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  1. Not the cheapest price but I did just check amazon uk and there are at least 3 sellers. Only one in the realm of reason-ability. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Steamforged-Games-Guild-Hunter-Chaska/dp/B01H7IL2PY/
  2. mcs1213

    S4 Team Changes

    Very well done!
  3. mcs1213

    Free Cities Draft

    Whats the check point Mason's? Anyone settling on anything? We also need to get more games logged! So here were my initial top three. Nomad, Champ, and Cutlass. Now I made these choices based solely on the fluff and what positions I thought would give us even more balance. Also Gaffer and Amber were a very close four and five. After having read though everything here I will alter the top three to include Edge instead of Cutlass. Which makes me say Nomad, Edge, Champ in order but still very close between them. Then Cutlass, Gaffer, and Amber as the second three.
  4. mcs1213

    8 vs 8 game

    I am very intrigued by this. My main concern would be play time, how much longer does each round last to get those last two players to do something? Would their actions be meaningful? It would allow for coaches to try out a few player combinations that in a standard 6 they wouldn't consider using. Please let us know what you find with it.
  5. mcs1213

    How do you deal with tilt?

    Well I long ago did many years of Poker and I learned that being on tilt just got me in even more trouble. It was mostly an experience thing, play more so it bothers you less kinda of thing. The other aspect came down to what was mentioned above, know what you can have an impact on and let the rest go. Plus if you are a more casual player a nice adult beverage always is key to my table. What puts me on tilt in GB is when I setup a nice play and go to execute it but forget a character ability or I am off by 1/2 inch that makes the play impossible.
  6. So the heart of the question, is there any way to redeem these without being a Pundit? I have obtained one of these code and wanted to see how to use it. While I really enjoy GB and look forward to the continued success of the game, life keeps me from being able to make a commitment to the Pundit process.
  7. mcs1213

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    So I think I am saying the same thing but it seems that with the charge looking for "Ball's Gone!" then a "Where'd they Go?" and finally the shot there is little to do. The thing I would do is have Colossus go for the CA and take the KD. Again I don't know dice odds that well, but at least taking the KD vs the tackle Grayscales can't use that extra influence to make a second attack for the proper positioning and he becomes easier to stomp on.
  8. mcs1213

    I hate fan based guilds, but....

    While I love the exploding dice mechanic, lets turn it on its head from being exploding when success to exploding when critical fail. Meaning that you still have to hit the def and arm stats but when you roll a 1 you get to try again.
  9. mcs1213

    New Guild Ball Blog

    Yes, the plan is forget your original plan and wing it.
  10. With Vengeance 2018 going on I figured now would be a good time to make the request. Anyone want to part with the goal markers from the swag bags? Either of them the 2018 one or the 2017 one. My preference would be the 2017 version. Now if someone also wants to ninja shop for me if they happen to be selling extra I would also greatly appreciate that as well. I am in the US but willing to work something out with the shipping. Thanks all.
  11. mcs1213

    A bit of silly (and extreme) speculation

    Well we are already getting vet Chisel in the faithful box, so probably not another captain. Fluff wise I would see Harmony take it away from Hammer, so a Seasoned Harmony and a vet Hammer so he can learn some humility.
  12. mcs1213

    Selling Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers, and Kick off

    How much does the blacksmiths and Kick off weigh? Trying to get an idea of what shipping would be to 30277.
  13. Doubly thanks, the vassal one went away sometime last year and I hadn't found a new one yet. Now I have!
  14. Seems a couple of the deals are no longer showing up... I was super tempted on the playmat for under 30. Now its back to normal price.
  15. mcs1213

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    When you find that more money let me know.