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  1. GutAndString

    Status Update: Free Cities

    For those still on the Cutlass train - wouldn't it be sweet to take Champ away from the Butchers after they took Gutter from us? It's not like it's completely cemented in malice. Champ would be useful for us. The revenge is just icing.
  2. GutAndString

    Status Update: Free Cities

    Yes, Amber is highly contested. This is as good enough reason to go Champ who I also like.
  3. GutAndString

    Status Update: Free Cities

    It's a good move now that we've seen the season 4 Fisherman. I don't think Shark needs anymore help. He has plenty of tools to help his game. Now that Corsair's game has changed, I think he is going to need some help, but I can't articulate how. Not going to bother to vote on this one until more discussion is opened up. Out: Cutlass, Kami, Edge, Nomad, Layne, Flea In: Amber, Champ, Knuckles Unsure: Gaffer Even though Cutlass is fluffie, there is no reason for either captain to have a goalie. Although I think a Fish goalie would be the best iteration the game has seen. We already have good wingers, so no room for Edge or Nomad. Plenty of strikers so no room for Layne. We already have plenty of interactions with mascots so Flea loses appeal. I feel like Amber, Champ, and Knuckles make good buddies for Corsair. I don't see why Gaffer would be horrible.Out of all of them, Amber makes the most sense to supplement Corsair.
  4. GutAndString

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    ☼ \o/
  5. GutAndString

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    TL;DR (Hot Take/Gut Reaction): Balance wise, minor buffs were needed and are now given; however, the team doesn't feel the same, and they won't be as exciting to play. Their team complexity and character uniqueness has diminished to get them competitively in line with other guilds, and that makes them feel watered down. ..................................................................................... Most of the changes are boring. I know Steamforged's goal for S4 is simplification, but for this team, I am concerned that the reduction in complexity in a lot of characters and throughout the whole team is going to make them feel too different (and thematically not as interesting). I can try to appreciate cutting off unnecessary parts like Jaecar's bleed character play, and maybe even Snowball's "Ooh, ball", but at the same time I feel like they removed the charm/uniqueness/substance from these characters. Some characters were buffed, but their identities became obfuscated. For the record, I wasn't concerned about Hunter viability before, and I'm not concerned about Hunter viability with S4 changes. I know a big gripe in S2 and S3 for new Hunter players was that it felt like you had to work harder to get the same out of them as you would any other team (some would argue you would get less), but I enjoyed that about Hunters. Before you had to have a game plan for each turn and fight like hell to make sure that game plan sticks so the payoff was worth it. Now it feels like the game plan is wide open and you'll get results no matter what you do. Hurray? Examples Before (the example everyone is probably thinking of): Chaska's quad boombox required an extensive setup and investment. Full influence on Chaska, two activations before Chaska's, maybe enough momentum to supplement for bonus times + to pay a boombox with last light (sun strike helps). In return, you got 16 damage and some push power. A turn you could smile at and crack up with your buddy about some crazed, mud covered man with a shotgun. Now: Chaska is an influence battery and a blessing target. Yawn. Before: Protect and enable Seenah by keeping her back until the moment is right for the free charge (+2 attacks if required). Chaska's multiple boomboxes to help clear off the bear. Now: No setup required. Maybe VMinx's Marked for Death. Note: I am glad Seenah is now a dangerous bear rather than a package to be protected and then delivered, but it still is a good example in a reduction of complexity. I know most people saw Seenah as a liability because normally the activation would have to be wasted and she wasn't generating influence while not doing anything (making her noncompetitive), but that bear hug payoff (your bear crushed Ghast's neck...that's intense. Have 4 VP!). Furious and Intimidating Roar felt right, too. Feral is an ok replacement. Before: Three different traps with different aesthetics and different abilities. Made bringing certain hunters like choosing your team load out. Now: Normalized. Bland. However, traps doing snared AND 1 damage is a decent recovery thematically. Before: Ulfr. I know gambling doesn't equate to complexity, but he was the only striker like him. Now: Made him look like just about any other striker. Note: Why not just give him a shorter playbook (and adjust for balance) and more movement (like he should have always had); then leave everything else alone?
  6. GutAndString

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    What's the opinion of Champ? I feel like she would help support a Skatha lead team. If not Champ, then Layne or Edge? I'm also confused as to why Kami is getting so much love. I'd rather get Flea and he be different and a dud than get more of the same.
  7. GutAndString

    My son wants to play hunters, help?

    I see a lot of people using Skatha and Zarola with Seenah. Skatha can snowball and pass to give Seenah a 4" dodge. Skatha can also put out the fast ground to give her +2"/+2" MOV. Zarola can midnight offering to give Seenah an extra Jog (4"...with potentially Skatha's fast ground for 6"). In a hypothetical world where both advances of Seenah moves through Skatha's fast ground.... 4" dodge + Zarola's Midnight offering through fast ground (6") + charge through fast ground (9") + Minx's Marked Target (2") + Seenah's 2" melee = threatens from 21" away.
  8. GutAndString

    Power creep

    Going the good ole Games Workshop way.
  9. GutAndString

    How to buff Angel?

