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  1. Bertwemet

    Plan into Cogs

    The dodge brings his range to 18" (8" sprint + 8" kick + 2" acrobatic). Any further movement requires him to be within 1" of an enemy model.
  2. Bertwemet

    Plan into Cogs

    Why is Midas better? I have seen multiple people claim this but I haven't seen an explination. Midas has a base goal threat of 18', Smoke has 20' and can be placed anywhere within 7" as a part of goal run allowing her to disengage or avoid models without the need to hit some dodges on a playbook.
  3. Bertwemet

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    I think Compound serves this function a little better with his rush keeper abilty. He may not be able to put out damage like V. Kat, but he can push/KD enemy models for 0 inf. If someone comes that far into the Alchemists lines Mercury or Vennin would be able to reliably put down a similar amount of dmg as V .Kat. Though I will concede that there is the rare occurrence that V. Kat could spike for a lot of dmg.
  4. Bertwemet

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    Currently on the webstore the union/order is the only guild that you can get a complete roster for right now.
  5. Bertwemet

    Lamplighter crossover players speculation

    Love the idea of that crossover sculpt. Crucible is one of my favorite models, so Im in favor of anything that allows me to put her on the table more.
  6. Bertwemet

    Lamplighter crossover players speculation

    Mercury totally makes sense with his fire based abilities. The 2 players could realistically could be anyone though. Using the fluff as an example Shank had no connection to the cooks but was "sent down" to play for them. Maybe Midas is on to Venin's treachery and he gets "sent down" to play for the Lamplighters. Side note: Vet Kat would be the best Lamplighter. He wouldn't even need a ladder or pole. Just imagine him in a little cap daintily trying to light the top of a lamp post with a match stick.
  7. Bertwemet

    Kami vs Nomad

    For those unable to watch the stream, in the 2nd pick of the Free cities draft the Alchemists select Kami. Congratulations Alchemists, we got our guild's top choice.
  8. Bertwemet


    I don't know what is happening but am prepared to riot. (Lights torch)
  9. Bertwemet

    Kami vs Nomad

    Just submitted my final vote before the deadline for Kami. I agree with going for the ball killing ability that was hinted at. Slowing down the game is a great strategy to allow conditions to linger and work thier magic.
  10. Layne would be a great pick fluff wise with his near death experience. The only way I see him going to the morticians though is if the butchers get more support behind champ.
  11. Bertwemet

    Kami vs Nomad

    Well done Alchemists. We are into the last 2 days before the voting ends and we are sitting in 2nd place. With support for Kami dwindling in Butchers it seems we are poised to take 1 of our top 2 picks. So the question remains Nomad or Kami. Make your final argument here. Im still all in on Kami. I want those guns for ranged damage and to have a full team of science ladies. Smoke, Calculus, Crucible, Kami, and Vitriol.
  12. Bertwemet

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    There is disagreement in the Butchers camp over who they want. I brought up on thier boards the idea that the #smokedmeat movement should put some votes towards Kami for Alchemists since we already have the lead rather than trying to put votes in to catching up to Kami in the Butcher's rankings. So if you know a #smokedmeat butcher, let them know of this plan.
  13. Bertwemet

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    For those butchers that want Layne or Champ, you may get more bang for your buck if you register some games for the Alchemists. Only 9 games separate the Alchemists from the Butchers, but about 20 from Kami and Layne. I know Id rather start 9 points up than 20 down. #smokedmeat
  14. Bertwemet

    WTB Veteran Hemlocke

    PM sent.
  15. I've been using the gb manager until my cards come in. Im just curious if they are still delayed because I ordered them.