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  1. teage_like_league

    Confused by roster changes

    So what happens to A&G in Season 4? I know what happened in the fluff, but I am hoping models like them are still playable in the next season.
  2. teage_like_league

    New Battlefoam Products

    I noticed that the Rat Catchers only has cutouts for 6 players. Are there plans for the minor guilds to get a second box? Obviously they couldn't do cutouts for minis that haven't been created yet, but it just raised the question in my mind.
  3. teage_like_league

    Confused by roster changes

    I tried to look it up on the Guild Ball wiki but it doesn't look like that is updated yet. I am losing track of the Union roster with all the changes. Could someone outline the Union/Order Rosters pre and post season 4? Also if I do not have some of the pre-UiC models are they still worth picking up? Sorry for being the slow kid in class.
  4. teage_like_league

    De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    I looked around to find the size of these statues, but was unable to find it. Based on the images of the box, they look rather large. Anyone know the scale for sure? https://store.steamforged.com/collections/guild-ball/products/de-tinnen-roos-guild-ball-statue-ready-to-build
  5. teage_like_league

    Steamcon USA Keynote

    Thank you for the effort of recording this, but I really hope Steamforged got a high quality that they will post up on Youtube n the next week or so. Any confirmations?
  6. teage_like_league

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    As an aside, I remember hearing a mention of the new Broken Toad bust being shown off, but have not been able to find an image of it. Did anyone happen to get a picture or know where a sneak peek would be available online?
  7. teage_like_league

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I totally get what you are saying here. I have a complete fish team and the thought of buying them again gives me an icky feeling. However I am interested in Alchemists as well. So a "one and done" box of plastic or even a farmers-esque two box of 6 for Alchemists would be great! So I think it is a little more complicated than "Good for new players, bad for existing players". I am fairly certain I will end up with all of the Guilds over time and making them in plastic would make it more affordable and also a little faster for getting them ready for the table.
  8. teage_like_league

    11/04 Casual Event - Columbus, OH

    Hello coaches! I will be starting my first Guild Ball event to try and grow a small group of players in my local area. When: Saturday Nov 4th 12:00 Where: Beyond the Board 249 W Bridge St Dublin, Ohio 43017 Cost: $5 Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/139713080090252 More Info: This will be a casual event focused on helping newer players get in to the game. Prizes will be awarded based on most enjoyable opponent to play against and best painted team. The prize kit is supplied by the Farmers Launch event kit.
  9. teage_like_league

    Hello from Columbus, OH

    Hello everyone. I started playing Guild Ball a few months ago and have lurked here for a few weeks. Thought I would finally join in the conversation. I am currently assembling and painting a Butchers team along side playing the Kick Off! box.