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  1. Bags and Storage

    Thanks for the reply, I might check that as I already got some other KR stuff and as much as I like the Battlefoam GB bag, I would prefer to stick to KR to have everything compatible.
  2. Bags and Storage

    Hey, when using that, how do you transport your token, dice ... ?
  3. I might be biased as I play mostly Alch, but I play engineer too and I like the Alch model more. The glasses, the outfit, the trousers instead of a short
  4. VP, MOM, Goal trackers/counters

    I use the icy sponde token for momentum tracking until I find something I like more For life point, I bought some magic the gathering commander life counter, they are big enough so that the opponent can see the number from acros the table
  5. So if the hunters and morts finally get 1 fig each, do that mean that every guild will get one anyway ?
  6. Ok thanks everyone for the answer !
  7. Hi, There is a discussion going on in my playgroup about getting momentum when going second for the first turn of the game. Until now we played that when you go second at any time, you get 1 MP. Yet a more experimented player came to play and he said that you don't get it for the first turn. The reason would be that the rules says you get the MP at the end of the initiative phase, and after the kick off there is no initiave phase as the iniative is given automaticaly to the player receiving the ball.
  8. Spoilers: vHarry

    Except they are exactly the same, at the same place where Calculus have them
  9. Spoilers: vHarry

    It's the same weapon though, even the vials on the blet match the one on Calculus model
  10. Using Crucible

    I'm still new to the game, but that's an usual line up to me. You play with no fire AOE ? I always feel like it is even more important than poison because of the MOV reduction. About Crucible, I really want to like her because the model is great, her profile is really different from our other players, still didn't tried her. On the part of allowing Vitriol dodge, do you keep a condition on Crucible all the time just for that ? because the difference with Okat is that if he's already in Vitriol's melee range, you don't even have to activate him before her to proc the dodge
  11. Blacksmith proxies?

    Here are some (not mine) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0bYhTDMQ9A_bTFSaDlMQUE4REk/view
  12. Wow that Tend' base is scary !!! Most of the time I don't like to stick with the "cover of the box" scheme, but I might make an exception for the butchers, I really like red, and on top of that it fits them well
  13. Not mine, but I saw those one on FB, I like the scheme and the painting is super clean too https://ofmiceandminiatures.deviantart.com/
  14. Speculations: Future game mechanics

    Maybe they would go with 16, that would be 2 x 6 man boxes including capt and mascott x2, and then 1 box of 4 with the rest
  15. Harry the Hat!

    I like him in my Alch roster, as other said having a 2" melee brawler feels really good, plus he got molotov which synergize well with the team. Also, to those saying he isn't even in their 10 anymore, consider that at the moment he is competing for the union slot, but if we get him as a guild player or not counting for the union slot, there is definitely room for him in the roster