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  1. Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    Well that's exciting!
  2. Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    Official terrain and goals does sound interesting but my google-foo is failing me. Do you have a link to the announcement or at least reference to it elsewhere?
  3. (H) Limited Edition Mist (W) Cash

    This figure has been sold. Thanks!
  4. (H) Limited Edition Mist (W) Cash

    Hello all! I won the Limited Edition Mist from the 2017 OP Box and don't have a guild that can use him. Since I can't, I'd love to sell this awesome looking model to one of you lovely people. PM me if you're interested and we'll work out details. For your notes, current value is $40 plus shipping on other sites but as always, we can make a deal Thanks!
  5. Mystery box!

    Same, no scum in my brewers lineup. Granted, I've already got brewers so it's not a crushing blow by any means but still would have been nice I'll let you know if I go through the process and what the response might be. I'm guessing they'll be a bit inundated for the time being.
  6. Who Dis.?

    Oh cool, didn't know we already had the "Compound precedent" in place I'll take it for sure, cuz he's way better then, I'm just still getting a feel for the language and flow of the cards. Working through it in other game systems can get you a bit stuck in a rut. @mako makes sense and glad it works! MP2 damage is pretty dang exciting
  7. Who Dis.?

    Okay, so do we think the various colors are just a stylistic choice then? It just seemed odd to have some results completely mason colored, some completely brewer colored, and then one mixed. One would assume they'd do mixed colors for all if it didn't matter to keep it consistent. I'll admit some of the rule nuances still give me trouble - sturdy models ignoring first knockdown condition for one round makes sense, but you being unable to generate MP on it anyways does not (ignore conditions wording would in my mind suggest the attack succeeds but the condition just falls off, but I'm also an idiot so that might be why )
  8. Who Dis.?

    Can someone clarify his playbook for me since this was a disagreement in the shop - does he have the same playbook for both brewers and masons? We thought that he only generated MP for the icons that share a color with your team, so looking at the card, he wouldn't get a momentous damage for Brewers until he hits 4 results. But unless I'm misunderstanding, the topic suggests otherwise. Let me know what's right! Because with our interpretation, he's just okay in Brewers....
  9. Cats are better than dogs

    (new player so take all of this with a grain of salt) For me, Scum's made an impact in every single game I've played so far, between his various movement options, tapper's cat missile, and his awesomely short playbook, there's never a question on what I should do with the cat in any given round. Even something as small as using "Get over here" to bolster an attack, means that the cat is always in the game for me. And when my opponent gets sick of him and wants to take him out, they waste all kinds of resources knocking out a def 5-6 furball. Meanwhile, I look at quaff and I keep scratching my head on how to get the same level of work out of him. Bear in mind, still a newbie so I have no doubt I'm missing some good synergies, it just seems that outside of second wind, there's not much Quaff does that another player can't do better. Really love reading everyone's thoughts on the two - helps out us new brewers tremendously!
  10. Who Dis.?

    Got it, thanks! And that picture is pretty rad. Stoked to get him on the table.
  11. Who Dis.?

    Did I miss where this was posted? Love to see the rest of the card of course