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  1. StevekCole

    Roster for each pairing

    I'd always play compound in the mirror. Against smoke 4 stack him on turn 1 for all the chemical resist in the world. Against midas he denies the turn 1 vitriol goal. Also, don't think I'd drop midas into ballista. Deadbolt just wrecks his game plan.
  2. StevekCole

    How do I play against Morticians?

    Yeah, exactly, if obulus puppetmasters a player they count as a morts player for that action so take parting blows. Compound and the kats are best for this as they have kds. Mascots also have rubbish kick stats so if obulus wants the ball he really needs to get dangerously close to them. As an aside, if your opponent ever only puts 4 or 5 on obulus a bonus timed hypnosis with naja can really wreck their day. Also, vkat can beat the carp out of obulus given the chance to get into base and that's always a worry for the morticians. Midas does have game into morts but the issue is getting the ball to him or via him to vitriol without obulus snatching it from you. It's doable but harder than using smoke who's natural game is scarier for morts.
  3. StevekCole

    Footballing Alchemists

    Smoke, vitriol, mist, naja, vkat, mercury. Huge ball pressure from vitriol and mist, smoke can score from practically anywhere plus getting fire onto the opposition with mercury slows then down aiding your goal runs. Vkat the witness me takeout threat with conditions via mercur or smoke.
  4. StevekCole

    How do I play against Morticians?

    Unless obulus has activated early keep the ball on naja or flask and stand them behind one of your players (in their melee zone) to stop him stealing the ball easily. Try to victimise the squishier players like cosset, & graves. Slow up casket with fire and blind, likewise obulus. Stand players in o/vkats melee zone so they get kd'd by parting blows if obulus puppetmasters them.
  5. StevekCole

    First game vs hunters.... any advice?

    Who are you dropping to for crucible in your ten? Very interested.
  6. StevekCole

    Mist or Decimate Union pick

    Both are really good players. Probably best to think about playstyle a bit more. Mist really boosts your goal scoring game as you can run Midas/Smoke, Vitriol and Mist while as Forest Rambo points out decimate gives you more utility and momentum. The other big plus with decimate is second wind - if you run Mercury, Calculus and Smoke and kick it means all 3 can move forward and then back (kick with Mercury/calc so you can move back after throwing an aloe, 2nd wind the other so they can advance throw and retreat and smoke does smoke stuff). Might also be worth thinking about match ups. For my mind Mist is better if you’re facing farmers a lot (as you’re going all in on goals) while decimate is super helpful into Corsair or Obulus. Personally, I’m leaning towards decimate as Corsair while a rough match up is more winnable than farmers at the mo.
  7. My view, as a relative noob, is that (in any system) there's a trade off between clocks making games fast and exciting vs the time pressure meaning noobs get less help and there's less opportunity just to laugh at stupid stuff like missed 5 dice tap ins, the monkey throwing poo etc. Guildball is (in many ways) attractive because there's lots of funny ad amusing mechanics but clock pressure removes the ability to take pleasure in them. Thus can make tournament games rather serious. I don't think this is something that needs a fix (as clock free games can really drag) , it's just something inherent in a clock based tournament system.
  8. StevekCole

    Into the mirror?

    A pretty standard smoke gunline of smoke, naja, calc, mercury, vkat & compound. My opponent is a better player than me and won the tournament but the big learning curve for me was how effective the 5+ def and multiple 4 point threats (smoke, mist, vitriol & vkat) were in that mirror match.
  9. StevekCole

    Into the mirror?

    Played and lost a smoke mirror at a tournie this weekend. My opponent's team was smoke, mist, vitriol, mercury, vkat, & naja. That's a strong line up in the mirror. Lots of 5+ defense, lots of scoring threat. If I played the match again I'd run midas instead of smoke with vitriol, kat1, decimate, naja & compound.
  10. StevekCole

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Thresher can run Grace (& Harrow & Peck) so I imagine (and personally think) it's one for midas.
  11. StevekCole

    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    I've been running midas more recently. He's definitely still good. I do think his legendary could do with a little boost. Especially if you compare it to shark and seasoned brisket who are the other goal focused captains. Personally I think he could be a 4/8 kick too. He is a striker captain.
  12. StevekCole

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Likewise I'd pretty much always run smoke into hammer. I tend to only run midas into farmers or in the mirror match. Though that is partly a playstyle thing.
  13. StevekCole

    Kicking/receiving Midas or Smoke?

    Surely you've only moved 22" when you need to go 24"? Admittedly you can charge someone to gain a couple of push dodges but it's not as easy as just taking the dodge from received pass.
  14. StevekCole

    How do i play Smoke well?

    Smoke is the stronger captain low. The main reason to change from smoke to midas is if you need to recover the ball. Smoke is really rather poor at that.