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  1. Hello everyone, I have a quick question! Consider a scenario where model X is in base contact with an obstacle, and you want to push that model out of cover. If you have model Y with Battering Ram approach at a jog from the exact opposite side of the obstacle, will you ever get "base to base" with X in this way, thus pushing X 2 inches directly away, or do you have to approach at a different angle? I think the question boils down to wether you can you be in base to base contact with both an obstacle and a model moving over said obstacle at the same time, at the same angle, or are you limited to hitting the model at a point that is not already in contact with something else, in this case, a terrain piece? I hope that makes sense 😅 Thanks!
  2. Frepet

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    So far, she´s the only player who´s in almost all of my lists. Dropping her from the list is almost always a sign that I´m "experimenting".
  3. Frepet

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    I´m aware that this comment doesn´t add much to the conversation, but I´m gonna say it anyway: New Scalpel is amazing. Her control, damage and speed/ball handling is so good, and her activation is always fun (Though can be time consuming). With vHemlocke she is just a nightmare to deal with. Kicking with Bonesaw and midnight offering Scalpel into a threatening position in the first activation can be so ball breaking for the opposition to deal with! I´m a bit unsure when we drop Obulus now. Any thoughts? He is still good and all, and maybe the Scalpel Craze will settle eventually, but right now, she just seems so solid.
  4. Frepet

    Free cities update

    To the people fighting for their top choice (even if it isn´t Amber); Keep up the good work! And remember, if the results of the free city campaign isn´t to your liking, the fluff behind it will probably be good anyhow. Most of the Brewers want Amber, but if that doesn´t happen, then just look at it this way: For some reason, mechanisms beyond the Brewers control played a hand in her getting exiled, and they wanted to keep it that way. Maybe there´s more behind it? We don´t even know why she´s exiled in the first place, so this opens up possibilities of good fluff no matter how it goes. Maybe she comes back as a veteran player at somepoint, and that might be even better! The community doesn´t "owe it" to Brewers to let us get Amber, and if they want to spend all this time and energy keeping her away from us, then thats just how it´s gonna be. If they´re doing it solely because they hate what vDeci did to them, then I think thats a poor reason, but we´re just gonna have to deal with it. And honestly, there are some who are overly vocal about Amber being a #Brewer to the point of being annoying to the rest of the community, so it´s not that hard to see why we ended up in this position. That might just be my opinion though, so don´t take it the wrong way. There might be other people like me who´s kinda burned out on Brewers at the moment not logging games, so that might also be a part of this puzzle. I´m gonna throw in some Falconer games in Amber´s favour!
  5. Frepet

    Season Four Blog

    One positive thing is that there is now a situation where Hooper can start the top of a turn by using True Grit and whack away (If he still has that)
  6. Frepet

    Let's start taking tactics

    Question for you all: In turn one when receiving, do you allocate influence to lay out 3 harriers, or do you prioritize having influence left for passing the ball around? I´ve been thinking about going for a more ball oriented approach to "guarantee" momentum and/or some janky moves, but it´s so hard to tell whether 3 harriers will be overkill or perfect when allocating. Doing 5 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 0 (Devana, 3 harriers and a sprint + pass to retrieve the ball) or something like that makes influence so tight, so you never feel like you can afford to play ball! Any musings? So far I´m in camp "2 harriers are enough for turn one, play the ball more". This is all predicated on the fact that they don´t have Grace, Banisher of Birds. She changes things!
  7. Frepet

    Let's start taking tactics

    I feel like Falconers are at the strongest if they can abuse a slight increase in average dice rolls. A lot of the results you want are already within reach, but things that just nudge probabilities into your favor seem really strong. So I really like Grudge Match and +1 tac on a squaddie, even though singled out can get real dicey when put on one of your players. This is also why I feel like Devanas legendary play is so important. Using it to get just a kill is rarely worth it, but ending a turn by snaring a bunch of targets really boosts your next turn massively! Most targets with -1 def will be good targets for almost any of our players: Minerva is pretty solid on her own, but snared gives you more safety in hitting the results you need. Mataagi can more easily hit the mom harrier (or a tackle!), Rundaas will start hitting those delicious upper results, and so on. And while I know that this isn´t rocket science and people already do this, I think its easy to lose sight of these small bonuses in the heat of battle. The 3 damage is great, but guaranteed snared is really good. Also, counter attack to put out harriers or other character plays! Any influence saved is influence gained, and all of our players really want that one extra attack. Sure, Rundaas might not knock you down on a counter, but he will put up a harrier or dirty knives. Then when it´s his turn, he can go straight into the juicy results! Same with Minerva: If you don´t actually need 3 attacks to do KD, Eye Spy and Harrier, thats great news! Even choosing these results ahead of the "better choices" can be worth it. If Minerva has the chance to knock someone down on the counter attack, but they have a momentum, ask your self this: Would I rather he waste that momentum to stand up and continue as usual, or do I want him to end the turn in a harrier or eye spyed, which he can´t clear? I am enjoying Falconers very much at the moment, and with WTC behind us, we´re hopefully gonna be able to get some more games in with them!
  8. Frepet

