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    Brewers and Alchemists! One for the beat their face while scoring goals goodness, the other for sneaky combos netting goals and TKs. And really, Alchemy is just a primitive form of brewing....

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  1. Simsonsays3

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    This is a newer perspective but what I've always found with Tapper is that (barring one or two control heavy teams) he rarely wastes his influence. On top of that, he's an great support captain who happens to be an awesome beater besides. With an excellent playbook, dynamite support abilities, tough hide/20 health, and his 2" melee, he asks a tough question for other teams - can you handle the center table meat-grinder that is commanding aura Tapper with his squaddies ready to rush in from the wings? Esters has great tools for separate situations but she doesn't have the same cheap team buff as Tapper - all of her cool stuff needs more resources to get work done. Her ability to reach out and touch people is awesome and there's probably more targets for her now than pre-farmers/blacksmiths but Tapper is simple - run in, beat face, setup the rest of the team. And while it's predictable, it requires a bunch extra resources on your opponents end and some serious planning to stay out of the death zone. If you don't plan for Tapper and get caught in his threat range, he's going to smash that models day and give his team the tools to make it hurt Like @Redmaw noted above, in a team that wants to go second, Tapper provides that crucial setup to turn everyone else to 11. I usually think of him in "question vs. answer" gameplay terms - Tapper asks a great question that your opponent needs to consider, while Ester provides some great specific answers to questions your opponent is asking. Hope that helps!
  2. Simsonsays3

    GB resolution for –18?

    As a newer player, my goals are less intense than some of yours, but: 1) Play at least one game every other week. Ideally, two a game night but get in the reps to git gud 2) Play each Captain I own at least once throughout the year 3) Get all models and terrain painted to satisfaction and finish out my two guilds. 4) Don't buy a new player until I've finished painted/sealing the the unpainted ones I've already got 5) Attend at least one tournament outside of my home city.
  3. Once again the Stalwart Tapper and his band of boisterous Brewers faced off against the sinister Smoke in Week 2 of an escalation league. Despite some dastardly clouds of fire and poison, our heroes won the day and finished 8-4, with two takeouts by Hooper and a final goal-kick by Friday. Congratulations to our mighty players and good luck wooing the wayward Decimate to her rightful home!
  4. Great job boys! Gotta keep repping Iowa for this marvelous game!!!
  5. Simsonsays3

    Brewers Out-Brew Alchemists

    In a stunning display of chemical competency, the stalwart Brewers Guild smashed the opposing Alchemists in the latest small team match. Smoke and her band of magical misfits were no match for the brave brewer team of Tapper, Friday, and Spigot. The wayward Decimate will no doubt be stirred by such a stunning victory. Lads and Lassies, we salute your efforts! Cat Tax:
  6. Simsonsays3

    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Man, I'm loving the claymore. It's the perfect evolution of fancy fighter into brewer - switch out your tiny swords for a big one and get into the fray. Really excited for this model! For those who don't like it, I wish I could impart the happiness I get when looking at it onto you. Plus, that hopefully means she has 2" melee, which gets us one step closer to an all 2" melee line-up and scum
  7. Simsonsays3

    An unexpected ally.

    If Tapper is expecting a push by Esters, then he'll want all the help he can get, even if that means bringing Decimate back into the fold. If rumors of Friday leaving are true, he's going to be hard-pressed for allies so it makes total fluff sense for him to have conversations with the Smiths about their support. And if that means leaving Stoker less secure....sacrifices must be made, especially if war is a coming. Oddly enough, it seems that without his marriage to Esters, Mash could be convinced to support Tapper solely due to the Mald captain's understanding of Mash's personality. The angle of Anvil wanting access to Stoker is interesting and could make for some good stories down the road. Anvil helping Tapper makes total sense. Cool story!
  8. First round of the Great Escalation League, your brave Brewers faced off against the unnatural horrors of the Mortician Guild. Strange creatures, dark magics, and bizarre moves such as "kicking the ball to the middle of nowhere" abound, giving our heroes a tough go. Fortunately, Captain Tapper and his band of merry men and women saved the day with two astonishing takeouts and a near win! Final score was 4-6 with the Brewers just barely behind. A few more minutes on the clock and we would have a had it. Clearly our great Brewers are a team ready to add another winner to their ranks.
  9. Simsonsays3

    Let's Bring Decimate Home, Laddies!

    If anyone has a good way to shrink pic sizes on a phone, share it here! I’ve got all kinds of great pictures from games to share but they’re all too big for the laughably small size limit we have to work with. I’ll raise a glass to anyone who can help, with a bonus tip of the hat to the process that’s the fastest 😁
  10. Simsonsays3

    Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    Double post - sorry!
  11. Simsonsays3

    Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    Haha no love for Brewers! I'm bringing a newbie perspective so that might not fit quite as well, but our local scene has seen an influx of new players (like myself) and the current powerhouses appear to be Union and Brewers, with Hunters seen as lower tier (or at least harder to make work). I know I've been doing fairly well in new games with Brewers so I'd be hesitant to put them at the bottom, at least locally. However, I can see some of the more complicated guilds doing better as our players figure out how to run them effectively. Honestly, the influence efficiency has been the biggest boon for my beer loving brothers and sisters - between Tapper, Pintpot, and the abundance of 2/3, they rarely are stuck with nothing to do. Combine that with easy KDs and their overall tankiness and it seems that locally, Brewers are doing quite well. Then again, we have a pretty limited footballing meta. Lot more 4-1s than anything else. Probably a factor
  12. Simsonsays3

    Mystery box!

    Glad to hear it! I'll see if I can get mine processed. Got a bit caught up the last week
  13. Simsonsays3

    Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    Well that's exciting!
  14. Simsonsays3

    Opportunity to buy plastic terrain and goals.

    Official terrain and goals does sound interesting but my google-foo is failing me. Do you have a link to the announcement or at least reference to it elsewhere?
  15. Simsonsays3

    (H) Limited Edition Mist (W) Cash

    This figure has been sold. Thanks!