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  1. DaNkho

    WHEN?!!? can't wait!?

    Of course there is delay. Must work on RE2 miniatures now
  2. Hello friends Only 31 hours remains until Resident Evil 2 boardgame backing is closed. And i can't make up my mind so i would like to hear opinions of fellow gamers who went trough all that troubles with Dark souls boardgame. Will you be getting RE2 boardgame? SFG is tossing some bad light on this project, making new game while so many troubles are still presistent with DS, delays, lack of proper testing and balance of ruleset, launching card game in between etc etc. But still time is running short and i don't know what to think about SFG and this game. Will it be another delayed untested and unbalanced hype? I believe SFG are experienced enough by this point with various troubles and mechanics of board games they stubled upon while creating DS so it could be better. At another hand i am afraid if it woudn't end up as complete luck game of hit or miss/risk. I love miniatures and Resident evil though... Your opinions are very wellcome.
  3. DaNkho

    Dark Souls card game announced

    I love this game and i am huge Dark Souls fan, so i am willing to overlook many gaps just because i am glad that DS board game exists at all. I would like to have all DS related games before thay become distant memory and impossible to get, but i would like to see more from that card game to see if mechanics are fun to play. Perhaps they could put some demo play on youtube? But having that said, i don't think that developers will fill gaps, remade engine, change mechanics or balance things at all in board game. It looks like project has been finished. We all know what content there will be and that's it. I don't have big hope that they will adress all the things that needs fixing and polishing. They just made another card game simultaneously with the board game so they can mine from hype a little. It doesn't look it should be longer and evolving project after this point. But i will be happy if i am wrong Waiting for some balanced NG+ rules, PvP rules and Covenants of course Praise the sun!
  4. Hello mates I was looking trough some of miniatures paintings here on forum, and they just keep getting better and better. But i have one amusing question to ask all of you Dark souls lovers. Is there anybody who painted their player characters faces in undead form instead of human? God knows i (and probably lots of others too) spent most of my Dark Souls time in undead form, often losing human form minutes after gained it It would be fun to see some characters painted in this more gloomy, way Have a good play in jolly cooperation
  5. DaNkho

    Painting the core game

    That work is astonishing! Even that detailed base, what is that material you used for grass? Perfect work.
  6. DaNkho

    Finally finished painting my set.

    That is absolutely perfect. I like how you paint your charracters with a human face instead of undead You are optimistic enough and don't plan on dying, or perhaps you have plenty of humanity
  7. Hello friends I need your help to clarify node distance please. The enemy is moving towards nearest character. Are all the adjancent nodes to it's node nearest? Or does real physical distance matter in his deciding who is nearest? I ask this because for example in rules on p.21 on push while attack is stated: moved onto an adjancent node that is fathrer from the attacking model. This completely changes my understanding of which node is nearest/farthest. So, we know that all adjancent nodes are 1 step from you, but does enemy while moving to nearest character differ between real lenghts? Sometime you see that one node is much closer to enemy than other, although both are andjanced. Would this count as nearest character, even if second one (farther one) would have aggro token? Please help! Thank you for your wisdome guys