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  1. @kryzak I'm in San Diego county (though only for one more month). The So Cal GB scene is kind of thin right now. There are a few places in the greater LA area with some players, and two that I know of in San Diego county. The easiest way to keep an eye on it will be to join the SoCal Guild Ball facebook group; there's some activity there. @Nykolae No, I'm not Dutch. But I work (for 2 more days) for a large Dutch company, who have a division in San Diego.
  2. Dat is zeker. Ik werk voor een groot Nederlands bedrijf, en het tijdsverschil is moeilijk.
  3. One thing I do when I need a refresh is to just do something new and/or strange. Similar to trying other guilds, but in this case, choose a slightly odd roster and become the best player with that roster in the world. For example, take Chisel and Granite, and make them WORK! Or set a different goal, like - the opponent will not score until turn 3 earliest, or the opponent won't score from some X part of the field. I really am in the same boat as you, @Nykolae. I have a very poor win/loss record. I will say, though, that I play MUCH better off clock. I hate that clock, tbh. I think slower than most of my tournament winning opponents. And more than a few games I've lost sitting at 8 or 9 points, with a TO available, but it wouldn't prevent my opponent from winning, so I've ignored the certain points for some attempt to prevent the loss. My point is that - perhaps you've lost some games in the same position, and your point differential may be misleading. And the VASSAL idea is great - I really want to play some as well, and need to get on it.
  4. Assessing the new plastics

    Oooooh, you clip those lugs off? I should've known that, or at least tried it. I de-based my Kick Off Masons this weekend, and it was a big mess to be honest. I'll try this w/ the Farmers and Blacksmiths.
  5. Interesting - I will give this a look then. At a dollar a bottle (that's what Dollar Tree means, right?) I can mix up a 5 gallon bucket.
  6. Ploughman

    You're far more forgiving than I am...
  7. Oh, wow. It was a very long time ago. I will have to sift through my memories, and cross reference against what I actually painted (which is much less than I've acquired) over the last several years. Maybe a Mantic piece (which is restic)? I feel like it was a "newer" company, just starting to get into producing minis at the time. I just remembered, though - I had an extra Decimate, with a broken sword, that I painted up when I first starting putting a team together, and have since bought and finished a metal version. I wanted to experiment w/ the Simple Green, for a few reasons. First, I was curious about precisely what we're talking about now. Second, I wanted to know if it would have any impact on my basing (about 90% of the time, I base with some model gravel, put in place w/ PVA glue and then firmed into place with thin CA). The results were that an overnight soak in the Simple Green had no (noticeable) negative impact on the consistency of the model (though it stripped 95% of the acrylic), and, unfortunately, had no impact on the CA (unsurprisingly). I can say, though, that it DID soften the glue I use to place my rare earth magnet, so I could recover the magnet. Basically after brushing the paint off the model, I threw her in a small cup of acetone, to see if I could remove the gravel that way. The answer is yes... but it destroyed the 30mm base (unsurprisingly) and I think it did soften the model a bit - and this was after maybe an hour(?) or so.
  8. Ploughman

    I think he was referring to the Scouting Reports on the Steamforged website, and those were definitely both male. Obviously Ploughman is one of them (the second) and the first was specifically referring to a man. "I write to you with great news! I've been able to secure a new player, he may seem a little over the hill but with age comes wisdom, and we could surely use some of that in our current line-up. In training matches he's shown a protective instinct towards his team-mates and I believe he will fit in with the other Guild Members without much trouble. Shall I progress and sign him up?" Either they're pulling a bait and switch, or this isn't Fallow (or whatever), referred to above.
  9. New Blacksmith player from brit championships

    Seems odd that he would be a master then. So perhaps the shield isn't necessarily the mark of a master, or that might not be a shield. I guess he still could be - the master assassin.
  10. Do you think the new plastics will be a different type than the Kick-Off box plastics? I've been toying with the idea of removing the Kick-Off models from their bases. If I do, then I'll have some samples to throw in various strippers.
  11. I use Simple Green too, and it works great for acrylic paints, BUT, I know for a fact that it will attack certain types of resin. I haven't checked with any of the GB resins, but I have left resin models from other games soaking a bit too long, and they're super soft and floppy. Haven't checked plastics yet, so I don't know if you CAN leave them in too long. If your model required glue to assemble and you not only want to strip the paint but also disassemble, you might have to use a combination of products (not at the same time probably).
  12. New Blacksmith player from brit championships

    Yeah, I thought I had read that all masters will have a shield, and that's what distinguishes them as masters on the pitch. Yes, give us more info! Damn this inability to attend events!
  13. New Blacksmith player from brit championships

    Um, is that a shield on his back? And, for the record, I really dig the aesthetic, though I get where you guys are coming from. But at least it's different. I also think the GB models are very hit or miss when they're too dynamic (although a blacksmith that looks like they're actually, you know, PLAYING a sport, might be nice).
  14. Mystery box!

    That was my thought as well, but now they're only showing one box for each faction (unless that changed in the last several hours). Didn't they finally have 2 full 6 model sets for each faction defined (other than Brewers and Masons) before the switch?
  15. Mystery box!

    And what happened to SeaBrisket? How can people order her now, and bask in her greatness?