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  1. Hi Redsam, I was told to contact you regarding using Longshanks for my event tomorrow?

    Would you be able to help?

  2. GuildBallGamer

    I took Vet Kat!!

    So my last game I sat there wondering why Compound was on the pitch and Vet Kat was in my bag! So last night Chris offered me a rematch and used the starter Blacksmiths 6 and I used Smoke, Naja, Calculus, Mercury, Venin and of course Vet Kat. I had to kick to Chris so I chose to use Naja so that I could threaten the ball straight away. I was then able to use Naja as a road block for Chris during turn 1. I did lose Naja to Iron but I peppered Chris' lines with poison and fire and also sent Venin up to the half-way line to be a secondary road block. Naja died to burning in the maintenance phase and I lost the roll off for turn 2. Score 0-1. Turn 2, due to Chris wanting the first turn saw the Smiths quite weak (we GIC'd and he took tough as nails and I let the world burn). Chris nailed Venin to go 0-3 and I hammered his line again (he had most of his models up the the half way line) and retreated back to my goal. I blinded Ferrite to stop her scoring or moving as well and Chris let Iron exposed to be charged by Kat. He stormed in, killed Iron and weakened Sledge and witnessed to go 4-5 and Smoke then legendaried to take Sledge to 2hp. This meant in the maintenance phase Sledge died (6-5) and I had 7 momentum so went first. Turn 3 saw me not need to fluff some rolls with Kat and I could win first activation. He came back on and charged Ferrite. First hit he took 5hp off of her and 2 to a nearby Cinder who was on 4hp at the start of the turn. He witnessed and rolled, I scored exactly the hits needed to kill Ferrite and Cinder to for 6VPs and win the game! What I learned: Keep V Kat back, he's so threatening that he makes strikers worry, especially with the condition damage you do. I tried to play clever to just keep hitting the Blacksmiths from range, it worked but it's such a strange concept for me! I really enjoyed it, although Chris didn't Go Harriet the Hat!
  3. GuildBallGamer

    Blacksmiths helping the Morticians

    So Paul travelled all the way from Dudley to play me vs my Blacksmiths. I've decided the Blacksmiths have been employed by the Morts to help wrestle control of Hemlocke from the Hunter through her affiliation with the Brewers. A great game using some proxies of Alloy and Hearth who are immense! The Brewers got the ball after a Stave barrel-lob caused Ferrite to lose it but Iron soon battered Esters to take the ball back and take a 2 dice tap in which he scored. He sat there later for a second tap-in snapshot after a pass from Ferrite to make the game 8-0. The Brewers suffered under the armour of the Blacksmiths and Esters fell to combined hits from Iron (getting that sweet 7mom dmg hit) and Furnace to make it 10-0. Finally Iron saw Greede exposed and careered into him and spiked 4 hits to do 5mom dmg (tooled up) and then win the game on the next hit 12-0. Great opponent and the Blacksmiths grabbed hold of Hemlocke for the Morts.
  4. GuildBallGamer

    Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    So in reply to Epic Chris and his musings on the facebooks I had a thought about some bits. I do agree that it's difficult to like this Hunter's card even if it was one of three (sounds very Borgy). The health loss and that a piece of terrain being a forest are not worth it. That being said I would like to 'playtest' it first to see what happens. I did think of so other ideas for it: 1: the player may choose a piece of ongoing AOE rough ground once per turn to turn into a forest. This would be removed at the end of the maintenance phase. This would make blast earth and Ploughman quite interesting to play with as if their AOE could get changed then you might want to consider more how they are placed. 2: as above but if your captain is Skatha, it's not removed from play. I like this as I could see her slowly turning the pitch into a forest and making your opponent want to react faster to the situation. You might now want to take Skatha with Original Hearne with this card. 3: you are allowed to change one ongoing rough ground AOE into a forest once per game but it is not removed. I might see if Chris will try this with me and soothe the savage beast
  5. So a while ago I stated that there was nothing in the rulebook that said a heroic play cannot be played twice on a player. I was told that it was classed as a 'character play' therefore you cannot have the same named character play on one player (I wanted to but blessing of the sun father on Chaska twice to boom box twice. However if they are treated as character plays why does Jac's heroic of trident tested not get stopped by clone? I was told that it's because it's a heroic and not a character play. To me the precedent above with blessing and that it classes as a character play should mean that trident tested is treated as such and therefore clone should stop it? Maybe my lawyering speak is not up to it but it feels contradictory.
  6. So as Greede can now be given influence when he's attached I wondered if he could be given Bag of Coffers? The wording says, 'friendly guild model if allocated 1influence and my use Bonus Time'. Is that correct?
  7. GuildBallGamer