    I completely agree with Ascobol. I love running her with Corsair because he can give her Sturdy and One Legged Stance. Effectively making her a 6/12" Snapshot monster on 6 DEF with Sturdy and Close Control. I know Ascobol said his plan isn't to win by ~2 Angel Snapshots a game, but the threat is real and it's there. I don't think it's inconceivable to snapshot her with an activation, the ball is kicked out, another activation steals it back and passes it to Angel again for another snapshot.
  10. GutAndString

    A separate combat game?

    If you don't care about genre, and you are including skirmish games under the wargames umbrella, then Infinity.
  11. GutAndString

    What are we missing?

    Not being exact, but if we compare the value of kicking to the value of damage, wouldn't kicking be twice as valuable, if not more? Goals being 4vps + 1 momentum + 1 additional influence each turn, and take outs being 2vps + 1 momentum + a missing body that may take a while to be effective again. I'm saying this while understanding that (1) A person can do multiple momentous damage actions during an activation (2) a person can typically only pass once during a turn, and definitely only kick on goal once during an activation. Given that, a small advantage on kicking would be equivalent to a decent advantage on damaging, yeah? Agreed that the length doesn't make sense, but we do get options to things like Super Shot, One Legged Stance, Where'd They Go?, tons of momentous dodging, etc. etc. that extends our range. It's hard to look at kick length in a vacuum.
  12. GutAndString

    [W] Mystery Box Hunters [H] $

    Hey there! I should've posted already. Someone else already PM'd me and made a deal. Thanks for thinking of this thread though.
  13. GutAndString

    [W] Mystery Box Hunters [H] $

    I know there's a lot of people getting Hunters from their mystery boxes, and probably some of those people already own them. If any of you want to sell off their duplicate hunter team, please message me. I live in the Southeastern U.S. if you're looking for convenience when selling.
  14. GutAndString

    5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    (1) Are you referring to my 3-0 Viable or Quit scenario? If so, I don't expect 3-0 to win tournaments, but if I'm going to get frustrated every game for choosing to go scoring over kills, this goes back to my point about other sports ball games. Otherwise, I haven't commented about what I would think would be the best power level of an ability or player. If Shark < Corsair in terms of competitive, it won't impact me. My comment about all players being attractive is a general game philosophy that I would hope we all share. If Steamforged was to make characters just to make characters and not really give them a purpose, or purposefully make them subpar, then I guess that's their design to perhaps weed bad players from good players in the competitive scene? (2) No problems here. If Shark was a balance problem, he should be nerfed, especially if he caused negative player experiences. My gripe this whole time has been going from Fishermen > Shark > Gut (-1 DEF) and String (-4/-4 MOV) (a marriage of theme to mechanics) to Fishermen > Shark > Stagger (-1 DEF) (no tie in). If they gave Sakana or Corsair or Kraken the same ability, I could see that. Maybe it's my perception of Shark that's wrong and I should really look at him as a brawler like a Butcher that shouldn't be trying to score goals, but it's hard to go that way when he's clearly a premier striker. I appreciated the above comment about the Hooked on damage trait that Meathook has. That would have been an excellent change that tied in Season 1 fluff with the character to the ability to the in game mechanic, but I imagine it would have caused them to have to do something extra with that column. (3) Insincere? Besides not understanding how -1 DEF helps a goal focused strategy and understanding how -4/-4 MOV does help, I only care about tying the ability back to the theme. If they had changed Gut and String to the "Hooked" trait mentioned in (2), I wouldn't have posted. I'm not trying to get anyone to change the mechanic to something more powerful or less powerful. I just want it to make sense thematically. I completely agree that -8/-8 Movement is not fun to play against, and that sort of power imbalance isn't great for anyone's enjoyment. My first small game, I did that exact combo to my opponent's captain and didn't feel good about it as I watched him decide whether or not he should make the sprint of 1 inch after he dumped so much influence on him. I think movement control should still be a tool for aiding a Fishermen's goal scoring strategy. That in itself is thematic (if you're much of a hobbyist fishermen at all). How much movement control should be allowed? Maybe none at all. Maybe they should change Staggered playbook to Hooked trait and give him a new legendary play that avoids MOV impairments. I couldn't balance it. I'm not planning to change captains, and I don't have a reason to change guilds. You're right. I'm sure I can still win games, but it won't be as fun for me with the storytelling part lacking. People play games for different reasons. Given our conversation thus far, it should be clear to both of us that what I find important, you don't, and vice versa.