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  1. Sakana...why use him?

    I misspoke. I almost ALWAYS run oSiren. So it would be Shark Salt oSiren Angel then either Jac or Hag and either Sakana or Greyscales. oSiren is too good to leave out. I have been running Angel because I'm trying to score with people OTHER than shark, which makes shark even better.
  2. Sakana...why use him?

    I basically run him against any team with armor. I've been running angel with Shark so that usually goes Shark Salt Angel Grey Sakana Jac/Hag. With Corsair, Sakana and Greyscale usually occupy the same spot, so it depends on the armor of the other team.
  3. Fish into Farmers Thursday Night GB Match

    One of the things that has improved my game a lot is trying not to score with shark right away, but saving him for the end of the turn. That might be something to consider on your turn one planning.
  4. Firefighters Minor Guild

    Bring it Home is great. Maybe there could be something along the lines of a rescue drag also. Like a bonus to push distance if they are moving towards your goal.
  5. Firefighters Minor Guild

    Man, depending on how "modern" you wanted to make it you could do all sorts of stuff with gear, but in the historic guildball theme I could definitely see a big burly moustachio'd bruiser called Tank or something. Hosedraggers. Medic. Ladder. Bucket Brigade stuff. Just a world of options to work with. Those old hand-drawn fire carts, maybe hooked up to a horse since for some reason HORSES are allowed to play GB. Tons of negative AOE type stuff and "putting out" others abilities.
  6. Firefighters Minor Guild

    This is so amazing. Jaws of life should be called RIT (rapid intervention team). RIT is what its called when you rescue a downed firefighter. But this would be an amazing guild. BTW, being a consultant on this would be a dream.
  7. Firefighters Minor Guild

    Extinguishment could be the prevailing theme, although enhancing other AOE's could work too. Reducing melee ranges. Effects like Beautiful could be in play. Lots of options here.
  8. Firefighters Minor Guild

    I have my suspicions that all the minor guilds are already in motion at Steamforged, but I'd like to put a pitch in for the Firefighters Guild. They've been around for hundreds and hundreds of years (See Crassus and the Roman Vigiles aka Watchmen). I'm thinking sorta a steampunk era-ish thing with guys named Bucket and Ladder and Chief (a captain, obviously). Plus, since Guild Ball has sorta a nasty feel to it with some guilds, the firefighters had a history of being brawlers, particularly against competing firefighters in competition over who would put out the fire (and in turn get paid). And if you didn't have a fire mark (for insurance), they may just watch your house burn down anyways. I'd buy a whole 12 person guild and the firefighters minor if they had that.
  9. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    I like the shark kickoff approach and I feel like I've learned a lot about him through this thread. Where to put him, when to activate him, etc. Corsair I'm still kinda in the dark over, other than the kick off in the middle and try to drag/kill. Is that about the best we can do?
  10. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    The Corsair kick then drag has been my strategy so far too. It's been okay. Usually I can get a pretty heavy damage turn 1, but they usually end up flipping a goal on me.
  11. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    So the effect is to put shark on closer to the side away from the ball since presumably they're going to get it over to the side Shark is now on to make their run and he can threaten better. What's the strat with Corsair? Same? Or is it different. He has a lot shorter jog and kick.
  12. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    So is this what you guys are describing? You've got shark moving slightly left to kick to the right, hoping for the ball to go parallel on the same side as the threat?
  13. Kickoff Strategy with Scoring Shark and Murdering Corsair

    So you're kicking with Shark then and trying to get it close to the center line close to their best scorer? That's a pretty good plan. Are you saving that Shark activation until last in the turn if you don't have a chance to steal and score?
  14. Hey all, So back when I played xwing, I found the best way to improve my game and actually start winning some tourneys was to have a SOLID plan for the first 3 moves. In guild ball, that basically translates to the kickoff and maybe 2 activations afterwards, but that's enough. After that it becomes adaptation. If you're receiving, it's pretty much an entirely different topic because they have a lot of control. But the kickoff you can control. So there are 2 teams that I typically run. Against Brewers, Butchers, Union, Farmers, Masons I run a Shark all out scoring team; Shark tent/salt Jac Sakana oSiren Greyscales. Corsair against Alch, Mort (rethinking that one) hunters, engi, blacksmiths With Corsair it's him tent Hag Jac Sakana/Grey oSiren and the last one is all over the place. AG, Kraken, whatever. So if I have the ball on the Shark team, what's my general kickoff strategy. Who do I kickoff with? Where do I generally want to put it? Same question with the Corsair team. What are your strategies on the kickoff with these two teams? I'm really thinking that a better understanding of the kickoff will help me greatly. Thanks!
  15. When to draft Corsair/Shark

    So I played Corsair into Blacksmiths. I had a kinda weird lineup with Corsair Tent Hag oSiren Jac and Angel. I wanted to try out angel. She did basically nothing but hang out on the outside and eventually score a goal that I easily could have scored with grey or sakana who would have done a lot more in the meantime. Aside that, my opponent swore up and down that I should have played Shark into blacksmiths because he thinks they are such a middle team and can't catch my fish. Thoughts?