    Hello Steamforged, Aside from the Farmers game I have recently posted all of my current games have been with the new deployment rules. Today I have a potentially more negative thing to say (sorry). 1: The Cage - I have found twice that hit teams are generally deploying as a cage on one side if they are kicking. They are happy to let the first goal go in but then they just steamroll up the board with the ball back in their lines killing things unless you are also deployed like that. I'm not sure if it's just me or if something needs to be done that stops players being that close? 2: Dropping the ball over the line. This seems to easy at the moment. Today my kicking opponent was able to drop it next to two players and I couldn't get near it. They then had momentum and the ball and I had no advantage of receiving. The new rules meant my team was very far away from anything so I was completely on the back foot. Just some musings. Will
  8. ‘Where the 'ell you been? Do you know how ‘ard it was to save your space?’ ‘Good seats. Sorry, you would’ve thought the Brewers Guild understood something about ale queues.’ Cates squeezed in between Big Nil and a Masons fan that’d already passed out drunk, trying not to spill the beers as they sloshed about. They were so close to the touchline they could smell the damp poorly drained turf. The smell of sweat and filth from the spectators was worse. The Mason’s guild liked to fill the lower tiers with commoners, as the nobles and merchants watched above the plebs. ‘Who’s playing’, Cates asked. ‘Butchers got Fillet, Tenderiser…,’ ‘What a surprise’, Cates interrupted. ‘…that psycho Boar, Meathook, Shank and that stupid pig.’ ‘We got, Lucius, Brick, Granite, Tower, Marbles and the new lad’. ‘Haha Tower, I bet ‘ole Bastille is looking over his shoulder now? Can’t lose the cup to a bunch of shit-shovelling peasants ’. ‘That rookie Lith looks good’, muttered Big Nil, ‘’ell, someone ‘ad to replace Flint!’ ‘Why is he barefoot?’ asked Cates. ‘Programme says ‘e grew up on the streets and played without boots until we found ‘im. Now ‘e says ‘e plays better without ‘em’. Flint’s well publicised demise amused most, but Big Nil understood what it was like to fail at the game you love. He bent over and scratched at the phantom shin below his left knee, but all he got was lacquer under his already filthy nails and the itch was never satisfied. He thought about the stories of Flint roaming the streets of Piervo holding the ball from that game, repeating ‘I never miss, I never miss’; picking at the stitching on the laces and holding them away from him as if them facing outwards made it better. He was in the care of Solthecius now, which was all that mattered. Cates rooted in his tunic pocket and pulled out a piece of wrapped leather containing dried meat strips. ‘Want some? ‘Butchers special they called it, tastes pretty good.’ He stuffed two pieces in his mouth and handed it to Big Nil. ‘I don’t want that nasty shit! You really think that’s pork? Stupid bastard, “Butcher’s special” my arse ‘ave you seen any pigs since the blight?’ Nil pushed the packet away; Cates shrugged and stuffed another strip into his mouth. Big Nil turned his attention back to Lith who was tying his long hair up with a piece of leather thong. He then jogged over to the halfway line with the ball, Granite and Hammer ahead of him and launched it high and left in the direction of the stand that Nil and Cates were sitting in. The ball thudded into the turf just over the line and Lith gave chase. On his right he caught glimpse of Boar thundering towards Granite; she planted her feet to await the charge. Boar dropped his shoulder and smacked into Granite, who to Lith’s surprise weathered the hit and rolled Boar around her. Boar looked a little stunned as he rounded to swing at Granite with one of his cleavers. His experience got the better of her though; she was expecting the blow to come in higher but he carved a deep gash into her calf, swiping her clean off her feet. Boar spat at Granite and looked forward to find his next target. ‘No!’ roared Nil, ‘Even I saw that coming!’ ‘Mate it was Boar, what do you expect’, Cates said passively. Nil groaned and sat down, taking a deep sip of the sour-tasting ale. It made his lip wrinkle a little but the after effects were starting to kick in so he continued with it. Lith saw Shank had taken possession of the ball just behind the halfway line near the centre. He sprinted, leapt and dived in two-footed at Shank, narrowly missing his counter of whirling chains whistling towards his head. Lith aimed straight for Shank’s shins and cleaned him off his feet, and he fell forward onto the pitch. ‘Yes! Go on lad’, Nil erupted with the rest of the stand, leaping to his feet and spilling ale down the back of the man in front who was too happy to notice. Lith leapt up with the ball and passed it to Hammer, still moving towards the Butcher’s goal. ‘Give and go!’, he yelled. Hammer stepped forward and passed the ball into the open space. He could see Tenderiser racing forwards, massive meat hammer raised but Lith knew he could get the job done before. Lith leapt onto the ball and smashed it with the inside of his bare foot, curling it around Tenderiser and pinging it onto the post. ‘Get in!!’ yelled Nil. He and Cates jumped up with the rest of the cheering stand and clanked their beers together. Lith looked at their stand and pointed at the crowd as if to say, ‘that was for you’. ‘Good lad this’, shouted Nil to Cates as they returned to their rough benches. The ball had flown off into the Butcher’s crowd behind the goal but the kicker looked to be trying to hide that he was wearing Mason’s blue. He hoofed it onto the pitch and straight towards Hammer. Pain seared as Meathook drove her hooks into Hammer’s side. Everything went brighter for a moment and Hammer gasped; he’d not seen the bitch coming. Meathook made to tackle him but Hammer swung at her backhanded and caught her square on the chin. Meathook’s head snapped back and she crumpled in a heap. Hammer pulled the hooks out and held his side. His right foot was tingling, she’d caught a nerve and he was bleeding badly, he couldn’t make this shot himself. He looked up to see Lith on the wing near the goal. ‘Rookie!’ he bellowed and chipped the ball up to him. Lith didn’t hesitate, but saw Tenderiser making towards him again. He leapt into the air and swung round to volley the ball at the post. He felt it hit his foot and he clattered down. But there was no sound of adoring fans? Instead the Masons’ crowd was silent, his foot was agony. He looked down the see his right foot with no toes and blood pooling around it. Just behind him Fillet skirted the line with the ball, the knife in her hand still dripping Lith’s blood. ‘Well that’s ‘is career over, whatta waste!’ snapped Big Nil. Cates looked at his beer, picked out a toe and drained the mug. ‘Shoulda wore boots mate’.
  9. GuildBallGamer


