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  1. Frepet

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    In my games so far, Squeak usually stays in the middle, trying to fulfill two purposes: One, be in goal range for a cheeky Piper activation. Two, try to zone out important players that have committed to one flank, and is now trying to get back. If they come close, either make an attack into them or bonus time a shriek, whichever is most likely, and make them jog the opposite way. Most games he doesn´t really come into play, but if you can make a captain or a big time beater waste a turn on jogging back and forth, that is one influence you won´t regret spending! I originally wanted him to set up push outs, but it never quite seems to come together.
  2. It's hard to comment on it while not having played the match up yet, but I would have thought using Memory to try to kill Pelage would be quite inefficient. Without help he does 1 unmomentous damage each attack, maybe two if he's lucky (or 0 if you aren't). If you sink 4 influence into doing 0-8 damage to Pelage without gaining any momentum from it, I'd say thats a win for the ratcatchers player. And with her speed she should be able to choose to just not be in that situation in the first place. Maybe if you tool him up first? Still, I'm gonna have to try facing Morticians with rats before I say to much else, I don't have the brute experience yet! (Hence this thread!)
  3. I imagine the 6 ratcatchers would be the best choice. Scourge and Pelage atleast should have some impact in that game
  4. Your standard 4 seems very in line with my own experience! I'd like to ask a few questions about this paragraph: If you leave Skulk on the bench, say against a farmers team without a lot of dodges or strikers, who do you usually rely on to be a ball retriever? (Skulk is usually my choice for this) What is your thought process behind picking VGraves vs a smoke lineup? To the naked eye he seems more vulnarable to conditions than Skulk because of his lower defense, and he isn't faster than either Skulk or Pelage. (Though I can see swapping out Pelage; if her high defense doesn't save her she dies quite quickly, and that smoke team has a lot of Unpredictable Movement and female players with relativly high defensive stats to make the singled out a bit unlikely and the damage not as good.) I can see VGraves as a good counter to VKatalyst though, easy knock down target and with disease, the alchemist player needs to be even more careful about charging him in. Choosing knock down with one of Scourges 3 attacks always seem painfull! (Want those juicy damage results! )
  5. Hello there! I'm slowly creeping up on a double digit amount of Ratcatchers games, where I've mostly played the original six. I've substituted Skulk for VGraves in some games, and brought Bonesaw into one of them. What I've come away with is that I'm having a hard time seeing which match ups or playstyles the mortician crossovers are good, and I'm starting to wonder if there are any at all. Bonesaw seems more like a personal choice than anything, and I happen to be in the camp that doesn't really like what he does. He brings some massive draw backs, and I think the opportunity cost is too high. Scoring a goal with Ratcatchers isn't terribly difficult, getting the ball back is the hard part in my experience. VGraves has his bright moments, but the TAC5 is painfull at times and the knockdown seems to require too much set up to be reliable. He does bring a fun toolkit, and I feel like his advantages has been listed in multiple threads in here, but I feel like switching out Skulk is a trap; Having a TAC6 modell with a tackle on 2 that can annoy strikers and turn off carefully planned goals seems like a good threat into almost any matchup, not to mention that he can actually do some momentous damage if you need him to. This thread isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of VGraves and Bonesaws advantages and disadvantages, what I've mentioned here is mostly just to set the stage for you guys to comment on this question: In what tournament match up do you think switching out any of the original six is the better play, and why? Is it ever worth going totally diseaseless, even though that means you have to bring both Vgraves and Bonesaw? Switching out Scourge (The Munchiest of all :D) and Miasma seems like way to much off a cost for me, even into Smoke, but I might lack the experience needed here. I am very interested in hearing what you guys think, and I'm trying to keep an open mind here! I'd really like to have some legitimate reasons to bring Vgraves and Bonesaw, other than to fill up the 8 for tournament purposes. And I think new players in the guild who just bought the box of six would like to know this aswell, when they consider wether to buy the Morticians box to fill up their roster!
  6. Hello, a quick question regarding Lightning Reflexes. The ability allows Skulk to jog directly towards a model that ends a dodge within 6 of him Once per turn. If my opponent makes a dodge using the game plan "Seize the Initiative" and ends within 6 of Skulk, how is this resolved? Is this not considered a turn, thus not allowing Skulk to react, or does the ability trigger, allowing him to use his opt allowance for the following turn? Thanks!
  7. Frepet

