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  1. The Glorious One

    What AoE marker do you use for alchemists?

    I like the neoprene ones from Muse on Minis myself.
  2. She looks great. I'm really excited to see how she plays. I'll get to try out her and mataagi tonight with the hunters.
  3. The Glorious One

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    The bear hugs will be even more friendlier! I already get most of my points from Seenah. This will just make it that much better. 20 dmg Chaska activations? yes please! Though, that's a hard dream to live. More conditions too! I love it. Mataagi is just amazing T.T
  4. The Glorious One

    Vet Calc confirmed

    kind of looks like the braid is still there just hidden. The art style has changed, but otherwise she looks the same. She looks YOUNGER, but I dunno if that's on purpose or because of the art, really. The only big difference I see is that she doesn't have tubes on her waist but has them on her back now.
  5. The Glorious One

    Vet Calc confirmed

    Considering I barely bring Ocalc anymore, I don't have any issue. I'm a lil disappointed, tbh. Of all of the alchs to make a vet, Calc story wise already WAS basically a veteran. I guess she finally got tired of crying herself to sleep every night when Smoke was through with her. Our, you poor, damaged Alchs :< She doesn't even look much DIFFERENT either which is also a lil disappointing. Personally, I hope she helps with the condition game in a different way than just poisoning things. Either way, despite the bit of grumbling, I'm just happy to have ANY new alch model, even if it's an old one.
  6. The Glorious One

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    Yeah, whatever it is, I think that strengthening the condition game is probably the thing I'd like to see the most. I really don't find that it works the way it has been intended to work from the beginning. then again, in the beginning, you had a lot more - MOV than you do now.
  7. The Glorious One

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    yep, had this happen today just in fact. 13 dice in a row, couldn't manage a single 4+ This is a fairly regular occurrence. lost two blood bowl leagues because I couldn't "Roll anything but a 1" Multiple times in a row. My friend, who also is a notoriously awful dice roller was marveling at how trash my rolls are. I would kill to roll AVERAGE. I don't even think about spiking, so I'm a big noperino on the MOAR RANDOM.
  8. The Glorious One

    First game vs hunters.... any advice?

    Sorry, I had this reply up and then lost track of the post >.< I LIKE Crucible, so I usually always find room in my 10 for her. She does good work without even having to put INF on her and can do anything. I think scoring the three goals faster than they can kill you is better than trying to out kill them when you are already a squishy team yourself as an Alchemist team. Smoke can die so horribly to hunters. She's not going to out range them and Alchemists is like the ONE team hunters can probably out MOM so they should be able to fend off conditions and heal up fairly easily.
  9. The Glorious One

    vMinx card shown

    No one saw that.... <.< I'm not too concerned about playing with old Minx, I guess. I'm really excited about vMinx. She's just amazing.
  10. The Glorious One

    vMinx card shown

    Proxied her last night. I lived the dream today. with 2 INF on Chaska, I got off 1 charge, 1 attack and 2 boom boxes. It was glorious. I already loved Chaska, but he is now even BETTER now. Her survivability is great. She can be 5-2 or 6-1 pretty much against everyone. The traps are just great too. That 2 damage is really helpful for keeping people on their toes and making sure that they are damaged. Her personal damage output isn't that spectacular, but she has so much utility that it doesn't really matter. She's lacking snared, and, in fact, with the list I ran, I wasn't covering the field in snares like I can with other lists. That was definitely something I felt, but the one or two models I kept it on, I shredded. I took Theron, VHearne, Chaska, Jaecar, Fahad and VMinx, just to see how many traps I could throw down. It was very obnoxious, which is the Hunters way!
  11. The Glorious One

    vMinx card shown

    I think she pairs with EVERYONE but Ulfr, really.
  12. The Glorious One

    vMinx card shown

    I almost think she might replace Egret, unfortunately.
  13. The Glorious One

    vMinx card shown

    I think her very existence makes vHearne a much more viable option. You can live the chaska dream without having to The Ron also. (Though now oHearne can get even MORE work done with just one INF) I love her so much ;o
  14. The Glorious One

    First game vs hunters.... any advice?

    I take a DEF 5 team against them. It’s a Midas team with good Scoring potential. Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Crucible, Mist Then Compound for defense/vKat for some intimidation/oKat for KD or whatever you’re comfortable with for the 6th As someone who has Hunters as the other team I play, this is EXTREMELY frustrating to deal with.
  15. The Glorious One

    Which Kat?

    The great thing about VKat is that he's a threat without even putting influence on him. With a few exceptions, most teams MUST take him into consideration nad will have to play around him to a certain extent. He's a scary piece that you can use just to threaten and bully, even if you don't have the chance to use him to his full effect. And, yeah, Witness Me! is also very awesome. He's a good finishing piece, like Seenah in the hunters.