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  1. Painted miniatures

    I totally agree. They look even better in front of me. Ornstein & Smough's Armor are just fantastic up close!
  2. Painted miniatures

    Hi there fellow Dark Souls Gamers! I've had my miniatures painted by the talented people of Urban Artworx and just got them back today. What do you think? De
  3. My miniatures are almost finished. I had them painted by professionals and that's ho the hollow faces look like (I went with the red/brownish look of the first game). I'll gladly post close ups as soon as I have them back.
  4. As far as I know there is no plastic fog door.
  5. Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    You're totally right. Well, I'd think it wouldn't be good for balancing. So: inaccurate but works
  6. Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    A bit off-topic, but have you tried using heal? I've played my assassin at the end of the last game mostly as a healer and just ran away (had 4 dodge dice and could move 2 instead of 1 space dodging) and only came in for the kill or if the enemies would avoid me until my next turn. I found it to be quite enjoyable to play. My gear was dodge-only and not capable of blocking anything so it became quite intense from time to time.
  7. Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    I'd say no. Even if you do nothing in game the buggers still charge at you
  8. Armor Sets

    I'm very happy with this!
  9. Finally finished my gargoyle

    Really awesome work! Looks a lot like the concept art
  10. Armor Sets

    I see - I wasn't even thinking about bandai namco. It seems plausible. And I get that you (and a lot of other people) don't care at all about using those minis. I was really looking forward to that. My understanding was - as they are iconic armor sets - that you would swap out your mini if you got the armor set together (havel armor plus greatshield for example). Maybe even gain some kind of set bonus (+1 blue dice physical / magic defense or something). At least something that has relevance in the game. After all (and I know I'm repeating myself) it is a board game expansion. If I want miniatures to put on my shelf and look at I buy exactly that. Oh well. At least the summons and invaders are looking battle ready. I'm excited to find out how those will play in game. And if they send cards with the armor set I'll use those too
  11. Extended ruleset plus reference sheets

    I really like the resting rule and will try that at the next game. That is something I always used in-game and I never thought to implement it in the board game! Thank you!
  12. Armor Sets

    Well I'm on board with redesigning them even if it causes delay. It really doesn't make sense to have armor set minis withouth weapons for the board game. I mean - it's an official expansion! But as far as I can see right now it is nothing more than a cosmetic option, so you would want to exchange your player mini for the armor set to reflect that in game. But why would you ruin the gaming mood by having your character slow clap while a big ass mega boss is trying to kill you? So in my opinion it doesn't make sense. I'd rather see a rule overhaul for the treasure deck. Or even a replacement for the misprinted miniboss cards (all have the boss icon right now & some heatups are wrong afaik) and just scrap the armor sets. I doubt that anyone would buy or even use these at all - so what's the point? A stack of money and material down the drain...
  13. Thank you, I've added them!
  14. Hey everyone! I've read in the comments that I'm not the only one that is dissapointed with the metal aggro token that we'll get. So I thought I'll take matters into my own hand. Would anyone be interested in a metal aggro and first player token in the exact same design as the board game? I've found a company in germany and would take care of ordering and shipping if enough people want them too. If we can get around 1000 people, the cost would be around $2 per coin. 500 would be around $3,50 and so on. If enough people are interested I'll get a fixed quote.
  15. Let me recap everything, so we have it in one place. This is what's included in your kickstarter package: The first column is the core game and column 2 & 3 is what you will get in october. PLUS Solaire of Astora and the metal Aggro Token! That's a whole lot of stuff right there you allready paid for! Any additional expansion will cost extra and these are what you could order via backerkit: Mega Boss Vordt of the Boreal Valley Mega Boss Old Iron King Mega Boss Asylum Demon Mega Boss The Four Kings Mega Boss The Guardian Dragon Mega Boss Black Dragon Kalameet Mega Boss The Gaping Dragon Double Sided Gaming Tiles Expansion Darkroot Basin Expansion (containing Sif, Artorias and 6 different Darkroot Basin Enemies) Also, there are as of now 3 retailer exclusive expansions you can only get from a retailer: Mega Boss Executioner's Chariot Mega Boss Last Giant Mega Boss Manus, Father of the Abyss