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  1. DocSchlock

    Events in Williamsport, PA!

    Jan update
  2. Event Link We're a new community of Guild Ball players hosting our first event! A normal Pre-Season Friendly, no painting requirement, 8 player cap. $10 buy-in for pizza and prizes. An Organized Play box is up for grabs.
  3. DocSchlock

    Events in Williamsport, PA!

    update for November!
  4. DocSchlock

    Events in Williamsport, PA!

    Guild Ball at The White Knight's Game Room 637 Rose St, Williamsport, PA, 17701 - (570) 567-7539 Jan 2018 Demos and Open Play available every Thursday evening, 6-9pm. Please contact me through the forums beforehand to schedule a time. Jan 27th is our first event: a Pre-Season Friendly with prize pack. Runs from 1pm to 6pm. The White Knight currently stocks Kick Off, but can order in any Guild Ball products.
  5. DocSchlock

    [W] Mystery Box Hunters [H] $

    Hey there! I'm in the market to sell off the Mystery Box Hunters aside from Chaska. PM me if you're still interested.
  6. DocSchlock

    Mystery box!

    I'm in the exact same boat here. Fulfilled one hour before yours, no motion since, US-based. Did not make a separate order though.
  7. Hey all! Had a situation last night we weren't 100% on how to resolve. Tenderizer had the ball and decided to Seismic Kick off the Pitch. I selected a point right next to the edge of the pitch and rolled kick-scatter after my TN test, scattering the ball off the table. How is the ball-path drawn for Seismic Kick (or really any kick) when this happens? We played it as drawn where the the base of the ball completely leaves the table, but we obviously weren't sure if a ball-path would even show up given that it would be a Throw In.
  8. Ah, I think I understand. The VPs generated by Witness Me! are directly generated for inflicting the original taken-out condition, so they get collected during Step 4 of the original taken-out model's sequence. That makes complete sense. Thank you!
  9. My group has started up Guild Ball and on a lark, read over the Pundit questions. Reading the timing chart in the back of the Season 3 rulebook, we came to the conclusion that in the 8-10 vKatalyst and Witness Me! example, the Alchemist's would lose, following the logic that vKatalyst's Taken-out condition would go through the full Taken Out Sequence before the additional +2 VP are gained. We were surprised when we found out the clarification ruling was it was simultaneous and a tie, found here: http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/33120-vet-katalyst-win-lose-or-draw/ We were wondering what the exact rules basis was for this, given the timing charts. Apologies for bringing this back up, but we just wanted to make sure we have the rules clear as to why this ruling is as it is.