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  1. Bertwemet

    Hi, from NY (no, not the city) lol

    What part of New York? Im currently living in the capital region and looking for other guild ball players.
  2. Bertwemet

    Alchemists defeat brewers

    Box Score: Alchemists: Midas (1 goal), Flask, Vitriol (1 goal), Compound, Katalyst (2 takeouts), and Harry GIC: Chemical resistance Brewers: Tapper (2 take outs), Scum, Friday (1 goal), Spiggot, Hooper, and Stave GIC: Another round In a nail-biter the Midas lead alchemists defeated Tapper's brewers 12-8, Katalyst secured the game winning takeout on Spiggot, just edging out a potential game winning goal attempt by Friday. (Pics to come)
  3. Bertwemet

    Hello from Albany, NY

    I have family in Rochester, so I visit there often. Ill let you know the next time I'm out that way.
  4. Hello everyone, Im new to Guild Ball and miniatures games. I just finished assembling and painting my 10 man roster for the Alchemists guild and am excited to play. If there is anyone in the new york capital region that would be up for a game, send me a message. I'm still looking for a group to play games with on a regular basis.