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  1. mcs1213

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    So I think I am saying the same thing but it seems that with the charge looking for "Ball's Gone!" then a "Where'd they Go?" and finally the shot there is little to do. The thing I would do is have Colossus go for the CA and take the KD. Again I don't know dice odds that well, but at least taking the KD vs the tackle Grayscales can't use that extra influence to make a second attack for the proper positioning and he becomes easier to stomp on.
  2. mcs1213

    I hate fan based guilds, but....

    While I love the exploding dice mechanic, lets turn it on its head from being exploding when success to exploding when critical fail. Meaning that you still have to hit the def and arm stats but when you roll a 1 you get to try again.
  3. mcs1213

    New Guild Ball Blog

    Yes, the plan is forget your original plan and wing it.
  4. With Vengeance 2018 going on I figured now would be a good time to make the request. Anyone want to part with the goal markers from the swag bags? Either of them the 2018 one or the 2017 one. My preference would be the 2017 version. Now if someone also wants to ninja shop for me if they happen to be selling extra I would also greatly appreciate that as well. I am in the US but willing to work something out with the shipping. Thanks all.
  5. mcs1213

    A bit of silly (and extreme) speculation

    Well we are already getting vet Chisel in the faithful box, so probably not another captain. Fluff wise I would see Harmony take it away from Hammer, so a Seasoned Harmony and a vet Hammer so he can learn some humility.
  6. mcs1213

    Selling Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers, and Kick off

    How much does the blacksmiths and Kick off weigh? Trying to get an idea of what shipping would be to 30277.
  7. Doubly thanks, the vassal one went away sometime last year and I hadn't found a new one yet. Now I have!
  8. Seems a couple of the deals are no longer showing up... I was super tempted on the playmat for under 30. Now its back to normal price.
  9. mcs1213

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    When you find that more money let me know.
  10. mcs1213

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    First off let me say I backed both IGGs. Even though I am already own the Butchers. I am super stoked to see SFG take on two teams at once and fully support the PVC route for the models new and old guilds alike. Now I do not agree with the two campaign model. From my experience, albeit with KS over IGG, I would have liked to see one campaign with some flexibility in maybe only getting half a box, for those that want to support the move to PVC but can't swing the $100 per full team. So still an original goal of $80K, but for one 6 man team of each. Then after the original $80K for every $40K you add in another 6 man team until we reach the four planned. This build excitement for backers, can be easily managed by having x pledge levels to get exact numbers of what to produce. Now I also understand where SFG is coming from with the dollar totals, by making it at that level they have made it where their current stream of income stays focused on the future releases and only the IGG funds make the older guilds. Being realistic here I am hopeful that both will fund, but more likely only one will. (to which I want to be wrong about). We still have plenty of time in the campaigns to see them fund, just need to keep sharing and talking about them. I would like to see SFG if they get close 80% range think long and hard about kicking in that last 20% to make sure that they happen. The retail release will repay the funds spent and gets the less expensive sets into the wild. These pre-assembled models have the ability to bring in players from the larger board game market widening the player base which then get hooked on guild ball! TLDR -> I am getting them in plastic. Could have had a better style campaign. Really want them to fund.
  11. Not a Brewer player but I do believe that is how most of my games go anyway. I find it almost a must to have the adult beverages at the game table.
  12. mcs1213

    New year New Channel

    I would suggest a full team break down with main objectives as one part, then do separate video for common combos. So between three and four videos per team, keeping each below the 20 min mark. As an example video one would be one six player box break down of who is in it and the primary focus. Video two would be combos along with tips and tricks that focus on that same six player box. Then repeat for the other six player box. This then gives you a format to do minor guilds when release.
  13. mcs1213

    Weird Forum error?

    Another interesting point is that in both his post and where I quote it, the element that hold the reply and quote and like parts shows in the correct place. Which once you give that info as well to the web dev team they should be intrigued enough to do something. Good luck Mako
  14. mcs1213

    Weird Forum error?

    Sounds like the SF team can take this and apply that snippet to the css for crome on their end, after a test or two.
  15. mcs1213

    Best of the Season to You!

    A very happy intoxicated Christmas or equivalent to all! And to all a good night...