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  1. jongles


    I played a game of hunters into Farmers and felt in control the entire game. My team was: Theron, Ohearne, Jaecar, Egret, Seenah, and Fahad. Jaecar kept Windle in check with Gut and String the entire game. Bushel is an easy target to kill with only 10 health and our large access to ranged damage. The Farmers scrum developed near my goal but all of my players had been fast enough to get to the opposite side. Just controlling threat ranges and killing the squishier farmers from range lets Hunters control pretty easily. Their native low defense works well for Hunters reliance on character plays. Currently, I think Farmers are a favorable match up for Hunters but that may change when Thresher and his box release.
  2. jongles

    No Butchers in the meta, which captain into fillet?

    I think Vet Rage and his team will do better against Fillet than Blackheart. Gutter and Benediction's 2 inch reach are pivotal to this match-up. Benediction can double push Fillet and ruin her entire activation. Gutter can control the scrum and pull players out of position while staying safe with 2 inch reach. The Vet Rage team can compete with Butchers on killiness while also keeping control of the game.
  3. jongles

    Perception of Butchers

    These are definitely the Butcher's strongest aspects. They hit hard and momentously throughout their entire playbook. They have average to above average movement speeds. They have average defense with lower pools of health. By utilizing these tools, Butchers win games. The problem with Butcher's power level is that their tools are easily taken away from them by control elements. The team is highly susceptible to counter attacks. Those will occur while you are attempting to do what Butchers do and delete something. Fillet can have an entire 6 influence activation ruined by one counter attack that results in a double dodge. This is the skill ceiling that Butchers hit where players can take advantage of what they do not do well and play around them. I still think Butchers are a good team but they have very big shortcomings that can lose games.
  4. jongles

    Perception of Butchers

    I run Butchers at my FLGS and nobody likes to play against me. I have won one of four tournaments and constantly hear how overpowered Fillet is. I think that Butchers are an extremely easy team to learn. They hit their skill ceiling quickly and can be deterring to play against for newer players still building their skills. Once a player learns the game though, it is not hard for other teams to easily outplay Butchers. Butchers have bad counter attacks and don't offer many downsides on parting blows besides damage due to how high KD's are in their playbooks. This makes them hard to take into upper level games where they are easily controlled and unable to accomplish much.
  5. jongles

    Mystery box!

    My box came in today. Metal kick off brewers and the 8 hunters. My dice packs were 10 Morticians dice, 5 hunters dice, and 5 union dice. Disappointed i did not get a full set of hunters dice. Overall i am happy with the product but due to no information about shipping and the length of time the package took to get here, i would not buy directly from Steamforged again.
  6. jongles

    Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I believe if they increased the range from 8" to 10" Take it to em would be worth the heal rate 2. This would encourage players to take the fight to the enemy's side of the pitch but not be extremely hard to pull off like it is currently. This change may sound ridiculously strong, but when compared to the Union heal rate 2 card that allows for +1 VP if a model is killed while engaged by 2 or more models it feels in line with the power level of a heal rate 2 card.
  7. jongles

    Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I was not enthused with our first GIC that was revealed but after seeing the other 2, it may be the best one. Killing people behind their deployment line has never happened for me in any game. The other card involves me killing a model with the ball, but if the game is going my way, I will already have the ball and just be icing it. I see that the card is encouraging you to keep the ball in play for those sweet extra VPs but this is bad play and can lose you the game. Overall I am not overly happy with the power level of the GICs compared to other guilds with the exception of Morticians who also got pretty shafted in my opinion.
  8. jongles

    Mystery box!

    From the recent posts, it looks like their backstock of Masons is gone and they have moved on to getting rid of Brewers. I will be interested to see how many people get Brewers from this point on.
  9. jongles

    Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I love the concept of GICs. This is a great addition to the game in my opinion and adds more flavor to each team. This particular GIC though seems really weak. As everyone has pointed out, Butchers actually end up healing less than normal by using this GIC. Would increasing the self heal from 2 to 3 make for a better overall GIC?
  10. jongles

    Mystery box!

    My order just became fulfilled. I am excited to finally see some progress!
  11. I'm planning to teach some friends on how to play Guild Ball and I wanted to get y'alls opinions on what the best teams to perform demos with are. I've heard a lot of demos done with Butchers and Fishermen because they are the two extremes on the spectrum but Kick-off has Masons and Brewers in it. Thanks for the help!
  12. jongles

    Mystery box!

    @Meffi What will come first? Half life 3 or Mystery Box batch 2?
  13. jongles

    Mystery box!

    I wish Steamforged had a more accurate date the boxes would ship than the August 21 date that was on the store page. I keep checking my order and being disappointed at the unfulfilled status. It just feels ridiculous that at the end of the work week, and some of the boxes have not even shipped. I can understand that they may have been busy with Gen Con, which would cause the delay, but then why have such poor timing on the mystery box's release?
  14. jongles

    Mystery box!

    I'm in Texas but I haven't even gotten confirmation that it has shipped.