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  1. Farmer Errata has landed

    No one said that the guild is the worst. I'd argue its about butchers power level now, which most people would say is in the lower half of the game. Which is what steamforged wanted and its what the community wanted. Also I've played Grange enough to know what he plays like and his team doesn't really play any differently now. It just has less resources and the death scrum he wants to set up is much tighter on its positioning. Stop making assumptions about people you don't know. Also Milestone was never 4 influence with a Harvest Marker. She used to be 3 and provided a marker, now she is 2 and provides a marker. If you are trying to make a point it helps to actually be factual and not just make things up. Even if you WERE correct it would still be a flawed idea because Harvest Markers are different than influence and should not be treated as exactly the same despite the fact that a lot of people here want to pretend it is.
  2. Farmer Errata has landed

    Meh its an overnerf. Taking away millstones influence is pretty significant and reworking Threshers playbook is extremely significant as well. Tater's changes are fine but overall it very much feels like an overcorrection due to the pitchforking of this community. If Steamforged nerfed them and they still possibly won a major event the community would be in an uproar, even if they were dead in the middle of the pack in terms of power level. The way things are now they wont win a major tournament because they're probably in the weakest tier of guilds and thats what the community wants. Not only that but psychologically most players aren't going to be super eager to try out something thats just been nerfed. There wont be a lot of excitement around Farmers now. yay!
  3. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Thank you. I think that in general the full farmers release was extremely botched. Releasing farmers in August and then not fully coming out till late January seems extremely late. I feel that it rubs salt in the wound to give people an extra month and a half is a little lame, but it'd be more tolerable if there wasn't basically half a year wait time for farmers. Blacksmiths are a better release time, not really ideal, but better than farmers. It would be one thing to have farmers come out in august and then have the next box come out for holiday release, but that isnt what happened. This may seem like a tangential thing, but it seems like a theme for Steamforged having such a long time to actually having product be shipped and released. From what I understand they're also having a lot of difficulty fulfilling their dark souls commitments in a timely fashion as well. I don't think its fair to compare this crowdfunding campaign to other crowdfunding campaigns. Steamforged is a now established company, The campaign they are releasing is basically a reprinting. It seems absurd that it takes 10 months turnaround time for it. It's possible I'm totally off base, but I've talked with some people in established in minis communities and they agree that the campaign seems long. I'd just like an official explanation behind it. As it is now, its easy to pass on this campaign. The long wait time before delivery makes it even easier. Hah My post got scrubbed and edited to make it seem like this place is a welcoming community. What a joke.
  4. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I appreciate this response. I must have missed this somewhere. I still would like a more official one than this, but considering the relatively low amount of models it seems like an exceptionally long time for this to come to fruition. Considering that all that seems to actually have to happen is to print new cards and produce the models as opposed to design, playtest, update, etc...
  5. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    The fact that the earliest estimates for shipping this out is November is disappointing. Personally that makes it really easy to pass on this deal. In general its disappointing to see how slow Guildball is to allow things open for release. Farmers came out in August and they still aren't "officially" released. Which means that to an average person they aren't able to get it. I'd really appreciate a breakdown of a timeline on why it would take so long to get something like this done. More transparency on this part of the company would be really nice.
  6. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    For what it's worth I like Bushel for her role. She's queen of the snapshots. I think the re rollable snapshot makes her the best snapshot model in the game. She can also be extremely difficult to get rid of if you can get her protected going. It's not even a bad idea to have Harrow get so close because she does a pretty solid job dealing damage and can get tooled up. Momentous 1 isnt exactly what you want on a striker, but she can kill people if she needs to. I understand we have better models at killing, but I like her for that.
  7. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    You know, Buckwheat is available and has been for almost a month now. It's just the rudolph one on the store. It's a pretty sweet model, I just got mine in the other day.
  8. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    Getting him the ball has been much easier said than done. He certainly has trouble taking it from most of their players and I've found that Ferrite and Iron both make him look foolish, but that might be a positioning error on my point since I'm even letting him get near Ferrite. I've just found that Masons have more trouble killing apprentices than it would appear. Sledge is easy pickings because our big killing models can take him out and even deal with his Sentinel by using Knockback to take him away from those masters. Iron is difficult because he easily disengages due to his push and Cinder has UM which is difficult for us to deal with as most models who can get around the UM don't have the killing power to stop her. I'm not especially scared when I see blacksmiths. Masons being flexible make it hard to be too worried about anyone, but they have a learning curve to play against which I'm still mastering.
  9. New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    I've played a few matches vs the first Blacksmiths box and theyve been an interesting nut to crack. I think Hammer is the choice into them but in my experience he often gets a takeout and then Furnace ties him up for 2 turns. Cinder having unpredictable movement makes her hard for Masons to kill as well. I've also found that Flint is basically useless in the matchup. I've had a lot of trouble getting him to do much of anything against them. I've had the most success using Hammer, Chisel, Mallet, Tower, Brick and Marbles and going for 2-2 with Hammer doing a majority of the work.
  10. Any advice on using hammer?

