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  1. Hello !!! I would like to buy a box of "The Exiles: New Alliances" and one more VetDecimate. If somebody witch bought it at Salute want to sold them, contact me please Thank you !
  2. Eria

    [W] Blacksmith S2

    I found one ! Thanks everybody
  3. Eria

    [W] Blacksmith S2

    Hi ! I'm looking for the Blacksmith's Saison 2 box. Thanks for reading.
  4. Eria

    [H] Blacksmiths [W] Cash

    Pm send
  5. Hello everybody My name is Pierre, I live in the south of france (just near Marseille) and I already play at many miniature games ! I Discover Guild Ball this summer and I bought a KickOff box with friends For now the team that i would like to play are Butcher, fisherman ant Blacksmith ^^ Thank you for reading me and have fun with the game !
  6. Eria

    Full Fishermens Guild £180

    Hello, I am interested by your offer. Could we pass into chat or mail for discuss ot the trade. I am in france. Thanks. Eria