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  1. I think that the move to pvc is a very good thing. I am very happy with my farmer box and won’t buy metal model any more. The new sculpt of the fishermens are, in my opinion far better than the old ones. So i answer yes and i will buy the pvc fishs. But i think a 12 mans box for 100 dollars is not a good thing for the game. 2 box of 6 player as farmer and blacksmith is, in my opinion, the way to go. Of course i don’t know the cost of production and this kind of things. Sorry i don’t speak english well. Edit : when I say it won’t be a good thing for the game, it’s because of the cost. A new player in a store will maybe look around for what cost 100 dollars (boardgame, gw box, warmachine starter). I don’t say that this products are better (I don’t think so !), but of what he could have for the same prices. Now with a 6 man box like the farmer, he could began the game at a very interesting cost if he doesn’t want to buy kick off.
  2. Raistlin13

    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Thanks for updating. Your app is very great, far better than other paying app for miniature game. The only thing to add for me is a match tracking option. Again, you do an amazing job with your app.
  3. Raistlin13

    Veteran Honour -- 2017 Steam Con model

    Thanks. I was afraid we can’t get her if we don’t go to steamcon.
  4. Raistlin13

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Sorry, I don’t speak English well. I really enjoyed watching this keynote. I think the way taken by steamforged game is a good one. Minor guild : a great idea. I really like the concept to keep things fresh for old guild by adding few new models and at the same time make the game evolve with new guild. I think removing Union models from the non union guild is great for the game too. New plot cards and roster size, need to know more but look cool. Old guild in pvc is great. I won’t buy metal miniatures any more. I know I will buy one or more new guild when they will be in pvc ( I am looking at you fishermens and morticians). I hope it won’t take too long. All that stuff is a great move for guild ball. What wasn’t in the keynote and i wished have see : Translation for all the background (French for me but I imagine the problem is the same in other countries). That’s a big problem for expanding the game. Release schedule would be great. More guild ball universe related game (rpg !) God tear look very interesting !
  5. Raistlin13

    Veteran Honour -- 2017 Steam Con model

    Do you know if it will be possible to buy this miniature outside of steamcon 2018 ?
  6. Raistlin13

    Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    I really like them. I hope for web pre sale during steamcon.
  7. Raistlin13

    How did you choose your Guild?

    Sorry, i don't speak english well but this topic is so fun ! A friend of mine talked to me about Guild ball and he was very enthousiast about a game in which he can play mens who drink beer and have a cat as mascot. That's all he loved and for him there was no questions ! Another friend choose Morticians and Fishermens. It was at the end of 2016. So i have to choose my first guild (except of course brewers, fishs and mortis) and i choose the best looking one for me (after morti) : hunters ! After few games i was sad with hunters (not really strong at take out, not good with the ball) and choose Alchimists to change playstyle. My girlfriend offer me the book because i always love reading fluff. I really don't like what i discover about alchimists. It was a big mistake for me to choose a guild only in regard of their rules. Then i saw the farmers preview and i really fell in love with this awesome looking models. I ordered the season 3 book to read the lore to make sure i will enjoy them. And i really like the farmers back story. I always like to play the good guys ! Now i am a farmer player and i really enjoy everything about them : Playstyle, story and models ! These 3 things are equally important for me. I will give Hunters another change because they look far more interesting to play with the new errata and i like their story (with the 2 sides of light and darkness). I must notice that the guild ball story is very great and very interesting. I really enjoy reading all the books and hope there will be more story (roleplaying game or novels could be awesome). I just hope that all this story will be translated into french to speak of the lore with my friends who don't read english.
  8. Raistlin13

    Union in Chains: What are we fighting for?

    What about farmer and blacksmith ?
  9. Raistlin13

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Sorry i don't speak english well. Juste a little advice about beta test in a miniature game. In my opinion, steamforged must do it very carrefuly and not too often. In warmachine, it made a lot of people run away the game. We want to play a game, not to test it ! It could become very difficult to follow the "state of the game " with some players (or events) who wants to test new things and other who play as it's in the book. And when you ask for test, give the all material needed (in this case all the cards). That's the only way (in my opinion) for us to really test new things. I really like this idea of guild identity. Sound fun to me !
  10. Raistlin13

    State of the game?

    I think SFG do a very good job for the balance of the game and the tournament play. It's good ! And it's important they keep this way. What I would like to see, it's things for non tournament play : Campaign book or new big league. Something a little complex to involve player telling a story. Different sort of terrain for each country, experience for player, injuries, etc... Something more casual/fun like open war in new 40k. A deck of card changing the game (not have always the same goal) : random event (weather, drunking supporter on the pitch), random objectives (kill the mascot, hold the ball). Something very simple that affect just one game. This kind of things could be released just with a book or cards. It's also possible to add miniatures, scenery, merchs. I think people could buy this kind of things. Maybe a set of miniatures (supporters, doctors, etc...) or thematic terrain... Sorry I don't speak English very well.