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  1. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    When you find that more money let me know.
  2. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    First off let me say I backed both IGGs. Even though I am already own the Butchers. I am super stoked to see SFG take on two teams at once and fully support the PVC route for the models new and old guilds alike. Now I do not agree with the two campaign model. From my experience, albeit with KS over IGG, I would have liked to see one campaign with some flexibility in maybe only getting half a box, for those that want to support the move to PVC but can't swing the $100 per full team. So still an original goal of $80K, but for one 6 man team of each. Then after the original $80K for every $40K you add in another 6 man team until we reach the four planned. This build excitement for backers, can be easily managed by having x pledge levels to get exact numbers of what to produce. Now I also understand where SFG is coming from with the dollar totals, by making it at that level they have made it where their current stream of income stays focused on the future releases and only the IGG funds make the older guilds. Being realistic here I am hopeful that both will fund, but more likely only one will. (to which I want to be wrong about). We still have plenty of time in the campaigns to see them fund, just need to keep sharing and talking about them. I would like to see SFG if they get close 80% range think long and hard about kicking in that last 20% to make sure that they happen. The retail release will repay the funds spent and gets the less expensive sets into the wild. These pre-assembled models have the ability to bring in players from the larger board game market widening the player base which then get hooked on guild ball! TLDR -> I am getting them in plastic. Could have had a better style campaign. Really want them to fund.
  3. Not a Brewer player but I do believe that is how most of my games go anyway. I find it almost a must to have the adult beverages at the game table.
  4. New year New Channel

    I would suggest a full team break down with main objectives as one part, then do separate video for common combos. So between three and four videos per team, keeping each below the 20 min mark. As an example video one would be one six player box break down of who is in it and the primary focus. Video two would be combos along with tips and tricks that focus on that same six player box. Then repeat for the other six player box. This then gives you a format to do minor guilds when release.
  5. Weird Forum error?

    Another interesting point is that in both his post and where I quote it, the element that hold the reply and quote and like parts shows in the correct place. Which once you give that info as well to the web dev team they should be intrigued enough to do something. Good luck Mako
  6. Weird Forum error?

    Sounds like the SF team can take this and apply that snippet to the css for crome on their end, after a test or two.
  7. Best of the Season to You!

    A very happy intoxicated Christmas or equivalent to all! And to all a good night...
  8. Alright, time to jump into the fray here. Most of us here seem to think that the PVC is good to ok. Also I seem most of us thinking that a 6 man box would be better. I know I got extra guilds because I found awesome deals, but am very tempted by the price point on a 6 man box. The question I have for SFG is, do you want to move to PVC or not? To me doing 6 man boxes makes this much more palatable from a production and sales side. From a design / sculpt doing 6 vs 12 will come out the same per figure. Also from a SKU point of view once a 6 man box has been done in PVC then the corresponding metal box can be phased out. It can also mean only producing limited quantities certain metal boxes as SFG would know that they are the next to be done. Back to what we know, Minor guilds will be in PVC and any future guilds will as well. So to the original question does SFG want to spend the money to redesign and re-sculpt the old guilds? From the sounds of the keynote they do, but are trying to justify it. PVC seems to be broadening the number of players and keeps it everything you need in one box. This takes me to my answer: I say man up and make the call to do the redesign /re-sculpt. Do it in phases of 6 man boxes, then stop producing the metal box it matches.
  9. I got that impression too about Rage's body having both minds share the same space and now that Rage died, but not really, Blackheart can take control. I don't remember the fluff from when he took over, which book was that in or was it like UIC a community event?
  10. Not About Guild Ball

    Congratulations! We will have to get you to work on the back up stories. She will always inadvertently mess up your plans, but usually in a good way.
  11. Wild Speculation on Minor guilds

    I think these may be listed somewhere else in the forum, but here is what I have seen in the fluff. I may have missed one or two. 1. Scholar's Guild 2. Astronomer's Guild 3. Solthecian Order 4. Physician's Guild 5. Seamstresses's Guild 6. Messenger's Guild 7. Fool's Guild 8. Entertainer's Guild Now technically we know that #3 is not a Minor Guild and will come out swinging. Maybe link #1 to Engineers, #2 to Alchemist, and #6 to Masons. Not really sure on the rest.
  12. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    United States, East Coast. There really isn't a community yet in the closest game store and any store that does have a community is 45 min to 1 hour away. Which has left me using Vassal some and trying to get my regular board game group to play to limited success.
  13. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    As someone who has every model for Masons, Butchers, Engineers and Union. (minus a couple SE/LE ones) Plus a Hunter/Brewer Mystery box. I think the move to PVC is very good for the future of the game. I would make moving into the other guilds cheaper for me as well as faster to the table. I do think they should be in the 6 man boxes, it follows the format that already exists for Farmers and Blacksmiths. Plus it gives them a chance to do multiple guild conversions at once which releases more guilds faster even if each guild wouldn't be completely PVC. I think the minor guilds idea is super fun. Gives more guilds to choose from while enticing existing Guild Loyalists to try something new. I don't really ever get to do OP events / Tournaments. So the format there bothers me less, or I just don't have the experience to feel foul about. Finally let me add to the release schedule requests. It doesn't have to be exact release date, but maybe which quarter it will be in. I get the manufacturing cycle having delays, ship voyages, design choices, sculpting work and distribution is hard to nail down dates, but give us our breadcrumbs!
  14. Union worth fighting for?

    Its not the fight I am participating in but I third the sentiment! The Fish must not be allowed to win! They like the Brewers are just responsible for my dinner.
  15. Any interest in a Midwest league?

    I am not in the midwest, east coast, but wouldn't mind trying to get some vassal games going as well. I am by no means an expert at vassal, so more exposure there would be great as well. As for the community travel to tournaments, I will cheer you guys on with that.