    I don't have all that much advice since I am also a new player to Masons and Hammer but I really love him. he's been much more fun and reliable for me. My main trouble is that he can get tar pitted and bogged down in a long slog fest which has been difficult for me to keep him getting the most out of his activations. He can disengage with his early knockdown but its a lot of effort that's preventing him from doing as much damage as he can which is frustrating.
  11. Idea for Thresher Change

    If youre whole contribution to the discussion is to try and pick apart semantics of what I said then why did you bother to comment? Are you really saying the vast majority of players use vassal and proxies on models that aren't out yet? I don't understand how it relates to the topic at hand at all unless you are just trying to troll. Or is this normal for the guildball community to have new members to the forums comments constantly ridiculed. it's certainly been my experience so far.
  12. Idea for Thresher Change

    While I don't have a scientific study backing up that most people havent played against thresher. Its not a stretch to say that most people havent played agaisnt a model that isnt widely available yet. Even less have played with his full "team" that had millstone backing him up. Its still to early to say something about the whole group and I don't see why Steamforged needs to rush and do something immediately like the sky is falling. I really disagree with this. I think Farmers have lots of rules, place a lot of emphasis on order of activations, and placement with Harvest Markers that make them less friendly than other guilds to pickup especially to people who are brand new to the game. That's on top of the bad defensive stats (although lots of health and Harrow and Millstone make this more palpable). Hunters arent easy to play either, but just because they might be more difficult to pick up than Farmers doesn't mean that Farmers are especially new player friendly. I have a suspicion (although its not more than that because I havent tested it extensively) that farmers are probably stronger when playing a control / denial set up with Fallow and Grange denying the opponents any favorable combat at all.
  13. Idea for Thresher Change

    There's a ton of hyperbole in this thread with everyone going insane and most of the posters not even having played Thresher. There's a lot of hyperbole including claims that Farmers have a low skill floor and that anybody could do what Botts did at worlds. I can see Thresher needing a change, I could even see slightly changing millstone and harrow so they need to be a little bit closer for their Auras, but I'm extremely skeptical its so dire that Steamforged needs to rush and do it immediately. Let them take their time and handle it.
  14. Holiday Sale

    Rather than argue the difference between technical definitions and real world common parlance, or point out that you are “Well Actually-ing” me to try an invalidate my point on a technicality. I’ll just say I’m so sorry I disagree with you and you think I shouldn’t have voiced my opinion. I’m so terrible. Next time I’ll run my opinions through you and ask if it’s ok for me to post here. I don’t dare want to voice an opinion that you don’t think is necessary or odd.
  15. Holiday Sale

    Sorry I was slightly critical of a company you like. For what its worth Steamforged makes a fantastic game, and has an awful HR department, and an awful supply chain and logistics department, and has a good customer service department. If you can even call the mild criticism I placed as me trashing the company then I guess that's what I did. Boo Hiss. As a company that's competing for my money, I'm allowed to be critical of them. It's weird that you are so fanatically supportive of them to the point that even mild criticism sets you off. When I hear "12 days of deals", I assume it means I'm getting a better price, not paying the stock list price. I've heard a lot of grumblings on facebook groups about how Steamforged used to be really good about this on Black Friday and during holiday times where you could get entire teams for very good prices. I understand things change, but buying items at stock price isn't what I expected when reading the post. Without going too much into the Mystery Box. It was handled extremely poorly. Almost no one received confirmation emails, people got mismatched contents that was not what was advertised, and it was widely seen as an excuse for the company to clear off excess stock. I feel that the sale was misrepresented. If you don't feel the same thats fine, but I'm certainly able to voice that.