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  1. landstander

    Rookie Draft, pick a player!

    Ok Farmers, I've had enough of this meddling with Amber. Please re-consider your choice. The Farmers have access to 3 Attacking Midfielders, but only 1 Striker (who admittedly is getting stronger) and only 1 kind of Winger. Also, don't overlook the capabilities that a second coach might give, this time probably a Reaper. This bickering between Farmers and Brewers is destructive - they are two guilds that have been tied since guilds were created (note: this is an assumption on my part, that the Brewers use Farmers for their hops, barley, and other materials to make their products, but it is possible that the Brewers have their own groups of growers), and with the coming minor guild of Cooks, that is even more true. Keep that in mind when making your draft choices, and that it is far wiser to make a choice based on the actual needs of the guild rather than for spite over, presumably, vet Decimate. Please remember - the Brewers weren't exactly destroying the tournament scene before vet Decimate (CAME HOME, btw), and that the Brewers have really only had access to her for about 6 months before the (expected) "tone down" happens. We've already seen the beginning of this process, even w/o seeing vDecimates card - Second Wind will no longer allow her to completely retreat after doing her thing, and it will be more difficult for Esters to dial her up as far.
  2. landstander

    Free cities update

    Alright, I've been trying to stay out of this, but I can't stand by and see Amber go to the Famers without a fight. And what's with this defeatist attitude? There's still plenty of time to get the votes in. Don't let the Union, who have become the Russian trolls of the Free Cities Draft, from achieving their petty goals. Perhaps it's time to start negotiations... And don't the Butchers owe the Brewers, at least a little bit, for helping them win vGutter?
  3. landstander

    The Free Cities Draft

    Now we have Knuckles, a Defensive Midfielder. There's actually a bit more game play info in this one than in most of the previous reports. He's not overly impressive with the ball, so I'm guessing 2/6 or so kick stats. He's can make a "heavy tackle," so... not sure how that figures into the rules, but perhaps something like Hammer's mom T KD? There's also wording about how tough he is taking a hit, so maybe some combination of Tough Hide, Stoic, Sturdy, and/or Resilience. With all the wording about preventing goals, he sounds like he might be a good pseudo-Goalkeeper, so teams that would want a Goalkeeper but don't get one might want Knuckles instead.
  4. landstander

    Rookie Draft Info (NOT ABOUT WHO WE SHOULD PICK)

    Right. I think I see what you mean now. A hypothetical is illustrative: Total Butchers games reported = 100 Total Fish games reported = 99 Therefore, Butchers pick before Fish. Total Butchers reported for: Edge = 33, Layne = 33, Kami = 34 --> Butchers receive Kami Total Fish reported for: Cutlass = 10, Layne = 5, Edge = 15, Kami = 69 --> Fish receive Edge
  5. landstander

    Rookie Draft Info (NOT ABOUT WHO WE SHOULD PICK)

    That's what I was saying, right? So, it actually does matter which player the Butchers want before games are reported.
  6. landstander

    Rookie Draft Info (NOT ABOUT WHO WE SHOULD PICK)

    It's not clear to me, though, if point #2 is correct. I was under the impression that the number of games reported by a guild for a specific player mattered the most. For example, if a hundred games for Butchers are reported, but 5 different players get 20 votes each, then that will be weaker for a specific player than another guild that gets 40 games, but all for a single player. So if there's fracturing during the reporting period (and, it's Butchers, so... go figure), that will be detrimental.
  7. landstander

    Free Cities Draft

    You're joking, right? Spigot was afraid he'd be kicked out BECAUSE he wasn't addled all the time... Yes... yes we do. Although - who is the OTHER pseudo-goth character? Of course. I realized what was meant some time after I asked. He's a Winger, yes, with Striker kick stats, and he ALSO wants to be near Friday (well, she near him anyway) to trigger her defenses.
  8. landstander

    Free Cities Draft

    I see. Well, 5 more players are set to be scouted next week still.
  9. landstander

    The Free Cities Draft

    Wait - he's solid all around? Or the rest of him has hair?
  10. landstander

    Free Cities Draft

    Which one is the Winger?
  11. landstander

    Falconers Guild changes for S4

    Right. I forgot about that.
  12. landstander

    Free Cities Draft

    As a person that plays every guild, I will fight this tooth and nail (um, fin and tentacle?). Fish cannot have all the ball control toys. I'm not nuts about Engineers getting her, either... Oh, I dunno... I think she could be an asset on Fish - another fast threat on the outside, feeding whomever in the middle, and possibly sneaking in herself. And it really sounded like she has Close Control - I mean, who doesn't need more of THAT? Yeah, if there's any team that doesn't need Layne, it's Fish. Probably not worth worrying about him, unless it starts to get clear that Fish are losing some speed or striking ability in S4.
  13. landstander


    Yeah... unless Shark gets a nerf, there's no WAY a squaddie Striker will be better than Shark. And if he is, he'll be made of... what's more fragile than glass? Crystal? SFG resin? Still, if a Striker is what the Farmers need... Although, since we've seen two Attacking Midfielders now, we might possibly see another Striker. I was just assuming there would only be one model for each position, but clearly that's wrong.
  14. landstander

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I don't think she's that bad of a choice for Engineers, tbh. You never know what they're going to do to Hoist, and anyway, don't the Engineers want to horde all the guns for themselves? That would be wise, though I don't think it's binding in any way. What matters is the player you report for. If here, the Engineers choose Kami, for example, but people report games for Engineers and select Layne, that's what matters. I think... It's still a little bit unclear to me.
  15. landstander

    Free Cities Draft

    Really? Haven't checked GuBS today. I have found this campaigning/discussion more difficult there. Not interested in Edge? Brewers could always use more speed...