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  1. landstander

    New player want to punch people

    Agree w/ @Zerachial, plus Brewers to a large extent. Butchers and Brewers are major guilds, Falconers are a minor guild, allied w/ Hunters. The Falconers box is complete, with all Falconers models, but they can use 2 players from the Hunters (Egret and veteran Hearne). The Butchers and Brewers models are spread out over 3 box sets (plus a limited edition model for Brewers, Lucky), and the Butchers are getting THEIR allied minor guild in a few months, the Cooks guild, and the Cooks also look to be rather stab-y.
  2. landstander

    Daughter of Falcons - First Impressions

    This is super stand-up of SFG, imo. Well done.
  3. landstander

    Newish butchers player.

    Right. Didn't think about the extra bleed...
  4. landstander

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    What would help is knowing the adhesive (or solvent) they used for assembly. One of the most common for PVC is MEK (methyl-ethyl ketone). Acetone is also a solvent for PVC. So don't use those to try and separate the pieces. It's possible they used CA glue... but I doubt it. It's nasty and very troublesome to use in a production environment. I'm not really sure what would, uh, resolve(?) MEK, but I do know that methanol and ethanol are solvents that don't attack PVC (as is toluene, but bleh!). I may try just cold/heat, and try and work them out.
  5. landstander

    Newish butchers player.

    If you found a way to squeeze Truffles into the 10 and onto this roster, do you think vGutter might replace Boiler in that lineup? Do you think she could replace Boiler even with Princess?
  6. landstander

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    These are going to be tricky for me, because it looks like there's 2 very similar color pallets for the Falconers - at least on Devana. There's sort of a very dark forest green, like on the boots, trousers, and chest (and maybe the winged shape on the hood). And then a very subtle-ly different kind of green, maybe a bit yellow-y (?) on the dangling ribbon and gloves. Oh, my eyes! I need new ones. I wonder if Falconers were written w/ Season 4 in mind. And therefore, the Harriers will get a sizable range boost when S4 is released.
  7. landstander

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Spice may have something akin to oChisel or Cosset for a TAC boost. Or perhaps bonus hits.
  8. landstander

    New Player, need help

    Yes. All of the original team boxes are metal. The best way to think of it is: Blacksmiths, Farmers, Rats, Falconers (unreleased), Navigators (unreleased) are PVC, the new Morts and Hunters boxes are resin. Everything else is metal (other than the Kick-Off box).
  9. landstander

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    You may be right, but... who did they show for the Navs first? I only find Windfinder (captain) and Horizon. You're definitely right that they didn't show Fathom. However, I was actually slightly mixing my "reveals." I realize now I was actually referring to the card reveals on the blog - the first two to be revealed have been the cross-over models. I don't remember the sculpt teases well enough.
  10. landstander

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    I'll bet she is. She and the big guy. It's pretty typical for SFG to preview the cross-over players first, plus captain.
  11. landstander

    The Navigator's Guild

    a) Love her! Speed! Team buffs! b) That card art is fantastic. I must have it.
  12. landstander

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    Why would that be the case? You could bring the Rats box, and Pelage and Skulk could play for both. The Morts 6 could include vGraves. That doesn't sound too bad, actually. *edit* Sorry, I misread your comment. You said you WOULDN'T hate it. I think, though, he's advocating for 2 captain/mascots, one pair from the major guild, one pair from the minor guild, and then enough models to make a legal fieldable 6 for each captain/mascot pair.
  13. landstander

    Erskirii Wolves: release date?

    Well, I just got a message this morning saying they were delayed...
  14. landstander

    Minor Guild Season 4 Woes

    Soooo... we're good then? *edit* The Order will get that too... let that sink in.
  15. Is this post reaction to a note that the resin Erskirii team has been delayed?