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  1. Vet Calc confirmed

    Yeah agree with that, to compete with Ocalc she has to really bring something awesome to the team
  2. First game vs hunters.... any advice?

    Interesting answers as personnaly I would pick Smoke vs hunter and try to kill the squishy. I like def 5 models, but vs Theron I feel like a boosted play will easily snare you and bring the def to 4 to be burst quickly
  3. Which Kat?

    I think they both are great, I wish we could have them both on the field together. Okat is a great brawler, and with 3+ / 1 plus his life pool he can take a beating even without tough hide, he's great for KD, pusing people around and for momemtum. Vkat is a big damage threat and won me many games because of his burst. He can be easily controlled tho if your opponent is smart
  4. I really like "Run the length", good quality, he tells the allocation every turn, also mention some mistakes or what the players intended to do, everything is really smooth and clear. Has pretty much everything I want from a report In a different style I like T&G, the videos are much longer and more on the chill side imo, but htey are also pleasant to watch, with nice camera close up
  5. What do we need from a minor guild?

    I'd say we lack high TAC models (except Kata), KD access, and momentum damage. Not sure we will get this tho. Another route would be something helping the condition game, kind of like Crucible passive, or something that raise condition damage like the GIC card.
  6. Damage Trackers

    I wanted to use those at first, but I didn't liked that they can roll around the place and didn't want to build a support so bought magic commander life counter and I am happy with them. They are bigger than I thougt tho, approx as big as a miniature https://www.amazon.fr/Commanders-Arsenal-Spindown-Life-Counter/dp/B00LORKP80
  7. How do i play Midas well?

    How much inf do you put on him on average each turn ?
  8. Ratcatchers Guild

    I can't find pictures from the dice, where did you see them ?
  9. Bags and Storage

    Thanks for the reply, I might check that as I already got some other KR stuff and as much as I like the Battlefoam GB bag, I would prefer to stick to KR to have everything compatible.
  10. Bags and Storage

    Hey, when using that, how do you transport your token, dice ... ?
  11. I might be biased as I play mostly Alch, but I play engineer too and I like the Alch model more. The glasses, the outfit, the trousers instead of a short
  12. VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    I use the icy sponde token for momentum tracking until I find something I like more For life point, I bought some magic the gathering commander life counter, they are big enough so that the opponent can see the number from acros the table
  13. So if the hunters and morts finally get 1 fig each, do that mean that every guild will get one anyway ?
  14. Ok thanks everyone for the answer !
  15. Hi, There is a discussion going on in my playgroup about getting momentum when going second for the first turn of the game. Until now we played that when you go second at any time, you get 1 MP. Yet a more experimented player came to play and he said that you don't get it for the first turn. The reason would be that the rules says you get the MP at the end of the initiative phase, and after the kick off there is no initiave phase as the iniative is given automaticaly to the player receiving the ball.