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  1. vGutter card shown

    I’m quite disappointed by the rules and the 5 TAC. if we look at the stats, she is Boiler with a 2’’ melee which is nice and a better kick. But Boiler does have access to the princess gang bang that makes him a fantastic beater. Same playbook length but with a 2 damage momentus on 3... you have to pick your target to deal damages efficiently. like everyone said Grapple Hook is niche and will be useful but it is not a real player defining play so I am a bit sad. we will see in the future if we are wrong about her maybe.
  2. What's your "secret" tech

    It's hard to find a good "Secret" tech in Butchers, they are a rather straight forward guild and thus have less "play" or "combo" that do well. What I like though : - Playing Ox and boiler and buff Ox or another player with both +1def and +1 arm and send him up the pitch to serve as a punching ball, the opponent will or will not come to get this target but either way you have a player with a good position next turn. => it is kind of a risky move but it is effective to put some pressure against certain teams, disclaimer : it does not go well against Masson or Union. - With Fillet : try and do a game with her supporting her team on first turn : giving brisket +2/+2 move, put some bleed on ennemies, passing the ball => she is surprisingly effective in that way and let you open up your game.
  3. Against Farmers, what team, what plan?

    So why Truffle ? Boiler for the 6 def Fillet that can really hurt Both Tresher and Grange. So Princess seems more mobile and can engage something (Tater) and stuff
  4. Minor Guild Wishlist

    It’s true dat people don’t like to play against butchers, as if we were the grimreaper, we have taken the place of the mortician . To be on more on topic, I feel we miss a little ball control, we have great ball stats on key models (3/6’’) but no real way to have a ball threat against a football team where we can be denied the ball and the kills. Maybe a little more mobility (or I have played my team wrong).
  5. Hello guys, We have farmers coming around and I have some ideas to deal with them but it’s all theorycraft and nothing really tested. So I’ll ask you guys what team would you pick, what would be your plan? I would choose a Fillet team focused on football with 2 goals and 2 takeouts. Fillet being a support and deterrent piece first turn to enable a first turn goal with Brisket (super shot, quick foot, sprint and goal) if receiving. With Something like Boiler and princess, Brisket, Meathook and a last piece that would be either Shank or vetOx. I think vetOx would perform well if he is not one rounded by Thresher, he can disable Tater counter charge, drag a lot of farmers as they tend to be packed to work together and do his job as a support/target piece while the rest of the team focus on getting the ball and Fillet go for One or two Kills. So what is your opinion? Your game plan?
  6. towards my tournament 10

    I tested in a team tournament this weekend. Nobody likes vetOx but he is kind of a Harry with more HP/survivability but less momentum generation if you want push and KD. Although the get stuck in and the 7 TAC is really the big difference here. Harry needs inf to get works done, vetOx need one inf to charge in the scrum and do his job : Lock and give Gangin Up for Fillet
  7. towards my tournament 10

    @malladin.ben I got a question for you, why do you pick princess instead of Truffles in your Fillet list ? You don't have Boiler so I don't see why you would use Princess.
  8. So... Cutlers..?

    Murder with a spoon : on YouTube Spoon murder
  9. Getting goals

    Remember that oBrisket with no ball is still a great threat, you give her 3 influences and make her sprint and supershot and let her be in 10" of the ennemy goal post... she then can snapshot from there easily (in the same turn mind you) if one of your other player can kick the ball to her she will land a goal, you only need 2 momentum to do so. 3 if you want to bonus time.
  10. Butcher Match Ups

    I played him just one time and he was really solid. What Ox fears is push or dodges, not Knockdown on counter attack. Poor Windle got Boar*ed* in Ox's aura.
  11. @Mako thanks for the forums... Unchained ! It is indeed a great source of inspiration to us all to see the pictures of match for colors schemes, the match reports for strategies and to remember how we smashed those Fishies.... oups how every player contributed to this event ! Props to you Steamforged for such an event and props to the player who made it a fun and entertaining event for 5-6 weeks ! This is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it.
  12. Let's talk : Cast

    @Alphadork true! I haven't played a game with my new Blacksmith yet so I don't know what the team lacks in terms of influence efficiency. I don't have Farris stats and rules on my phone app yet, let me see that. Anyway thanks for the tips.
  13. Let's talk : Cast

    So I was thinking that you don't need to get the right pairing everytime and with her you need a big boy protecting her. So here is a list I kinda like : Ferrite Iron Cast Furnace Anvil Cinder What do you think ?
  14. Hello guys from Steamforge forums, I would like to know if there is a way to have an access to the Union in chains forums to read and access all the match reports that were gathered there. I know some are really light but other are cool. Maybe lock it so that we can only read it ? Anyway I hope it is not lost in the web somewhere. Cheers