year: for things like 'tooled up', burning, hobble etc...Do you need to take damage from the play book to receive the bonus damage or condition? example...model is tooled up but a bad dice roll only allows for the choice of a push, does the targeted model take one damage and the push....or just the push with TU going to waste? Manage another example....kindled cinder targets a model but chooses to push does the target also take burning?
  5. I know somethings have sold out quickly but what has been offered for sale through the vault lately?
  6. ....the majic mechanica slots home the Tap In!!! The Farmers Win....the Farmers WWIIIIIINN... Damn my pix are too large ....how to shrink their size???
  7. genco

    other farmer models

    When can farmer coaches expect the rest of the team to be released as singles or as another box set? I really would like to have Buckwheat
  8. maybe another silly question, can a player shoot on goal from behind the goal (or from behind the goal line)?
  9. Can a 'knocked down' player stand up and then charge? Charging is not a standard advance therefore, my question. I understand that 'knock down' player cannot stand up and sprint or jog....that is why I ask. Thank you for your thoughts.