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  1. So we are playing it wrong all the time? You don't have to spend souls to buy equipment or level up ? WTf.. now the game will be extra easy
  2. Hey guys. Once again we played the game and yet each time we play the game we discover something new. Sentinel has 1move range and 1attack range. If the player is in his range of 1, does he have to move to the player and attack? Or can he just hit without movement? Same for bosses like Gargoyle. Does he has to move even when enemy is in his range.
  3. DryTEK

    Other expansions

    Really ?
  4. DryTEK

    Other expansions

    Hey. I was wondering... If the game will have other expansions than the "kickstarter" ones. By that I mean adding more bosses, enemies or even places. I would love to see Artorias and Sif as a Boss fight, Blighttown etc. Any info ? What are your ideas/wishes for this game.
  5. Hey Guys. So I got my Dark souls game and we hopped into it. We are full group of 4 and we are wondering how many souls you got for normal level 1 encounter where are 3 enemies. It's bit comfusing since the game is in different language than our native. Also you can use "Estus flask" anytime in your turn right? Also [2] there is quite a lot of items with very high stats to use are we doing something wrong ? Thank you guys Have a nice day -DryTEK