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  1. Gorion

    How do you deal with tilt?

    One of the best ways to counteract tilt is to enjoy the game FOR your opponent, you have to learn to appreciate he is playing his game like you are playing yours. Is he charging Windle with Hammer? “Aww, shit lets see if you get that double rap!” Instead of “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GIVE ME SOME 1’s!” Is a whole world of difference. I get tilted all the time but I try my best to make the game an enjoyable exoerience for my opponent, it is a game after all. Feel bad for your opponent when he misses a kick or biffs an attack and be quick to congratulate him when he plays well. Hard to do but will help you in the long run.
  2. Gorion

    How rough are the seas?

    Ive had a lot of practice into Corsair and two things stick out to me in that match up with Theron. Pinned is his worst enemy, regardless of him having Drag, if you can force him to use it to get hits after being pinned, thats valuable influence and damage potential going flat out the window, Jaecar can also seriously ruins Corsairs day with G&S and a trap. A lot of the Fish’s ball retrieval tech is dependent on one of your models have possession of the ball, having one of your models drop the ball and leaving it free can shut down a surprising amount of what the Fish can do to regain ball control. Keep that snare up and drain the momentum and reduce their healing potential while you close the trap. Team dependant of course but those are my main takeaways as a general game plan.
  3. Gorion

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    Think of dreadful shriek as less of a jog and more of a push. Lets say you got squeek and vetgraves (or any decent pusher really) together take a wing. If some cheeky striker or other model tries to get within 6 inch (average jog) of the edge, squeek can come in make them jog to the edge of the pitch. Vet graves has great push results and can easily get an extra VP. If the opponent haa already moved, then outside of a pass or special ability that model is likely dead even if you have to wait until the next turn to activate your pusher. Better yet if they get first activation next turn and squeek is engaging. They will burn influence just trying to disengage so they can run away and save their model. And you can likely repeat what you did previous turn.
  4. I've played a few tabletop games but the thing that pushed me into GB was its competetive nature. 40K style games just never scratched that itch. I also come from a fighting game background (Mainly Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat) and the number of comparisons between high level fighting games and GB seem super obvious, especially on a psychological level. Character playbooks, ranges, individual skills, footsies, okizemi and threatening moves are a few of the things the games have in common.
  5. Gorion

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Love this guy, completely re-invigorated the hunter game. The other falconer is going to have to be insane if he wants to top this guy.
  6. Awww man, I was cracking my typing knuckles, getting my “someone disagreed on the internet” hat on and you turn around and say you were wrong! Well if thats how we are playing it! I’ll follow suit, the BS team should recieve a VP for each apprentice killed!!! In all seriousness, they do have some amazing models. If ferrite and iron or just alloy were Union style models, I would happily bring them on most teams.
  7. That would make them ridiculously good. The apprentices are rightfully soft in response to them replacing a mascot. The idea you could take out Alloy and only get 1 VP in return after he’s done scoring a goal would take the guild from above average to broken in a single move.
  8. Gorion

    Lucky feedback

    Reflecting on Lucky he is actually one of the better balanced new models. Raise the stakes is very much situational and I tend to use it when Im either completely safe from the enemy dodge anyway or as a slight bait. In the opening round in particular giving the enemy a 4” dodge can sometimes force a bad decision due to unfamiliarity alone.
  9. Gorion

    Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    Honestly, I think half the reason the cogs aren’t as chatty is that the guild overall is pretty well balanced. Also a lot of the strategies for the engineers have already been laid out pretty well, ignoring the occasional thread with some fringe character choices or setups. In short, we know what we like and nobody on the guild is so overpowered or terrible that it warrants discussion. Contrast that with the brewers who have a thread every other day asking why Stave is Stave. An observation.
  10. Gorion

    What do you guys use Salvo for?

    I bring Salvo in all my line ups due to lack of models but Ive come to really love him as a player. For me he shines as a harassing model with his free flurry for an MP and as my other wing with velocity for goal scoring. He is tough to catch, hard to kill and he dodges for days and under the right circumstances can be a life saver against opposing strikers. He is one of those models you will appreciate when you get him on the field.
  11. With the Brewer GIC bring it on! A model may remove knocked down during its activation but it doesnt state that it has to be its own KD. So can a brewer activate and remove KD on someone else and if so, what is the range?
  12. Gorion

    Vet Zarola

    If she had an ability like this I think range 4 and 1 influence is perfectly reasonable. Isolated target does not apply to character plays and it already is reliant on the opponent having a clearable condition. I like second wind as a general ability but compared to MO, its a hard one to sell. The balancing act for veterans is a tough one.
  13. Gorion

    Vet Zarola

    I considered that but I would put that in the “a bit much” category. The reason I would prefer Seenah linked is because you could give help and buffs and take full advantage of them but would reduce crazy goal shenanigans. I think Assist: Animal would be reasonable, +1 DAM, +1 TAC would help every animal player do what they like but keep it from spiraling out like linked would.
  14. Gorion

    Vet Zarola

    I wouldnt mind seeing a more combat orientated Zarola. I dont like the idea of making Vet Zarola just a hot fix for the regular. Having (linked: Seenah) and some interesting character plays would be a good way OR animal assist so she could get some more damage or help Seenah and Fahad even more, almost a beastmaster feel. These are just a couple of ideas anyway.
  15. Gorion

    A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    I agree with many of the points stated by the OP and I win most of my games with he hunters. They have to work extraordinarily hard for they get in terms of damage and goals. Their lack of influence even with the abilities they have means that you usually have to go “all in” on a few models and show your hand. That being said I find them to be incredibly fun to play and while I do agree a few tweaks would go a long way, Ulfr, Zarola and Egret (to a lesser extent with Egret) are really what makes the overall guild underwhelming. Having the crazy lone wild man be a low TAC, low damage, 4 influence if you want him to do what he’s designed to model FEELS incredibly unsatisfying. Jaecar, oHearne, Theron and Seenah by comparison, even if they don’t alwyas live up to their roles as beasts and hunters still feel fun to play and in keeping with their themes. Lastly I agree with the sentiment that’s i regurlaly get complaints from people I play against that the hunters have all these tools when they can casually destroy models, start at one end of the pitch and end the activating with a goal or have 3 ARM and then go “That snared eh?”