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  1. Akkulader

    Change my address

    Hey guys! I'll move next week and I'd like to change my shipping address in the bakerkit. But it says it's closed. Is there a possibility for me? Or will it open before wave 2 shipping? I'd be very happy if someone could help me!
  2. Akkulader

    Why I can't pay with paypal on backerkit?

    I've got a bank card. But I can't use it on the backerkit. Just a credit card
  3. Hey there! For the kickstarter pledge I used a credit card of a good friend and bought additional stuff on the backerkit by paypal ( at least I'm pretty sure because I didn't use the card twice). So why do I need now a credit card to purchase the card game and another mega boss? I'm so f* dissapointed !