    Kicking with Falcons

    I´ve tried kicking with Ikaros a few times now, and it´s sort of solid, but I´m not quite happy with it. Giving him 4 influence to pressure the ball steal + goal sort of eats into what Devana wants to do, meaning that you don´t have enough influence to get all the harriers out while also giving Devana enough to really take advantage of the setup. I´m gonna experiment with Rundaas in the future, he seems to be able to threaten right away while still reserving the possibility of simply setting Devana up if the situation demands it.
  9. So, it seems like the changes to the Falconers are the next ones to be revealed! Out of curiosity, does anyone think anything in particular needs changing? They haven´t been out for very long, but so far I´m fairly pleased with the Falconer 6. Maybe we´ll see some changes to the Hunter crossover models like we saw hinted at with vGraves and Bonesaw? Of the top of my ahead I think rewording Ikaros´ ability Taking Flight to be a bit clearer on the whole "when do you gain flying" thing (even though that´s pretty much been settled as "you choose", it could still be clearer for newer players.) Any other thoughts?
  10. Frepet

    Free Cities Draft

    Amber sounds like a fun player, but I think we should see what the other choices are before going all Amber-crazy. If you want her for fluff reasons, it might be better to let her go to a different guild, become better, and then maybe reemerge as a Brewer at some later point as a veteran model (like a reverse Spigot!) However, IMHO a goalkeeper sounds a bit dull. I´ve never really liked the defensive play style that these models bring, and would rather like another offensive tool that´s a bit quicker than Stoker/Hooper etc., but maybe not as crazy as vDecimate. Anyhow, lets see how this evolves before making any rash judgements!
  11. Frepet

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    I think thats an idea that sounds way cooler in theory than in practice We have players that benefit so much more from those abilities, in particular Tooled Up, that I can´t see how it would be worth all that set up in order to do 4 damage. Maybe keep the first half of the plan to give her BoQ and some crowd outs to throw knives at different targets in order to reduce their defence and give them poison, but if you´re looking for pure damage, I think you should look elsewhere. (Now, if those dirty knives helps spigot or hooper wrap, then you´re talking! ) I think planning on having Friday throw multiple dirty knives from playbook results is one of those things that won´t really materialize unless you spend crazy amounts of set up on it, so I´d say that´s mostly an opportunistic situation that can be exploited, not something to plan the turn around. Then again, if you wanna try it, go for it!
  12. Frepet

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    In my games so far, Squeak usually stays in the middle, trying to fulfill two purposes: One, be in goal range for a cheeky Piper activation. Two, try to zone out important players that have committed to one flank, and is now trying to get back. If they come close, either make an attack into them or bonus time a shriek, whichever is most likely, and make them jog the opposite way. Most games he doesn´t really come into play, but if you can make a captain or a big time beater waste a turn on jogging back and forth, that is one influence you won´t regret spending! I originally wanted him to set up push outs, but it never quite seems to come together.
  13. It's hard to comment on it while not having played the match up yet, but I would have thought using Memory to try to kill Pelage would be quite inefficient. Without help he does 1 unmomentous damage each attack, maybe two if he's lucky (or 0 if you aren't). If you sink 4 influence into doing 0-8 damage to Pelage without gaining any momentum from it, I'd say thats a win for the ratcatchers player. And with her speed she should be able to choose to just not be in that situation in the first place. Maybe if you tool him up first? Still, I'm gonna have to try facing Morticians with rats before I say to much else, I don't have the brute experience yet! (Hence this thread!)
  14. I imagine the 6 ratcatchers would be the best choice. Scourge and Pelage atleast should have some impact in that game
  15. Your standard 4 seems very in line with my own experience! I'd like to ask a few questions about this paragraph: If you leave Skulk on the bench, say against a farmers team without a lot of dodges or strikers, who do you usually rely on to be a ball retriever? (Skulk is usually my choice for this) What is your thought process behind picking VGraves vs a smoke lineup? To the naked eye he seems more vulnarable to conditions than Skulk because of his lower defense, and he isn't faster than either Skulk or Pelage. (Though I can see swapping out Pelage; if her high defense doesn't save her she dies quite quickly, and that smoke team has a lot of Unpredictable Movement and female players with relativly high defensive stats to make the singled out a bit unlikely and the damage not as good.) I can see VGraves as a good counter to VKatalyst though, easy knock down target and with disease, the alchemist player needs to be even more careful about charging him in. Choosing knock down with one of Scourges 3 attacks always seem painfull! (Want those juicy damage results! )