    So I've spent the weekend playing the new setup rules v1 and v2.I filmed version 1 with John Parish and it will go out asap.My thoughts:John and I suggest in our post-game that the kicking team need momentum (like home crowd). V2 covers this and it works really well.V1 uses the alternating players deployment and v2 you put your whole team down. Honestly either way was fine and didn't make much difference. I did find with v2 that the not being within 3" of a player can cause your players to get locked out on the halfway line. A canny coach can effectively deny 12" (not including model bases so more like 14") if they set up right. I think you should be allowed to set up engaged and it would nef Shark Fish and Midas/Vitriol a bit. I also noticed that in two games my opponent set up more 1 sided and made a bit of a cage which was hard to break but leaves scoring open. Mash scored turn 1 today which is not normally a thing hehe. I would love to try this list if I was kicking (suggested by John): Fillet, Tenderiser, Meathook, Truffles, Rage and Boar and put Rage and Boar on the halfway line for some furious ridiculousness. I guess the new rules make you think about taking other players you might not normally (accept Vet Graves - sorry he's just gash). Finally in ALL 3 games the new deployment had 0 negative impact. I didn't look and go, 'oh I'm so out of position', in fact it made it fun. After turn 1 the game played as normal. Chris Tamplin and I actually hope that these rules are used and made standard asap rather than awaiting a new season update.