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  1. Into the mirror?

    A pretty standard smoke gunline of smoke, naja, calc, mercury, vkat & compound. My opponent is a better player than me and won the tournament but the big learning curve for me was how effective the 5+ def and multiple 4 point threats (smoke, mist, vitriol & vkat) were in that mirror match.
  2. Into the mirror?

    Played and lost a smoke mirror at a tournie this weekend. My opponent's team was smoke, mist, vitriol, mercury, vkat, & naja. That's a strong line up in the mirror. Lots of 5+ defense, lots of scoring threat. If I played the match again I'd run midas instead of smoke with vitriol, kat1, decimate, naja & compound.
  3. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Thresher can run Grace (& Harrow & Peck) so I imagine (and personally think) it's one for midas.
  4. Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    I've been running midas more recently. He's definitely still good. I do think his legendary could do with a little boost. Especially if you compare it to shark and seasoned brisket who are the other goal focused captains. Personally I think he could be a 4/8 kick too. He is a striker captain.
  5. Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    Likewise I'd pretty much always run smoke into hammer. I tend to only run midas into farmers or in the mirror match. Though that is partly a playstyle thing.
  6. Kicking/receiving Midas or Smoke?

    Surely you've only moved 22" when you need to go 24"? Admittedly you can charge someone to gain a couple of push dodges but it's not as easy as just taking the dodge from received pass.
  7. How do i play Smoke well?

    Smoke is the stronger captain low. The main reason to change from smoke to midas is if you need to recover the ball. Smoke is really rather poor at that.
  8. Does the current holder automatically qualify?
  9. The competitive 10

    Personally, my 10 is Smoke, Midas, Mascot (both are good so a playstyle choice), okat, vkat, calc, merc, Compound, Vitriol & Union. I'd love to find a slot for Venin or Cruicible but really struggle to justify it. Venin in a smoke team is a solid battery but then so is Compound and he's a lot less clock intensive plus Venin basically wants to do what smoke does (go last, push out conditions) in the early game and smoke is better and safer for doing that. He's definitely got more merit in a Midas team and can be filthy with okat but again, for me, decimate or mist edge him out.
  10. Getting reaped by the Farmers

    Too late, it's now (inaccurately) an eponym. That 6 will forever be referred to as 'a Botts'.
  11. Getting reaped by the Farmers

    How would folk play into the Botts thresher team? What would you line up with etc?
  12. Idea for Thresher Change

    I don't actually think thresher alone is OP. Personally, the one undroppable farmer is millstone. I'd look at reducing her (and tater's) auras as Bott's says. I also think it would be worth exploring them & thresher having to eat harvest makers to activate counter charge, poised etc. That way they don't get the best of both worlds with those abilities and bucket loads of influence. I think it's probably tweaks rather than full nerf bat (IMO the midas nerf went slightly too far the other way).
  13. Idea for Thresher Change

    As someone who designs for other systems the balance can be incredibly hard to get right in power levels. I'd say the easiest test (but by no means defininitive) is if your opponent gets bad dice on a key play can they realistically still win with average dice and good play? If they can't what you have is probably a bit OP.
  14. Cast Preview

    I actually think Shield Throw is fine. Threatens the ball in an interesting way but you need a second blacksmith with kill the ball to optimise and you're banking a lot on a good scatter, your opponent not recovering the ball (if they're sensible they won't activate the ball carrier until after Cast has been) and your opponent not having Glut Mass, Clone etc. Vitriol seems like a nightmare for this only a 55%ish chance of hitting and if she puts up Clone who cares. Also, it has a 6 inch range - so you're gonna be within 6 inches of at least one enemy model with one of your squishier players - so say you shield throw Mash in Brewers, do you really want her within 6 inches of them? Don't get me wrong it could be potentially awesome but far from OP.