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    After 5 games with the Ratcatchers I have to say they are one of the most fun play experiences I´ve had with a new guild. Just some random musings: * Piper almost always get 3 influence to threaten the reverie. But when do you give him more? I find that I often over allocate influence to him, and while he can do fun stuff, it doesn´t always feel as useful. the Haunting Melody is great, even though it´s almost always piper that has to move. Take advantage of the "towards" wording and be creative! It´s especially great against opponents with the ball if you start within 7 inches and load him up with 6; I come to you, tackle, heroic push, sprint somewhere else, pass the ball, reverie. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. * Scourge is a tricky piece to play, and you have to be able to change his playstyle based on the opponents team. If they are a beater team, you have to keep him back, otherwise he just melts. Vs a scoring team, he can be an excellent tank, because he never really dies if you can´t burst him down quick enough. The damage he can do for next to no setup is good and reliable, the damage he can do with setup is great ++. *Miasma is a good player, her character plays are great, clearing conditions is great, and her playbook is pretty good aswell! The -1 TAC if diseased aura can be hard to remember, but fighting around cover + this can sometimes lead to really bad situations for your opponent that they might not have planned for. * Skulk is usually hit or miss, but I like having him in my lineup. If nothing else, he is a good player to tackle the ball from far away, especially against UM teams and the like. Just having another TAC 6 player seems strong. He isn´t very tough, so positioning is key with this guy. Also remember that Lightning Reflexes and Follow Up are "Directly Towards", so keeping him around barriers and other terrain can often be detrimental to him and easily exploited. Still, a great player in his own right, and when meeting his favorite opponents he can be a nightmare, or simply turn off certain goal threats. * Pelage is the player I´m having most difficulty in placing. She can be a great, annoying, damage dealing supporter striking threat, but also sometimes she just dies. Her dilemmas are great, but her skills are extremly dependent on what you are facing. I think she is the player who´s most often sidelined for a Mortician player, even though I think she´s situationally great. In a situation where she can hang around a bit, healing a couple of times and triggering multiple dilemmas while applying singled out here and there, she is great. Hitting a soft male player? Great! Also, in a guild where many players want to max out, having a player who has a detrimental passive effect is great. Just walking up to people and saying "Snared or 3 damage?" can be worthwhile. Her weakness is the usual weaknesses that 1¨ models usually have, in addition to her relative squishiness. Squeak seems like an OK-Good mascot, even though he doesn´t usually get any influence. His character play is a strong threat, and I think opponents should always be aware of it. * While I see the benefits of Vgraves (KD + Disease, Gravedigger, 2¨ etc.) I just don´t fancy him. Tac 5 is still bad when fishing for a KD on 3, and while singled out helps, I don´t feel like that 1-2 punch is good enough to warrant his inclusion. I´m very open to the idea that I could be wrong here, but he doesn´t really entice me. Bonesaw just doesn´t bring what I want. I feel like scoring a goal in rats is very easy, the hard part is regaining control of the ball. Bonesaw doesn´t really help here. I´m continuing to test them both, but these are my thoughts so far on these two! I really like the guild so far, and plan to continue practicing with them. Might even bring them to the WTC! The limited roster size is a problem though, but getting an extra game plan has, in 2 out of 5 games, given me an extra 7 card, so theres that. Keeping 6 instead of 5 also opens up a tiny bit of flexibility that has helped me in a couple of games aswell. Interested to see how the guild evolves as people get better with them!
  8. Frepet

    Who to kick with?

    I feel like the most natural kicker is Piper so far, but the team has a lot of repositions so that might not hold true once we actually get to play them. I think the threat of a turn one Piper goal is pretty nice with his abilities to rearrange the situation quite a bit, and in the case where the goal is not possible, you can reverie another player of your choice to the front lines (Scourge seems to be the choice for this), thus having multiple threats in the first turn. Can´t wait to try!
  9. Frepet

    Morticians post rat catchers

    That sounds terrible xD My intent was to make it not be a net loss of momentum for the morticians to utilize the skill fully, but that was indeed a bad idea. Carry on!
  10. Frepet

    Morticians post rat catchers

    I wonder if simply removing the MP cost of using Football Dervish would make Bonesaw more appealing. It certainly would help if the risky play didn´t completely drain our momentum pool in addition to having a reasonably high chance of failing.
  11. That is true, but those are both cases of selecting a playbook result, and I think that is different. But I don't know, so I will also await an official answer
  12. In this case I believe they would be able to choose Snared again, there is at least nothing in the text on the card that prevents them from doing so. It will be up to the Ratcatcher / Mortician to make the most out of her abilities.
  13. Frepet

    Played 2nd Tournament

    Sounds like you played great, interesting games! You seem to enjoy playing Ghast and Casket in the same list, do you feel that the one less influence hurts your gameplay?
  14. Frepet

    Morticians post rat catchers

    Reanimate on Pelage is actually quite a cool idea. The models I think kill her the easiest are the ones with reliable knockdowns to bring her defense down to 4+, but if they have to first knock her down, deal 10 damage, then 3 more on def 5+ (or another knockdown and then 4+) without generating momentum on the damage results for bonus time, it might become more trouble than it´s worth. (Especially if they have to do it across 2 activations, giving you the ability to keep Scalpel back until she´s needed, healing 4hp and putting reanimate on Pelage after one model has already committed.) You might argue that keeping your captain close to Pelage for this interaction to work is a bit to much of an investment, but it´s a neat trick that can catch opponents off guard, and it´s not like Pelage with singled out and possibly snared is a bad combo with Scalpel from the get go.
  15. Frepet

    Rat Catchers

    I wonder if Scalpel can use second wind on Pelage, so that Pelage can choose to trigger Cloak of Rats before Second Winding away to "safety". Might be a bit of a resource hog and counter to how you want your activation order to go, but it could be interesting.