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  1. Darby sat nervously pressing his hands hard into his rough patchwork pants, sweat already starting to bead on his forehead. "Darby" called a voice in the distance. "Darby, come on man they've called us two minutes ago." Darby came out of his daze and remembered where he was. Oh man, this was it. Time to go show everyone what he was made of. The voice belonged to none other than his big brother Blucher, probably the best striker in the minors. But all that mattered to Darby was that he was playing beside him in his debut match. "You nervous?" asked Blucher as Darby trotted up to the end of the tent. "A little" replied Darby. "Don't worry about it," said Blucher with a wink, "big brothers got your back, I won't let anything happen to you." That’s exactly what Darby was afraid of. Blucher had always been there. From school yard bullies to getting in trouble with the Town Guards. Blucher had always been there to help him. But this was his big chance to prove that he was someone. Someone other than Blucher's little brother. He had made it this far on his own, right? Getting accepted into the Cobblers guild and being allowed to play on their team. I mean sure there was probably some favoritism shown because he was who he was but that didn't mean that he couldn't step out of his brother's shadow. Right? I mean he was bigger and stronger than Blucher, maybe not as quick on his feet but then again no one was as quick as his brother. That’s when Darby heard it. The Horn. That was their signal to take the pitch. Darby watched as his teammates started chanting as they lined up behind Blucher to take the pitch. It was a magical feeling, taking the pitch for the first time and hearing the roar of the crown as the Cobblers filed out of their tent. The Cobblers were a relatively new Guild to the Free Cities but were optimistic about getting recognized for their revolutionary new footwear they called "Diggers". Large spikes were put into the incredibly comfortable shoes that made it easier to run on grass mud and rougher grounds while still managing to keep control of the ball. Not to mention the Damage they could do if an opponent got too close. Once established they started to pick up different members from their community and finally after the approval of the Scholars Guild to play in the minors. Darby couldn't believe his eyes at so many people who had showed up to the game. Probably all for Blucher, there was talk on the team about Blucher getting recruited by one of the other Guilds to play in the Majors but Darby had a feeling that Blucher would stick around. After all it was their father that had started the Cobblers Guild. Darby saw that their opponents today were from another smaller Guild, The Shipwright's Guild. Well known and well established in the Free Cities they considered their profession of more importance than playing the game. But play they did. Most of their team was more experienced and took the pitch with a temperament that disturbed Darby. Knowing what they were about to do and how they could be hurt how could they be so calm. I mean Darby's own heart seemed like it was about to burst from his chest. A hand on his shoulder startled Darby. It was Blucher. "Easy little brother, don't let 'em see you sweat. You’ve worked hard for this, now let's go out there and show 'em what the boys of the Cobbler's guild can do!" With this there came a cheer from the rest of the team. Even their mascot Tanner let out a bark of delight. At this the coin was tossed, the sides were picked and the kickoff commenced! Blucher was off like a madman. Scoring two goals almost effortlessly. The Shipwrights answered by scoring a goal and taking out one of the Cobblers midfielders while Blucher raced back into position. With plenty of time still left on the clock the ball flew high into the air straight at Darby. He caught it easily with his foot and dodged around two of defenders, pushing his Diggers into the soft earth for a boost of speed. It was down to this; his brother had scored two goals for the Cobblers and had directed Darby to push forward with him. Darby was supposed to go toe to toe with the goal keeper, a big burly man with a wicked looking oar, while Blucher had scored their third and final goal. The problem Darby came to realize was that the opposition had already seen this coming. Blucher was guarded by both the Goal Keep and the Captain with no avenue of escape. Darby watched as the Goal Keep swung his oar and caught Blucher on the shoulder sending him sprawling. Darby paused, not knowing what to do. He was too far in enemy territory for his teammates to be of any help and he was supposed to get the ball to Blucher, no, he had to get the ball to Blucher. Once this single thought popped into his head he knew what to do. Keeping the ball in front of him Darby charged not waiting to give the other defenders enough time to recover. He sped as fast as his shoes could go at the Goal Keeper. With a Scream of "GET OFF MY BROTHER!" Darby hurled himself at both the Goalkeeper and the Captain, Diggers first. With a crash that rocked the entire stadium, Darby's hit connected and sent the two big men flying off in different directions. ___ It's hard to say what happened after that hit, all Darby could remember for days after was his brother helping him to his feet and saying, "We did it Darby, we won."