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  1. Arlos896

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    How exactly were hearth and furnace taking out models? They don't exactly have the most damage output playbook. Was iron in on the action in the scrum?
  2. Arlos896

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    So how often did you hand out 2 inch melee with Hearth and to whom? How about the 2 net hits for apprentices? What was your typical influence application for the match?
  3. Arlos896

    Interested in starting the Morticians

    Thank you everyone for all of the great advice I sincerely appreciate it!
  4. Arlos896

    First game with Hearth and Alloy

    So who got taken out and did you have any difficulty getting them back into action quickly?
  5. Arlos896

    Interested in starting the Morticians

    So I guess that means I'll eventually have to grab Obulus then. I was afraid of using him as he seems so power that I'd not want to use scalpel anymore. Why would you choose Scalpel over him and what are some things to keep in mind about using obulus?
  6. Arlos896

    Interested in starting the Morticians

    Thank you everyone for the amazing information so far! I do have another question, how do you manage your playstyle into different guilds? How do you fight a goal oriented team vs a scrum team? Since morticians don't appear overly adept at either extreme.
  7. Arlos896

    Interested in starting the Morticians

    So there appears to be some serious debate amongst players of the value of Bonesaw, any further tips on him? Also if I took Cosset, with Dirge and Graves would the game plan be more about take outs with looking for opportune goal scoring? Also any advice or tactics with Scalpel since she seems to be not as popular?
  8. Hello everyone, I have been eyeing the morticians for a while and the three models that are thinking of making me pick them up are Scalpel, Casket, and BP&M. I love those guys and was wondering who would help fill out the roster? I know everyone plays this guild for Obulus but something about scalpel speaks to me. So any potential advice for playing morticians would be appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read yet another new player post.
  9. Arlos896

    Who should kick off?

    Yeah I think Hearth changes things a lot ha ha!
  10. Arlos896

    Who should kick off?

    Hello everyone, seeking the collective wisdom and experience of us heavy metal lovers on who should kick the ball if we aren't receiving turn one? So far I've been choosing Anvil only to get him further up the field faster. I've also accepted that Ferrite will be the captain most times as there have been many turns where she could have used at least 4 influence. Also any other insights people have come across with blacksmiths? I'd appreciate hearing it as I am still very new to the game itself.
  11. Arlos896

    Blacksmiths Questions

    Hello everyone! I am getting extremely excited to play as the blacksmiths, but I had a question about Anvil and Furnace's legendary plays. I understand they only hand out the second part if they are the captain, but the first part says "This Model gains [+1] TAC." Does this mean that only Anvil gets the +1 TAC or do other friendly guild models get it too? I was confused because I was watching a replay where they mentioned others in the aura got the benefit. I just want to clarify for my future games. Thank you everyone in advance for your assistance!