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  1. TheCursedD20

    [FOUND THEM] Looking for Exiles

    Looking to get vDecimate, vGutter and vMinx. Wouldn't mind the others, but not needed. Located
  2. TheCursedD20

    Random Models for sale, UK based

    curious about the A&G.
  3. TheCursedD20

    GB resolution for –18?

    1) Paint my teams 2) Play more games when time is available 3) Attempt a tournament 4) Not cry after getting destroyed at said tournament
  4. Ok, I'm interested in some of the Union, but I already have Gutter & Coin.
  5. Are you only doing full team sales or are you up to individual pieces being bought?
  6. Hey. I have extra Brewers (Tapper, Stave, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, Scum) and Hunters (Theron, Chaska, Egret, Seenah, Jaecar, Hearne, Zarola, and Fahad) that I am looking to trade or sell. The Chaska is missing an arm so how, so I wanted to be upfront with that. I am mainly looking to get more teams for my wife and I to play. We have the Kick Off! Masons and Brewers, plus Chisel, Granite and Stoker. I have the Butchers Scarlet Circle and my wife has the Hunters I listed above. We also have Gutter, Coin, Mist and Harry the Hat. I really would like to get new teams or finish rounding out the ones we have. I'd love to get Lucky for Masons/Brewers. LE Tater would be great as I am interested in Farmers and that model is awesome. Post or PM me if you have any trade offers or are simply looking to buy these teams.
  7. TheCursedD20

    W: Engineers/Hunters

    I have Hunters (Theron, Hearth, Egret, Chaska, Seenah, Fahad, Hearne, Jaecar, and Zarola). PM me if you want discuss price and shipping.
  8. TheCursedD20

    H Union, Tokens W Alchemists, $$

    sent you a PM
  9. TheCursedD20

    Limited Edition Model List

    Oh there is? I did not know that. What part of the forum is it located under? Thanks for the help Edit: Nevermind. Found it right after I hit "Submit"
  10. TheCursedD20

    Limited Edition Model List

    Is there a way, besides ebay or similar sites, to get some of these models? None of the stores near me really support Guildball, so I couldn't even get Lucky. Any information would be helpful as I am a newer player.
  11. TheCursedD20

    Mystery box!

    Did anyone ever get a Tracking Number for their Mystery Box? My status finally went to "Fulfilled" but I have no way of tracking the shipment.
  12. TheCursedD20

    Mystery box!

    Same. I placed my order the hour the mystery box first went up. Still no word. The "Unfulfilled" status is the stuff of nightmares.
  13. TheCursedD20

    Mystery box!

    I'm still waiting for mine. When I check the status is still states "Unfulfilled." I just want my mystery box.
  14. TheCursedD20

    Mystery box!

    So happy I was able to snag one of these mystery boxes. I hope Steamforged does it again in the future
  15. TheCursedD20

    Blacksmiths Name Guess Thread

    That's true. I was just listing any names that would be fit the theme and be a quality name.